How To Approach A Guy – 20 Proven Ways to Do the Magic

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Those days are gone when you wait for a guy to approach you. Now in the technology world, you are an empowered woman, and by using technology and smart tips. You can approach a guy easily. 

Suppose you like a guy and want to approach him. Don’t worry. It’s fun to approach a guy and focused his attention on you. Some scared guys are afraid about how to approach a woman. But you can allow him to make a relationship by reading these tips.

How to Approach A Guy

Here, I am going to Discuss 14 tested tips to approach a guy. Let’s have a look.

1. Getting Him To Notice You:

first, make sure you both know each other. It is easy if you are a class fellow or colleagues in an office. If it will help you to interact with each other by borrowing a pencil, assist in your task or assignment. Organize a party and invite him to join as a volunteer. 

If you are unknown to each other, then you can introduce yourself by a mutual friend. 

If he works in a store. Go there during he is working and ask him to provide a list of things. Find details about the menu. During the conversation, make eye contact with him with a flirtatious eye. 

If you find him on social media. Like his photos and posts. Take part in a discussion in his post.

2. Look Your Best:

Give your look best in office/college where you interact with him. In this way, you will feel confident during the interaction. You never know when you will run into this guy.

So wear a nice looking dress and some accessories like a special hat, glasses, unique sneakers for your trademark look.

Look your best
Look your best

3. Introduce Yourself:

It may be a difficult step for someone shy. But most people feel happy when you introduce yourself in a decent way to a new person.

If you visit his working place and he is familiar with your face, then you can introduce herself like, Hey john. I am Angelina. I don’t think so I have forgotten your name, we will meet last time in that place. It was a nice discussion with you.

4. How to Approach a Guy – Compliment Him:

A person always remembers when someone compliments him. It’s praise and let him know you noticed something about him in the past. It will feel him happy, and he will remember your name and meet up. 

For example, tell him you like a piece of cloth or his accent. Like you can say, “nice glasses, I love this brand too “. Or “you are a hard-working man and very sincere to your work “.

Notice the small things about him and compliment him on those things. He will feel warmed towards you and will acknowledge that how you notice even the little things about him. Compliment him about what you liked about him. 

compliment him

You can also compliment him like that, “you are a very cooperative and sincere lab partner “. It will give him a positive sign that you’re into him. And he may feel attracted to you.

5. Give Smile:

Smile at him when he sees you. Smiling is an essential factor; it sends signals that you are a friendly person. You are approachable and like him.

Give Smile to him
Give Smile

Smiling also shows that you are warm and excited to see his presence. you don’t know about the benefits of a smile. Let me cover you with some well-researched details. technically smile may help you to improve your mood and health too.

6. How to Approach a Guy – Say “Hi “:

This is the easiest way to approach a guy. If you feel shy, in front of him, that is normal. But it would help if you tried to feel comfortable enough to say, “Hello “.

You should wait until he looks at your eyes, then says, “Hello “with a smiling face.

You can also say to him “good morning “or “nice to see you ” and etc.

7. Connect With Him On Social Media

This will be an easy step, rather than saying hello in the real world. If that does not seem strange, befriend him on Facebook or the other social media platform. This works incredibly well when you’ve mutual friends or work in a similar circle.

Connect With Him On Social Media
Connect With Him On Social Media

If the is the person you’re following on a web dating site or app. you can use the app to point through your profile that you simply like his profile.

When you like his profile or request to be friends, it’s going to be natural to send a brief message. Even something like, “Hey! I like the pictures you have posted” can start communication.

8. Make A Statement:

It can cause you to look and feel very confident during approaching a guy. Tell him about your surroundings. This statement invites him to speak, and he will know you are interested in speaking to him.

You might say something like, “Wow, Today the weather is very amazing, isn’t it?” Or “This place is pretty best for enjoying coffee.”

You can also ask for help or guidance. Say something like, “I am new here, can you please recommend me a quality coffee?” Or “Can you help me find out the way to get to the library from here?” 

9. Make Sure He’s Available:

You can save yourself from embarrassment by knowing if the guy you wish is single or in a relationship. Before you are doing anything about it. If you do not realize it. You can try some ways. 

 Look over his hand for a marriage ring.

 Check his photos on social platforms with somebody else.

 listen to him carefully when he speaks. When he revealed himself, does he talks about his wife or girlfriend?

 Is he walking around the room and watching people? It is often a symbol that he’s alone and in search of someone.

10. Do Something Good For Him:

 it is an excellent way to show your interest to him without actually saying anything to him. It may be a little gesture, but confirm it’s something he felt and appreciated.

If you notice that he often forgets a pen or pencil in a class. Bring one pen or pencil for him and say something when you provide him with a pen. “I saw that you use this type of pen, usually.”

If you visit the place where he works, give him a tip or something else. You can give him a compliment, “your cooking skills are awesome. I love to eat the sandwich you made. I will bring a chocolate cake for you, which I made myself “.

