Funny Ways to Say Goodbye – 12 Extremely Playful Ways to Bid Goodbye

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Formal farewells and goodbyes whenever bidden and said to our dear ones, fill the air with sadness and may also blur our eyes with tears. Do you really think every goodbye has to be like this (sentimental)? 

Aren’t there any alternatives for this monotone and bland ‘goodbye’? Have you ever thought of some funky and funny ways to say goodbye to anyone in your circle – be it your friends, family, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleagues, etc.?

To say goodbye is the conventional way to bid farewell
Formal Farewells Are Hard To Say

Have you long been searching for some of the funny ways to say goodbye to your closed ones?

If yes, lucky you are! Your search is over. You’ve landed in the right place. We have done something amazing for you. We have precisely listed out some of the funny alternatives for saying goodbye to your loved ones. 

Just get out of the conventional “goodbye” and try something amusing with your fellows that you’ve never done before.

Viewing our list, you’ll surely get a chance to amplify your repertoire of goodbye.

12 Cool and Funny Ways to Say Goodbye

We have put down 12 great substitutes for goodbye which will not only bring entertainment to the table but will also add a sense of humor to the two persons exchanging goodbyes.

For those of you who are looking for the complete list right here, your wish is granted. Below are the 12 Funny Ways to Say Goodbye

  1. See You Later, Alligator!
  2. You’re Still Here?
  3. Later, Haters!
  4. Smell You Later
  5. Peace Out
  6. It’s Late, let’s Continue in Your Dreams
  7. Catch You Round like a Rissole
  8. See You on the Flip Side
  9. Have a Meeting at Dreamland
  10. See You in Hell
  11. Gotta Jet
  12. Be Gone!

Check out our list of funny ways to say goodbye. Try a different expression every day and see which one works best for you.

1. See you later, the alligator!

Whenever you think of appearing as a cool dude using funny parting words, all you need is to scan the situation and company you are in.

See you later, the alligator is a gleeful expression which has its origin in America. It’s mainly derived from the rhymes of the kids.

Better not use it with your employers and managers. Use it freely with your friends and family.

Good Vibes and Good Byes
Bid Each Other Goody Bye with Good Vibes Only

2. You’re still here?

This is quite a catchy and funny phrase on parting which is to be saved for friends and family.

When used with friends, it means it’s over! Go home! Go!

3. Later, haters:

It’s an amusing phrase to say bye to those who are a bit jealous of you. Using this comical expression clears the meaning for those who are not nice to you.

You can also use this goodbye with your friends. Calling your friends ‘haters’ will not make you fall in the mud, in fact, it implies a deep bond of friendship such that you can read across the words of your friends.

4. Smell You Later:

It has the same meaning as that of “catch/see you later.” Friends mostly use this playful expression to tease each other. This one among the various funny ways to say goodbye implies that you want to meet the other person soon.

One of the funny ways to say goodbye to your friends is to say:Smell you later
A Funny Way To Say Goodbye -See You Later

5. Peace out:

It is used for conveying a dual meaning – you wish peace for the other person and also at the same time it conveys a sense of goodbye to him. It’s a street slang that has become common amongst friends. Blessing each other with peace has been quite a norm in religious circles, therefore, if your friend is inclined towards spirituality & religion, then this might be your choice of bidding goodbye to your pal.

6. It’s late, let’s continue in your dreams:

It’s one of the funny ways to say goodbye as it ends a conversation between two people with a clear meaning at a lighter note.

To continue in your dreams – This expression implies that for today it’s over, we can continue the rest of the conversation in our dreams as it’s too late to carry out now.

It’s also a romantic way of saying goodbye by implying that you wish to see each other in dreams as well.

7.Catch you Round like a rissole:

It’s an idiomatic expression which means see you later. It is used when you really want to appear super-casual.

Here are some more colloquial, freaky goodbye expressions for you. Just upgrade your existing list with the given below 7 more interesting and funny ways to say goodbye to your loved ones.

8. See you on the flip side:

It has passed from Radio DJs (who used it to end their shows) to the general population. It has now become a general slang which is an alternative for ‘see you later.’

9. Have a meeting at Dreamland:

A farewell that suggests that you intend to spend time at your dreamland and you wish to sleep tight.

To see each other in dreams is one of the funny ways to say goodbye
Let’s land in each other’s dreams

10. See you in hell:

One of the funny ways to say goodbye usually employed by friends is to say see you in hell. This reinforces the fact that you deem your friend a crime partner who’ll also be there in hell with you.

11. Gotta jet:

It’s a fun way to say goodbye when you have to leave in a hurry.

12. Begone:

It’s among one of the funny ways to say goodbye to friends when you want them to get away or leave. Though a bit straightforward, but it amusingly conveys what you really mean.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Funny Ways To Say Goodbye

What Are Other Ways To Say Goodbye?

There are many other ways to say goodbye like see you again, all the best, good night, adios, and cheerio, etc.

How Do You Say Goodbye Forever?

when you need to say goodbye to your forever person, be grateful. you should be grateful that you became acquainted with them. Be thankful that you had the opportunity to recognize them.

Why Is Goodbye So Hard?

It is so hard because it leaves behind an emptiness after you say goodbye. Perhaps you’ll never fill this emptiness again. It’s so difficult to face the stranger, leave your own comfort zone, and finish something like that because it is so difficult to realize you have to begin another.

How Do You Say Goodbye When You Don’t Want To?

So how to say goodbye when you do not want to say Recognize the sadness, acknowledge it as an indication that this is also a person with whom you discovered a great pleasure. Show appreciation for what you have learned, what you’ve earned, what happiness entered into your life with this individual.


To give you a quick recap, put conventional goodbye aside and give it a humorous touch so that it no longer remains lame. Just try funky words with your friends and family and see how do you and your mates feel upon exchanging such funny goodbye expressions.

Do let us know how did you find our list of funny ways to say goodbye that we’ve designed for you guys. We’ll be more than happy to know which comical goodbye phrases you have added to your favorites.

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