How To Dominate A Woman? – 4 Subtle Ways to Master Your Love

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How to dominate a woman? Because it is not a surprise that women are attracted to sexually dominant men. But it also does not mean that men have to go to an extreme in their dominance. Women only require men to be dominant at the right time! If a man does that, then you will have her mind and soul in no time!

It is true that women like to enjoy their freedom and want to be their own boss, but sometimes they want to be loved by their male counterparts. So, how to dominate a woman like a pro? Here’s how:

4 Kick-ass Ways on How To Dominate A Woman?

1. How To Dominate A Woman – Smile When You Approach Her

Don’ we always hear that “Smile is a curve that can set things straight!”. There’s no denying in that. A smile can work wonders, and in this case, it is the key to win over the woman you like

how to dominate a woman

For instance, if you are to approach a woman you like and you do it confidently, then the ball is in your court. Not to mention that you should be smiling instead of looking nervous!

If you approach her with a smile, then it is a sign of your unbeatable confidence. What’s more, is that the woman will feel impressed by your light but bold approach.


It is not a myth anymore that women feel attracted to confident guys! Confident guys are dominant and get what they want. If you get a girl in a situation like this, then a woman might playfully converse with you, she will judge you by asking questions and whatnot. Your stance should be a bold one here. Let her talk and drop your bomb of self-confidence on to her as a reply. I think you will get going!

The end will be great! She will be joyful and excited to come across a good, assured guy who makes her feel feminine concerning his masculinity and dominance. She will be happy that you are treating her well enough!

Therefore, on how to dominate a woman always remember that the smile is the key!

Smile Is The Key To Win A Woman’s Heart

2. How To Dominate A Woman – While On A Date

Okay so now you are into the realm of dating, and we all know that it is a different world with a different set of rules and laws. You can show your dominance on a date while treating your girl respectfully.

For instance, on a date, it can simply start with on which table to sit. If you go like,” Let’s sit here, I like this one,” the chances are that she will follow you. Or if she has her suggestions and goes like, “Let’s sit here, near the window, It’s less suffocating here”, then you will give in and follow. But that does not mean you are less dominant here.

It simply means that you are open to what she has to offer. Your dominance was prominent when you suggested a table at first. Other instances can be your hand around her shoulder and making her walk along with all the tables and stop on to which you want to sit!

Then begins your conversation. I can’t be specific on the conversation here as it can be of anything! The only piece of advice I want to give is that be a good listener and a great speaker! It means to listen intently to what your girl has to say and in response, surprise her by your insightful thoughts

It is not all the time that you have to lead her like a rag doll because you want to show how dominant you are. The best answer to how to dominate a woman is to sit back and relax and let your natural dominance take over when needed!

Be Confident And Take The Lead On A Date Night

3. How To Dominate A Woman – When In A Relationship

Here again, being a dominant man doesn’t always mean you have to boss your girl all the time and be a typical-conservative male. It means that you only need to be assertive when it is necessary, and that’s what women like!

For instance, If you display dominant qualities during sex then your woman will surely go Ga Ga over you. As 95% of the women enjoy hardcore sex and so you can be the king of sex here!

In other aspects of the relationship, I advise being equally respectful while being dominant. Give her your suggestions on what paint should you do on the wall and how to control the finances, etc. 

The best part is to let a woman do what she wants in terms of logic while giving your expert advice because not any of them wants to be a docile pus*ycat! Instead, you can be her emotional strength and support. An outlet for her recreation and she is going to love it if you are dominant over here. You can use the method of Fractionation over here.

Fractionation means that you control a woman’s mind emotionally, and her brain establishes a deep connection with you. You can go like, “How was your day today? what was the best part of the day that made you feel happy? “When your girl replies then immediately ask her what was the bad part and what made her feel down.

As a result, your girl will develop an emotional connection with you and her brain will soon be addicted to you!

You can display all your dominant ways of making her feel at ease, and you won’t be thinking again on how to dominate a woman

Control Your Woman’s Mind Emotionally

4. Keep Up With Psychological Dominance

Physical dominance is when you control your woman with your hands, i.e., moving her around or loving her the way you want to. But psychological dominance is controlling a woman’s mind, and that’s what most effective. I am not saying that you have to be a manipulative weasel here! You have to keep the dominance and freedom in moderation.

There has to be a complete balance of dominance and freedom of your woman to guarantee a successful relationship

Even the most feminist of women love to see you taking control over them. They love to let it go and give all the reins to you so you can go in whatever way you want to.

In psychological dominance, you will give her orders. Your woman will obey you since she loves you and she realizes that If she obeys you then there is a package of delight waiting for her at the end.

So basically, obeying you is the process of submission that they enjoy – they being the women. Therefore, keep a balance in your domination and her freedom, and you will be the finest alpha male out there!

how to dominate a woman?
Control A Woman Psychologically To Be Dominant

Can We Actually Dominate A Woman?

Yes, you can. If manipulating a woman revolves around the mind power, then it is easy to do.

Therefore don’t feel awkward when you tread on the path of dominating your woman. It will be daunting at first when a woman says yes to whatever you have to offer. After that, it will become a routine for you to control the opposite sex like a pro! And remember the smile, and keep everything in balance. The results will be Great enough to astound you.

how to dominate a woman
Keep The Dominance And Freedom In Balance

You don’t have to whoop with joy or dance around the bedroom for that. Even if you silently scream away with pleasure, then that’s enough to indicate that you are already on the road to dominate your woman!

How To Dominate A Woman? Final Thoughts

To dominate your woman like a pro, you have to be a master in controlling her mind. Because let’s just be straight about this: Complimenting her won’t help, buying her stuff won’t help and seduction will also go bust in the end. 

But if you have her mind in your control, then she will find herself unable to detach from you. 


Also, your psychological dominance journey will not be accessible as a woman has many stages which you will also have to go through being her partner.

The hormonal cycle will continuously change your woman’s energy, outlook and thought process. Your woman will be highly intuitive, like any other woman and will avoid aggression at all costs. 

She will be more sensitive than you and might not stay away from conflict but will hate if you ghost her! It is easy. If you want to get in a woman’s bad books, try ghosting, and you will KNOW! Another possible trait is that she will be turned off easily. So all the men have to be extremely careful in this regard!

Also, DO NOT ignore her too much in the pursuit of being dominant. Ignorance here also has to be in a balance. For instance, if you ignore her after a fight, here’s how it will affect her.

After one week of not talking:

  • It will be an excellent way to stand out in her mind.
  • A good break for you may have a guys’ night out.
  • It is an excellent way to build up some connection between you two, which is essential for attraction.

As too much of love often results in detachment. So be mindful of this tactic and use it once in a while. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on how to dominate a woman

How do you please a dominant man?

Call your Dominant man Sir or Master. Know your Dominant by heart. Envision your Dom’s best course of action. If all else fails, request consent. Figure out how to peruse his state of mind. Express your accommodation in words. Acknowledge your discipline and relish in it.

What does it mean when a woman wants to be dominated?

Being commanded implies that a lady doesn’t need to settle on any choices and the weight of duty can be shed for a period.

What does a man want in a relationship?

Men need a relationship where they can like themselves and where they sense that they are with somebody who is full-grown. Having the option to convey and bargain are only a few parts of a developed relationship. Men acknowledge regard and having an accomplice who cooperates with them.

How can you tell a fake dom?

It will, in general, appear before long in the manner in which they treat you.

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