20+ Simple Ways on How To Find Out If Someone Is Married!

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Have you ever met a guy or a gal, get interested, but you have your doubts., wondering if they are already married and stepping out on their spouse? There are questions to ask and ways to help you find out if someone is married.

Of course, you can simply ask them, but some questions may feel awkward if you spring them up in between first dates. Therefore, we will share some interesting but authentic ways how to find out if someone is married. 

After all, you also deserve to be entirely happy, so here’s how you can discover the truth without hurting anybody or asking uncomfortable questions. 

As they say, “the right to information is for everyone,” therefore, let’s see :


How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? The Ultimate Guide

Firstly, Let’s see How To Detect If Someone Is Married by learning about the signs if someone is married or not!

1. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married- He’ll make Last-Minute Date Plans

They will always plan the date at the last moment. There will not be any prior planning or efforts to make the night a great one. These guys will text you or meet you whenever they find the time. 

2. Low-key Public Spaces For Dates

If your date keeps suggesting a low-key space for the meetup, then something is fishy. I mean, it is okay for the first and second time, but if it keeps happening, then the chances are your guy might be married. Therefore, look for this sign when your guy replays this version if his “date-organizing.”

how to find out if your boyfriend is married?
Dates At Less Crowded Places

3. You Don’t Meet Any Friends Or Family

That’s an absolute sign to see if he is married or not because he does not introduces one to his family after being in a relationship. If he is still hesitant about you meeting his friends or family, then he is hiding a big secret.

4. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Find a Tag Line on His Ring Finger

Need I say More? Just look carefully at his ring finger, and you will know the answer

how to find out if your guy is wedded?
Tag Line On His Ring Finger Is Sign That He is Married

5. You Have Never Been To Their Place

That is one of the authentic red flags to keep in mind! It is easy to detect if someone is married or not by judging why you have never been to the guy’s place. If he keeps coming to your home then honey, it is for sure he has a wifey waiting for him too.

6. Restrictions To See You

There are restrictions to seeing you. For example, he will be like, “I can see you on Thursday at 4:30”. After that, the whole week is booked, and you are nowhere on his list.

7. Take Forever To Return Calls & Texts

If your guy is married, then he will take forever to return your calls and texts. You will not enjoy the perks of talking and texting at whatever time you want. 

how to check if a guy is hiding something from you
He Will Take Long In Returning Your Calls – how to find out if someone is married

8. Unidentified Numbers Call You

Yes, that is right. You get strange phone calls from unidentified numbers, and it could be your guy’s spouse. Why? Because she might be clearing her doubts too. 

9. Hide Calls When With You

They will make an effort to hide or screen the calls if your guy is with you. He does not want you to know that he is married. 

10. Respond At Strange Hours

If your guy texts you at 3 in the morning, then it is something huge that he is hiding from you. Apart from finding out that he is married, he might be having an issue or a problem too. So you have to keep yourself ALL EARS at this type of call.

But if your guy’s routine is to respond at unlikely hours, then that’s the best sign to detect if he is married or not.

After the signs, here are kick-ass and foolproof ways to find out if someone is married. 

10 Subtle Ways on How To Find Out If Someone Is Married?

1. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Google Your Guy

Well, that was obvious. Google almighty has all the results; therefore, put your guy’s name in the search, and bingo! Remember that Google will display plenty of results, so you need to use filters to narrow down the search. 

how to check if a guy is cheating on you?
Google Your Guy To See If He’s Married – how to find out if someone is married

2. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Observe Your Guy’s Behavior

Yes, that’s important. Look for all the aforementioned signs, and you will have your answers if you have one in common. So, How to find out if someone is married? It is in the behavior.

As marriage is a hard thing to hide, it will all reflect in their behavior. Keep a keen eye, and you will find a variety of differences between your guy and the singles out there. 

3. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Use Public Records

There are many public records websites where it is easy to find out if someone is married. As couples have to get a marriage license in court, and the same thing goes for divorce.

Court records in the United States are public records so you can find them on public records search directories. To find out if someone is married, you can use a background check directory on a public records search website. 

