13 Actual Reasons Why Ghosters Always Come Back

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Have you ever been ghosted?

You scratch your head in confusion, wondering why someone you connected with suddenly vanished without a trace.

But then… they reappear.

From curiosity to regret, there are various reasons behind this perplexing behavior. So in this article, you’ll learn the intriguing reasons behind why ghosters come back.

Reason 1: The Boredom Factor

Ghosters often come back because they’re simply bored. They may have initially ghosted you because they thought they had better options, only to find out that those options were not as entertaining or engaging as they had hoped.

This feeling of boredom can lead them back to you, hoping you’ll provide the excitement and fun they’re currently lacking in their life.

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After realizing they hurt you by disappearing without explanation, they might feel guilty and want to make amends.

For example, you may notice that a former ghoster starts liking your social media posts or reaches out to you with a casual text, asking how you’ve been.

This may seem innocent, but behind it is their need for something to fill their time and boredom. Don’t be surprised if they disappear again once they find a new source of excitement.

Reason 2: The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The fear of missing out is another common reason why ghosters reappear. They may have left you in search of something better, but when they see you having a good time without them, they suddenly start to feel like they’re the ones missing out.

Social media can be a major catalyst for this, as ghosters can easily see the highlights of your life without having to be directly involved.

For instance, if you post photos of yourself at a party or on vacation, they might start wondering if they made a mistake in leaving you behind, making them more likely to reach out in an effort to be a part of your life again.

Reason 3: Seeking Validation

Another reason ghosters might come back is in search of validation. Whether they are feeling insecure or need an ego boost, coming back into your life allows them to feel important and wanted once again.

They may have felt unsure of themselves during the time you were together, or maybe they received some negative feedback from their friends or family about the situation. Regardless of the specific reason, they’re now returning to you because they crave approval and reassurance.

As they start to interact with you again, you may notice them seeking compliments or fishing for positive affirmations. They may ask leading questions, hoping that you will praise them or build up their sense of self-worth.

You might also receive compliments out of the blue from someone who ghosted you previously.

While it’s natural to be flattered, remember that this person may have ulterior motives for reaching out and could be more concerned with their own feelings than with your well-being.

Remember that their quest for validation is about them and their insecurities, not about you or your relationship.

In dealing with a ghoster who comes back seeking validation, try to maintain a sense of empathy. Understand that their return is a reflection of their own emotional needs and challenges.

However, be cautious about providing them with the validation they crave, as excessive reassurance might encourage them to ghost you again in the future. Instead, encourage them to work on their self-esteem and seek validation from within, rather than relying on external sources.

Reason 4: Loneliness

Loneliness can strike anyone at any time, and ghosters are no exception. After ghosting you, they may have discovered that their other relationships aren’t as fulfilling or supportive as they once thought, leaving them feeling lonely and looking for connection.

In this case, they might reach out to you, hoping to mend the relationship and rebuild their support system.

For example, if a past ghoster suddenly starts talking to you about their feelings and problems, it’s a sign that they’re feeling lonely and in need of emotional support. While it’s up to you to decide whether to engage with them, be cautious about allowing them back into your life too easily.

Reason 5: Guilt

Guilt is a powerful emotion, and sometimes, even ghosters can feel it. After realizing they hurt you by disappearing without explanation, they might feel guilty and want to make amends. This can lead them to resurface and seek forgiveness.

A clear example of this would be if a former ghoster sends you an apology message, admitting they were wrong for how they treated you and expressing a desire to communicate honestly moving forward. Consider how sincere their apology seems before deciding how to respond.

Reason 6: They Miss You

It’s possible that after some time has passed, the ghoster might genuinely miss you and the connection you shared. This feeling of nostalgia can often lead them back into your life, as they hope to rekindle the bond that they once enjoyed with you.

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By staying in touch, they ensure that you remain available to them on their terms.

For instance, if the person who ghosted you starts reminiscing about shared memories, it could be a clue that they miss the relationship you used to have. It’s up to you to determine whether it’s worth entertaining their desire to reconnect.

Reason 7: They Want to Keep You as An Option

Ghosters might also return to keep you as an option in their lives. They may not be ready for a committed relationship but don’t want to lose you completely. By staying in touch, they ensure that you remain available to them on their terms.

For example, if someone who ghosted you reaches out only when it’s convenient for them or when they’re in between other relationships, it’s a sign that they likely view you as an option rather than a priority.

Reason 8: They Realize You’re a Great Catch

Sometimes, ghosters step away because they don’t fully appreciate what they had in the relationship.

As they continue dating and meeting new people, they might eventually realize that you were a great catch. This newfound perspective can lead them to revisit their decision to ghost you.

If a ghoster comes back to tell you they’ve had trouble finding someone who compares to you, it could be an indication that they’ve realized your value. While it may be tempting to reconnect, proceed with caution and consider how their actions might affect you in the long run.

Reason 9: They Want Closure

In some cases, ghosters might reappear because they’re looking for closure. They could be wondering what went wrong in the relationship or why things didn’t work out, and they hope that revisiting it with you might provide answers.

If a ghoster reaches out to discuss the relationship’s end, it’s important to consider your feelings and boundaries before agreeing to engage in such a conversation.

Reason 10: Curiosity

Curiosity can be a driving factor in why ghosters make a comeback. They may wonder how you’ve been doing and if you’ve moved on from them. Their curiosity might cause them to reach out, asking questions about your life and current relationships.

For example, if an old fling who ghosted you starts asking about your dating life or if you’re seeing anyone new, it could be motivated by curiosity.

Reason 11: They’re Testing the Waters

Ghosters might return to test the waters and see if there’s an opportunity for a more casual relationship. They don’t necessarily want a deep emotional connection but are interested in exploring something with fewer strings attached.

If a person who ghosted you resurfaces with casual invitations to hang out or flirts with no clear intentions, it’s possible they’re testing the waters for a more casual connection.

Reason 12: They’re Going Through a Tough Time

Everyone goes through tough times, and sometimes that might lead a ghoster back to you. They may need a source of comfort and familiarity, making you an attractive option to lean on. In this case, they might reach out for support, hoping that you’ll offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

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Feeling down about themselves, ghosters might reappear to get a confidence boost from you.

For example, if a ghoster starts sharing their struggles with you, it could be an indication that they’re going through a hard time and looking for someone to lean on. While it’s natural to want to help, remember to prioritize your own emotional well-being.

Reason 13: They Need a Confidence Boost

Feeling down about themselves, ghosters might reappear to get a confidence boost from you. They remember how you cared for them or how you made them feel good about themselves, and they’re seeking that validation once again.

An example of this is if a past ghoster starts fishing for compliments or subtly asks you to reassure them about their worth. While it’s natural to want to lift someone’s spirits, be careful not to let yourself

Final Thoughts on Reasons Why Ghosters Come Back

Remember, every situation is unique, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re open to giving them a second chance.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and what matters most is prioritizing your own emotional well-being.

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