How To Deal With Rejection- 13 Powerful Ways To Handle It

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Rejection can be hard to deal with. No one wants to be rejected, and though we may understand the reason for rejection intellectually, it may still hurt immensely emotionally. We need to learn how to deal with rejection to help lessen this emotional impact.

Everybody deals with rejection in their own way. Some are crushed and take a while to recover. Some will consider rejection positively. They will see the opportunity for change, growth and improvement rejection brings. There are different ideas for how to deal with rejection.

In this post we will cover 10 powerful ways to handle rejection in a healthy, normal manner. The idea is to grow from rejection. Use it as a catalyst, a motivator or to make improvements in your life. Not to have rejection be a millstone weighing you down.

But before we get to the ways to deal with rejection, lets give a quick definition of rejection.

What Is Rejection

A therapist Brian Jones states that “rejection is a universal experience“. He continues that “everyone in the entire world just goes through with this feeling of rejection once in his or her life“.

There are two types of people dealing with rejection in different ways.

The people who are mentally strong enough use their pain of rejection positively and they grow and become stronger than before.

On the other hand, some people take rejection as a huge loss and tragedy in their lives. They lose their self-confidence and courage of doing something in life.

A renowned Ph.D. psychologist Leslie Becker-Phelps elaborates that dealing with rejection in unhealthy ways severely hurts your personality development, your relationships, and further it will take to you towards depression and anxiety.

How Emotionally Robust People Deal with Rejection?

This is how you want to react to rejection. with stability and emotional maturity. Let’s take a look at the ways that emotionally robust people can get rid of rejection.

1. Recognize Their Emotions:

If you are capable to recognize your emotions, you can accept them confidently. You should admit that you are rejected by someone you care about with equanimity. You should realize it either isn’t about you or if it is take action to improve whatever caused you to be rejected in the first place.

Emotionally stable people have great confidence to tackle things, even the causes of rejection. They intuitively understand how they should deal with their emotions to get rid of the feeling of rejection.

A group of friends sitting along the lake to boost up their energy level and thinking how to deal with rejection in their life

2. Not Blame Themselves:

Mentally mature people did not blame themselves in a way they lose their level of confidence. They use self-talk to gain a better understanding of the reasons they were rejected, not instantly spire into self-loathing.

In a relationship, they just realize that they choose the wrong person, and they should move onward. Or if they were at fault, they take action to make changes to improve future relationships.

3. Ignore People’s Perspective:

Immature people feel their rejection more and they started destroyed by their inner self. They really consider what other people think about themselves. But having tenacious minds people just ignore the views of others about themselves.

If they get rejected from a relationship, they did not think that everybody will do the same thing with them and they are now unlovable for everyone. They positively consider this or consider it as a good lesson.

If they got rejected from a job, they did not consider that they are not capable of doing any kind of job or they have fewer skills, but they think that a better opportunity is waiting for them.

According to human psychology, just a single person never judges your inner skills, or he cannot judge you in a single meeting that how competent you are.

So never let yourself down on the behalf of others’ opinions but judge yourself and dig out your qualities and present them in front of those who want to let you down.

4. Rejection Teaches A New Lesson:

Most people take a lesson from their past mistakes and make them correct to have a bright future ahead. They never bear the pain but as themselves a basic question that what I got from this rejection and make it a way of personality development for themselves.

Whenever they got rejected, they just consider it a new lesson of life for them and become stronger and stronger than before. Embrace rejection as a good thing because it means that something better will come next.

Humans always need some improvement in their life and being rejected from somewhere teaches you a good lesson and you can learn about life and way of living in a society.

10 (Further) Psychological Ways How To Deal with Rejection

The four examples on how to deal with rejection above are the standard you want to aspire to. However there are other positive methods for dealing with rejection. Here are a few ideas psychologists suggest on how to deal with rejection in our daily routine.

A person is walking on the road having the fear of rejection in his mind

5. Rejection Is Painful:

According to science rejection is very painful emotion.

A study conducted at the University of Michigan Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) center revealed that rejection activates the same parts of the brain which are activated by any of the physical pain does.

So on that level, science tells us that rejection and physical pain are the same when it comes to our brain.