Be aware that not all marriage applications or licenses are made public. Some jurisdictions have provisions for keeping this information private. Every state and city differs in what data is available to the public and what is available to you, so know the rules of your country and city first.

While you’re there, check the divorce records, too. Just because you find a marriage record, it doesn’t mean the marriage is still in existence.

4. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Search Social Media

After Google, social media is your best friend. Although your guy would say that he has no account on social media, what’s the issue to search him? That’s the easiest way to find out if someone is married or not

Therefore, search his name on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, and you might get to see him lurking among those billions of profiles. 

How To Check for someones's marital status?
How to find out if someone is married

5. Your Guy Pays In Cash

That’s one of the signs to detect if someone is married or not. Why? Because obviously, the guy wants the spouse to see the charges on the credit card bills or debit card statements. In today’s world, most people pay for things, especially meals, with credit cards. If every date is paid for in cash, this could be a red flag.

Some people do carry cash around to pay for cheaper transactions, such as movie tickets and fast food meals. But this practice is not for everything. Therefore, look out for this sign.

6. Pay Attention To His Hobnob Habits

How to find out if someone is married? Pay attention to his socializing habits. If he is married, he will not have the freedom to grab a drink after work or go out on a whim like singles. 

People who are married and who have families do not have the same kind of independence. They may occasionally meet with friends, but most of the time, they will go home to their families or bring their spouses along.

7. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Look Up The Phone Number

How to find out if the one you are dating is married? Check his/her phone number online, and you will get plenty of results. You can also use the online directories to see in what name the number is registered, or are there more registrations on a single name?

8. Beware of The Fraud Websites

Okay, so many websites claim that they will provide you with any person’s status(marital/single) if you enter the name, city, or credit card number. These websites are a fraud, and you should beware of them as they are useless.

9. How To Find If Someone Is Married If You’re Dating Online

When it comes to online dating, doing your research is essential.

While millions are finding love every day on sites like OkCupid, eHarmony, and Tinder, some fall victim to liars who pretend to be divorced but are still married. One study suggests that 53% of men and women lie on their online dating profiles.

While some lies are relatively harmless (fibbing on your height/weight is most common), others can lead to feelings of heartbreak and betrayal that have a lasting impact when it comes to trusting potential partners in the future.

Therefore, you can search the email id or online user names to see associated social media profiles, some of which (like Facebook) could include their relationship status. 

How to find out if your guy is married. Your Research On Guy Is Essential If You Are Dating Online

10. How To Find Out If Someone Is Married? Ask The Guy

If you are not bold enough to these things then ask the guy! It is the eventual and most obvious way to find out if your guy is cheating on you or not. Therefore, if you want to find out if someone is married for real or not then ask him/her.

Here some ways on how you can ask the person if they are married or not?

  1. Simply ask with an air of curiosity,” Are you married?”. Refrain from using an accusatory tone.
  2. Ask, “If there’s anything you are not telling me”, and see what you get.
  3. You can also begin with, “I want to take this relation on to the next level, so there should be no secrets between us…”. You will get an answer for sure.

If the person does say he or she is married, then don’t waste any more time with him or her. You can get angry and ask a few questions, but get out as soon as you can — it’s just not worth it.


So, now you have around 10+ ways on how to find if someone is married, which one or two methods are you going to try out right now? Let us know in the comments section below!.

FAQs on How To Find Out If Someone Is Married:

How to find out if someone is married?

You can ask his friends if you doubt him or pay attention to his social media use. You can also observe it by paying attention to his abrupt reactions and actions.

How can you find if someone is married in another country?

If you are looking for this confirmation and going to marry in the United States, you can assure by connecting with the Attorney General of your state and get information on obtaining a visa for a spouse in the U.S.

How often do people cheat?

According to the found that 22 percent of married men and 15 percent of married women have cheated at least once, which is similar to the results from the MSNBC.com/iVillage survey.

How common is cheating in marriage?

Well, the study reveals that cheating in marriages is more common in rich cultures like European countries while in conservative culture it is less common. According to a survey, today find married men cheating at rates between 25 percent and 72 percent.

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