How to Deal With Regrets In Life – Updated Guide

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Dealing with regret and feeling that make you feel sorrow is not as easy as we take it. Regret is not something that comes from outside. We are the reason for our regrets. 

However, dealing with regret requires a lot of courage, and some training as well.

In this guide, we have listed different conditions when a person can feel regret. We have compiled all possible solutions to deal with these regrets as well.

How to Deal With Regretting A Decision or A Mistake 

Regretting a self-made decision is one of the most painful things. In a moment, while making a decision, we think it is the right track we are walking on. But then we realize you have made a cloudy judgment and end up regretting it.

First of all, it is normal if you made things wrong at some point in life. No one is aware of the future as much as we take our previous knowledge and experience into consideration we rely on it.

 And somehow based on them we decided for future. But we can not make it sure to work right. Similarly, the following are the methods that can help you to change the way you take regrets in life and keep working on yourself.

How to deal with regret after a decision by mindset of learning

1. Accept the Truth You Regret On

Ignoring your inner voice and emotions will lead you to a more complex place. It is essential to know about your feelings. Nobody can live a happy life if the person is unaware of his feelings. You cannot handle your regret without accepting it.

Accept what you have done with all circumstances and try to fix it, otherwise learn from it and move on.

2 Understand the Psychology of Regret

You can solve the problem only in one case when you are aware of the problem. Similarly, without understanding the psychology of regret, no one can make it correct. Regret is a negative emotion of sadness and guilt over the mistake you made in the past. It leads to worse emotional and physical problems and makes you feel mentally unstable.

3. Do Not Let Bad Decisions Consume You

Whenever we made a wrong decision, we constantly start thinking about and criticizing our self. It is vital for all time while making a decision is to separate yourself from the decision mentally.

Nothing will change by calling yourself stupid it will do-nothings but create the feeling of distrust in you. Before making a decision, everyone should decide that mistakes can happen. Decide to learn from mistakes instead of regretting them.

4. Practice Decision Making Process for Future

You might have experienced that after a wrong decision, you become more anxious and stressed. All you need to do is to contract with this anxiety and stress repeatedly in the decision-making process. Give more focus on problems, collect plenty of information, ask others for suggestions.

5. Be Polite to Yourself

Taking about an unreasonable amount of criticism shows that you are facing regrets. Learn how to let go of your expectations on wrong decisions. Consider this criticism as a tool of motivation. Be polite while talking to you, and think anyone can do this mistake. It will generate courage of defense against your negative emotions.   


6. Allow Yourself to Grieve Disappointment 

Sometimes people face circumstances that are not in their favor which makes them feel sad. It creates disappointment and hopelessness in your personality. But it depends on us how to mold negative emotions into useful ones. The sadness we face pushes our minds to pay more attention to the problems and evaluate them with a clear focus.

 How to Deal With Regret in a Relationship or After Breakup

We meet many people in our lives, not all of them stay till the end. Some relationships we made are learning opportunities. They left us with left with a lesson. Regretting your behavior after doing something wrong to someone is normal. But how to handle it to make further, healthy relationship is essential to consider. Do not be afraid of new opportunities. Learn more from the following tips and methods to cope up with regrets in a relationship.

Handling your regret in a relationship after a breakup is a bad decision that leads you to the same place. And accepting your emotions and dealing with them with maturity is all you need to do. You can check How to deal with regrets in life for more details.