11. Be Direct:

 If you cannot tell if he likes you or if he’s getting the hints you’re sending, you’ll always be direct. This will be very interesting for the boys, as they not want to spend time deciding your intentions. 

You can be straight without asking. Say something like, “If you’re interested, I actually want to get together sometime.”

Being straight, you’ll tell him what you wish about him. Say something like, “You look fascinating person. Would you like to hang out sometime?”

Be Direct
Be direct

Some people want to be straight and say, “I need to tell you that I have a crush on you.” It often is seen as charming, but sometimes it can send the boy away. He might not know what to try to do with this information.

12. Make Him A Note:

 It is often a cute thanks to getting you interested. It also can be how for him to maneuver your number so that the ball is in his court. Please keep it simple. You don’t need to underestimate your love during this second.

Write your number on a bit of paper and hand it to him. You can also say something like “I think that you wanted this if I am correct?”

If you are never met before or have not no mutual friends. Then you are avoiding sharing your number for security purposes.

13. Send Him An Online Message Or Text:

 if you have a number of him. Text him and discuss his hobbies and interest

how to approach a guy on text
Send Him An Online Message Or Text

If you don’t have a mobile number of him. Online message him on social media and discuss the places he visits in his pictures. Show your interest in these places and tell him that I want to visit these places sometime. Would you like to visit with me?

14. Invite Him To The Party:

It may be afraid for you to meet for dating. But most of the guys don’t get this invitation, and most probably he will be happy to listen.

You don’t have to invite him to grand parties at the start. You can ask him at a small party, where you both take time to each other. 

15. Control Your Fear of Approaching:

It’s quite difficult to overcome your fears, but it’s not impossible.

If you overcome your fear, you’ll benefit a lot from it. Don’t Get shy and try talking to random strangers daily.

Approach different people and introduce yourself and start a conversation with them. It will help you a lot when you approach the guy you like.

Because only practice can make you better. When you got enough experience by talking to strangers, it won’t be hard for you anymore to approach a guy.

Talking to random people will increase your confidence.

16. Don’t Get Disheart:

Don’t take it on your heart if a guy you like don’t reciprocate your feelings.

Because he is not the only one in the world, there could be someone else who is best for you. And when you know your true feelings for a guy, it will help you when you are approaching him.

Never feel disheartened because someone rejected you. It shouldn’t stop you from approaching someone else because maybe the best is waiting for you.

17. Get Help of Your Friends:

It’s OK to feel nervous before asking someone out; it is not an easy task.

Talk to your friends about your feelings. Ask them to give you advice on how you should start your move on someone because your friends might have some fantastic ideas that can help you.

Practice your conversation with your friends that you want to say to the guy you like. Practice will prepare you, and you won’t feel nervous anymore.

Share your feelings with friends and take their help.

18. How to Approach a Guy – Start a Conversation:

When you get confident enough, go ahead and say hi to him. Feel comfortable and start a conversation with him.

If you want to answer your questions like is he good enough? Is he cool? Start a conversation, keep it low and introduce yourself to him.

Ask him questions like what his name is? and what he does? it will help you ease talking with him. Tell him that you’ll see him around again.

19. Don’t Worry Too Much:

It’s ok that after using all the methods, the guy is still not into you. Don’t worry too much about it because it’s normal and it can happen to anyone.

Don’t take things to your heart if it doesn’t work for you maybe he is not for you. You must also have rejected some guys in the past that you think are not suitable for you.

It can happen to you as well perhaps the guy is already committed or in a relationship, so don’t take things too seriously. And keep polishing your skills on approaching a guy because someday you will find the right one.

20. Don’t be Egoistic

Relationships don’t work if the people involved in it are egoistic. If you like a guy but don’t approach him because you think you’re more superior it won’t work for you.

And it will create your bad image because if you start thinking he is not good enough for you, it will lead you to nowhere.

We can’t judge anyone before actually knowing them. So you have to set your ego aside and open your heart for approaching someone you like.

Fears Holding You Back to Approach a Guy

There can be many reasons that are making you fret about approaching a guy Such as:

  1. You might think that you’ll look lame.
  2. You may think that the guy will perceive you as desperate or weird.
  3. You may believe that initiating the first step will put you in a bad light.
  4. You might think that the guy will get aggressive and will reject you.
  5. You may get anxious and ends up missing your chance.

Everyone fears rejection, and it plays a vital role to hold you back when you want to approach a guy because you might think that what if you get nervous and say something stupid and got rejected, its normal, guys also often feel the fear of rejection.

Fear can hold you back to approach a guy


Always follow your gut. If you think that this guy could be curious about you too, it’s very well. If you are feeling shy, take it easy, but keep doing it.

Be yourself. Confidence and being okay with who you’re are the foremost vital things to stay in mind when dating.

Remember that rejection is usually a possibility, but it’s okay. If this guy isn’t interested, it doesn’t mean anything wrong to you or your character. Lets Move. Many other guys deserve your attention more.

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