20 Ridiculously Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

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Using ridiculously funny ways to answer the phone is one of the great delights of life. We all have done this at some point, and believe me, its so much fun!

Also, we can be this funny only with the people whom we are comfortable with. If we answer the call amusingly then, it also means that we are the reason to bring a smile on so many faces. So Kudos to us!

In today’s blog, we have gathered some epic funny ways to answer the phone, so watch this space for uncontrollable laughter!

 20 Hilariously Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

1. 911, what’s your emergency?

Imagine you saying this when a call comes in. Just don’t let the other person say anything and barge in. It will make the other person laugh out loud. 

Note that only do this with your friends or relatives!

2. “DUDE! I told you to bury the arms and throw the body in the ocean”

This will surely make the person on the other end go bonkers for a second. If you want to play a prank with them, then use this phrase. It will put them in shock for a few seconds! 

fabulously funny ways to answer the phone
fabulously funny ways to answer the phone

Even if I get to hear it, I will surely be stunned for a moment. Isn’t it a crazy fun way to answer the phone? Of course, it is!

3. “Ooooooh, its a lady.”

If its a lady on the other end, then yell “oooooh its a lady”! That lady will surely get a good laugh. 

playful and ridiculous ways to answer the phone call
crazily funny ways to answer the phone

4. “What the hell do you want?”

Well, this statement can be mistaken if you are having a bad day, but it will sound humorous if you answer your phone call with this. 

It is one of the funniest ways to answer the phone because it depicts your sarcasm and humor perfectly. It also is fun to say to your friends. So gear up for the next incoming call from your friend!


Wattpad rated this phrase as the funniest way to answer the phone on its website. Suppose if you get a call from your introvert friend, squeal happily as soon as he says hello.

It will give your conversation a lively start for sure, and you might plan a meetup. 

6. The number you have dialed is powered off

Okay, so I have also said this over the phone numerous times. It just sounds one of the funniest ways to answer the phone. Why? Because it has a subtle sense of humor and gives your message to the caller quite clearly, without making him feel bad. 

For instance, if you have frank terms with your assistant manager, but he calls you up every half hour to check the report, you might want to reply with this, and he will get a good laugh. Also, he can’t object because you gave him the message to spare you for five minutes!

entertaining and funny ways to answer the call
funniest ways to answer the phone

7. Scream like a Madman, then answers: “sorry for the interruption.”

Okay, so you might want to take precautions in this because you can only say these crazy things to your close friends. I rate it as the craziest one in the list of funny ways to answer the phone. 

Only your friend or the people who know you will be able to get your crazy side, so good luck to them for their next call to you.

8. “Phone tag, you’re it.”

Remember that childhood game of tag, you’re it? It’s the same with this phrase, but it is slightly changed. It sounds best when you want to create a playful or mischievous vibe. It is yet another one of the many fun ways to answer the phone. 

9. “HELLO, OH No, the voices are back again!”

This made me laugh too. Imagine how your fellow caller will laugh! Again, only your friends or people in other close circles will get you; otherwise, it is not a very friendly way to answer the phone call.

It will sound best if your friend is a horror movie geek, and you say this as soon as he says hello. This is a mind-blowing way to start a conversation!

10. “You are gonna be my new phone buddy.”

Many people tend to come in the list of your best pals. This might be a great way to take your friendship to a whole new level. 

Therefore, the next time your new friend calls in, just start your verbal parade by saying this. It one of the most lively and funny ways to answer the phone.

amusing ways to answer the phone
Epic funny ways to answer the phone

11. “Sorry she is dead, can I have her call you back?

This phrase might freak out the person at the other end. But it is funny! If your friend’s boyfriend calls her up, then you can say this on her behalf. It will freak him out for a moment, but you will surely get a good laugh.

It gets crazy like this when friends get together. So here is one ore freaky-funny way to answer the phone for you.

12. Say “Hello kiddies” in a wicked way

There are some weird things that only your close friends understand. These odd things/your crazy side is only disclosed to the people whom you can trust. That is why the best of pals can know what you are thinking by just looking at you. 