If everyone understood this, maybe people would reject others less frequently. Rejection would still be a thing, since you must reject others if needs arise, but this might cut down on casual rejection.

6. Time Will Heal All The Problems:

Time heals all wounds“, I am sure you have hurt that one. It is true for all sorts of emotional pain, and it is certainly true for rejection. I have a hard time remember the emotional pain of a breakup that happened many years ago. But I remember it meant everything at the time.

Psychology believes that time is the best source to heal all the problems or rejections you faced in your life. Somebody rejected by their family or one of the friends will hurt that person but with time will move towards a recovery process.

According to a famous psychologist and certified life coach Dr. Pam Garcy, “accept that you are a human being with a lot of emotions and give yourself some time to feel what you are feeling. Sometimes allowing yourself to feel some pain of rejection and give time to yourself to reduce the intensity of that pain.

7. Understand Yourself:

It is easier said than done to say, “understand yourself“. After all, the first sign of wisdom is knowing how little you know. But if you do understand yourself better than average, rejection has less sting.

The most valuable thing in a person is his ego, which does hurt when somebody faces rejection. First, heal the ego by resuscitating your self-respect by understanding positive qualities that person who rejected you didn’t understand.

Understanding yourself helps you realize that rejection may not be your fault and that there is nothing wrong with you.

8. Talk To Your Loved One:

Psychology believes that there is power in stating your pain out loud to someone else. It is cathartic. Whenever you got are stung by rejection talk about it to someone you care about. It will help you to calm your mind and make your reaction to the rejection in a more stable balanced manner. Hopefully, this will reduce any feelings of depression or loneliness.

Gives words to your feelings and emotions. It helps.

9. Recall Your Good Memories:

Recalling good memories is a way to remind yourself that any broken relationship was all bad. This technique works best when it is added to #6 (Time).

At first it may hurt to dwell on the happy moments of a relationship after it ends. But in time, remembering the good times can be a positive and cathartic way of dealing with rejection.

In fact, physiologists believe that just seeing pictures from your past with your loved ones (even exes’) gives you a feeling of relaxation to your mind and body.

10. Rebuild Better:

The best way to handle rejection is to acknowledge it, understand the reasons why and build yourself back up again. Hopefully even building back better.

Make a mental questionnaire for yourself. What about your abilities and personality were rejected. Why? What are the hidden qualities in you? What is the most valuable thing? What can you do to improve these areas in the future?

11. Keep Moving On:

Rejection does not mean that things go to the end, but it is the beginning of your new ideas and thoughts. “Keep putting the foot in front of the other every day to make things happen,” Marcellus says. Do small things that bring happiness to you.

12. Show Courtesy To Yourself:

There are a lot of people in the world who cannot bear the rejection from somewhere even there are several young generations found who just committed suicide just because they rejected by somebody or some institute.

 This is ridiculous behavior towards themselves and their family. If you face rejection, you should be brave to face the challenges of life.

Instead of constantly thinking about what you lost and dwelling on these negative emotions just be kind to yourself and build an aim to achieve further goals of life with full passion.

13. Engage Yourself In Healthy Activities:

when you are trying how to deal with rejection you should indulge yourself in healthy activities. Because at that time your mind suffering from different kind of emotions which also affects your body.

If you did not get into healthy activities like you did not take your sleep properly or you have not taken your meal properly sometimes these kinds of things will create a hurdle to deal with the problem of rejection you are facing.

Fight with rejection healthily like keep your daily meal properly and sleep the prescribed hour to boost up your energy level.

A Ph.D. scholar and therapist Becker Phelps say, “the healthier your lifestyle, the more resources you have then to deal with difficult situations”.

A Final Word on How to Deal With Rejection:

Sometimes being rejected is the worst situation and it breaks your inner personality, but it is a harsh reality that you must overcome in different ways. If you go for the best ways or take the right approach this rejection will become your strength and gives you the opportunity for self-improvement. Then you will do all the great things that define your personality who you are.

Hopefully this post gives you some tools to help you deal with rejection in your life. It happens to the best of us. You can and will overcome this setback in your life.

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