  1. Allow yourself to feel regret is vital to recognize it well and to cure it well.
  2. While dealing with regret after a relationship, learn how you can make your regret more effective in a positive way. 
  3. Try to be more realistic in terms of people who come into your life and left for a reason. Do not be so sensitive when they left, sometimes things go back to a better version.
  4. Believing yourself is one thing that solely can put you out of the trap of regrets. It not only strengthens your skills of handling emotions even makes a strong mind and strong emotions.
  5. If you are aware of the feeling of regrets you are passing through is acknowledgeable. Because now you a different person than before. Similarly, don’t forget the rule of learning and growth. Make new partners and keep growing by changing your mindsets.
  6. Write down your feelings can be a helpful tool in analyzing the direction and intensity of your emotions. By journalizing, you can rub all the stock of thoughts that push you to make your regret intense.
how to deal with regret after breakup- change is the key of inner satisfaction
How to deal with regretting after a breakup- learn to make change

What to Say to Someone Who Regrets Something

If you have a partner, family member, and any friend in life who is suffering from regrets, you can be the one to help them. It is not good to make others feel sorrow by targeting their mistakes. Instead, to make them feel regretful about their mistakes you can encourage them to move on. For instance

  1. Talk to them and make them realize everyone can make mistakes. They should learn from it instead of making this feeling worse for them.
  2. Ask them to remember their goals in life. That may help to keep them out from this phase.
  3. People sometimes do regret things they cannot control. Before helping make sure their regret is worth feeling sad. Otherwise, they need counseling to know what they are doing with themselves.
  4. In another situation, people make their own rules and grounds in life. They start regretting baseless things when they can are unable to make others happy. In this way, you can play your part by defining the situation.
  5. Self-worth is everything when you are facing a hard time. So tell them to recognize self-importance. It works like a shell in your brain while dealing with regret.
  6. If you can not help them. Then ask to go for professional support.

How to Deal With Regret after Death

There is no hesitation in saying when someone like your partner or family member dies, not because of you, but you were the cause of their pain when they a lot. This type of regret is not easy to handle.

But nothing is impossible if you have set your mind to fight against this self-blaming sadness, nothing will stop you from doing this.

In this way, you can use the following methods to deal with guilt when someone dies.

  1. Most of all, you have to accept yourself and build the courage to let go of your painful emotions that making you feel sad. Accept that things that you wanted to do have happened differently. Your intentions were different in decision-making.
  2. You have to see the bright side of the story and stop blaming yourself. For this purpose, you can ask for help from a person who is unbiased in his perspective.
  3. Try to pay more attention to your present and future. Forgive yourself for the past and make your regret powerful and effective for the future.
  4. Practicing self-compassion may lead to making you more confident. Do not judge yourself by making a good or bad category. Learn and accept what you are. Everyone learns and grows day by day; take each step closer towards progress and a better version of yourself.

how to deal with regret when someone dies - learn to move on

Why Regret is Always at the End

Most of the known reaction Damn what I have done! You might have heard from someone who regrets. Such emotions and regret only occurs at the time when I experienced them.

Before finalizing something, we never thought of the situations that can happen. And we are always unaware of God’s plans, and these plans are unpredictable. Everything we do in this world is based on what we see here. Things got settled unexpectedly, which causes us danger and pain sometimes. 

It is why regret is always at the end, but do not take it as negative emotions. It is far better than being egoistic. So do not be shamed for something regretting you did. Somehow, people take it intensively or want to kill themselves. But they do not realize it is not the end it can be the start of something incredible you can no see. It is a natural human process of learning. And God has created us in such an amazing way.

 Why Regret is Good

This argument is unacceptable, that people shouldn’t make mistakes or take steps in life as per their desire. Regretting your mistakes and a decision is far better than staying egoistic in the same approach.

If you have regrets about your past life or past decision, that truly means you are moving towards self-growth. And you have a mental and emotional capacity to change yourself. Most people even do not care about their past behavior and spend like an unemotional soul. It makes them more egoistic day by day and more self-centered and careless in the matters of others.   

So do not feel bad about yourself if you have regrets in life. Only learn how to get strong and stronger after every mistake.


A point to understand we human beings are not designed to be perfect. God has given us multiple directions to see and build a feeling of curiosity that encourages us to accomplish what we want. And through this way, we are capable of learning and improving.

It is our choice to choose a direction of learning. Make self-corrections and learn new behaviors by making a mistake. Mistakes are better to regret but only when you know how to fix them by fixing your mental health. This self-awareness will lead to anywhere you want to be in your life.

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