So whenever there is a group call/chat, say “hello kiddies” in a perverted way to get a big laugh. I am not surprised if anyone says that it is the best and one of the funniest ways to answer the phone.

13. BURP!

Now, how funny is this! You don’t even have to say anything, and you might be making the other person go crazy with laughter. Yes, it is a certified, funny way to answer the phone. Go ahead and try it.

14. Act like its a fish market

Answer your next phone call by saying, “hello, it’s the fish market. I am a shark; how can I help you?”. It is a legit funny way to answer the phone as the other person will surely laugh

So muster up all your acting skills as you will be answering the craziest call ever. 

15. Laugh like crazy- no 1 Funny way to answer the phone!

Giggling is an old school, so make way for the legendary “Hee Hee Huu Huu Haa Haa.” Treat your next caller with this epic funny way to answer the phone. I am sure it will be amazingly fun!

16. “It’s rain-man speaking.”

You may have heard the name “sand-man”. So proceed further like this, “Hello, it’s rain-man speaking, the youngest brother of the sandman”. It is sure to give the caller some fits of laughter. 

If you don’t know about Sand-man, then here it is: It is a mythical character in Western and Northern European folklore who puts people to sleep and brings pleasant dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto their eyes. Therefore if a call comes in the middle of the night, then you can say these legendary lines as it is one of the funniest ways to answer the phone. 

humorous ways to answer the phone call
daftly funny ways to answer the phone

17. Act you work at the children’s hospital

Say this to your next incoming call, “This is children’s hospital. You hurt them; we heal them.” It will be such a hilarious one and yet another fun way to answer the phone for you.

You can also say this to your friends who recently broke up. If the boyfriend calls for a patch-up, utter these crazy lines and have a good time!

18. Be a survivor of World War 2

Now isn’t that funny! Treat your caller with insane fun by saying, “Hi, I am the last survivor of world war 2, how are you doing?”. I can relate it to my personal experience because my friend told me that he got a call like that, and it was pure fun for him. 

So here goes one more daft and funny way to answer the phone for you. 

19. Start with Tuneful Rhyming

We all know about rhymes and how much fun they are to create. Apply your same skills when you answer the call or even make a call. Go like, “Hello Customer Service; I am cute; you are mute, pay some hoot.”

Response from the caller is unimaginable; What will he be wondering? He might be thinking that his line got connected with a mental hospital. You can also show your more batty rhyming skills to your pals who might respond in rhyme too. What a fun-filled conversation you will have!

Tuneful rhyming is your go-to option if you can’t come up with some fabulously funny ways to answer the phone.

20. Call from the Zoo

I remember pretending to make a call from the Zoo when I was a child. This method will never get old. So what do you have to do? Just go on like, “Hi, its monkey here; how are you, donkey? And you will get the conversation rolling like it is meant to be. 

epic funny ways to answer your call
Hilariously funny ways to answer the phone

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Ridiculously Funny Ways to Answer the Phone for Massive Laughter

How Do You Answer Unknown Calls?

Ignore, reject, or simply don’t answer the unknown calls. If it’s very important they will leave a text for you. If you have to reply to the call because you may expect a call from a person whose number that you do not remember or know. If you instantly don’t recognize the person then block that phone number

Should I Respond To A Wrong Number Text?

When you in doubt about the number then just text back. A straightforward and simple text. But unless things start really getting out of control, you may call your network service provider and have that a specific number impassable or blocked.

How Do You Start A Phone Conversation?

Mostly English phone conversations always start in the same way like hi or hello and by introducing yourself. If you answer the call and a caller does not provide his name, you could say, May I ask who is calling, please?

How Do I Stop Unknown Calls?

If you want to stop unknown number calls then simply go into your phone settings then call settings and select the option of call rejection and then place the unknown number or select the option of unknown on auto reject list. All calls from unknown numbers will be blocked by this method.

A Final Word on Funny Ways to Answer The Phone:

Don’t be surprised because people still use these playful and funny ways to answer the phone. Why? Because it gives them a break from the monotonous routine of answering your call with a boring Hello”!

Besides, they uplift the mood and make us laugh. So when are you coming into this prestigious list? 

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