Top 3 Expert Reveals How to Handle a Wife Easily & Effectively

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How to Handle a Wife is being asked to the Internet by thousands of husbands every month. To help them out of this confusing misery, we have asked a handful of experts about the million-dollar question.

In today’s post, we are going to share what our experts have shared with us when we asked them about how to handle a wife. You will find practical tips, paradigm-shifting sentences, and the answer to your question of handling a wife effectively, successfully & most importantly, happily.

First, we will be sharing the tips and advice of our guests, then we will be sharing a short commentary as an icing on the cake.

1. Look to the Past:

You catch more flies with honey!

Remember back to when you first fell in love with your wife. 

Think about all those great qualities that captivated you.  As you do, give her sincere compliments and flirt with her all over again. She will open up, be more loving, and want to give back to you! 

 ~Dr. Diana Kirschner 

Dr. Diana is a Psychologist, PBS Love Expert & a bestselling author of many books. Her experience in working with couples has made her one of the best when it comes to the matter of relationships. She is famous for her book, Love in 90 Days. You can check out more about her here.

Commentary on How to Handle a Wife by Dr. Diana Kirschner

This advice is best for husbands who have spent a good amount of time with their wives. At the start of most relationships, we usually act in our kindest self, but as we go further into the relationship we tend to take things for granted.

Looking to the past and remembering things that made us fall in love with our wife in the first place is really a great way to handle your wife. In this way, you will always be remembering the reasons which made you mad about her.

After calling those qualities back to mind, it is best to communicate them with your wife as well. Appreciating her for her true self will allow her to open up and to be ever more present in the relationship.

2. Fulfill Her Core Need:

How to handle a wife ultimately comes down to understanding a core need of most women, namely “to be loved.”

Interestingly, men desire respect more, which is also why so many marriages struggle. Because in order for the wife to respect her husband, she needs to feel loved by her husband. It’s essentially a dance between two intrinsic human needs with the power to either deeply connect or rapidly push a couple apart.

If a man wants to handle his wife better, he needs to start with her fundamental need to be loved. And the best way he can do that is to create an environment of emotional certainty or safety.

When a wife feels safe and protected, in all aspects of the word, she’ll be more inclined to tap into her feminine side from which powerful feelings such as vulnerability and desire flow. A wife needs to feel “safe” with her man in order to feel loved. This means she can trust him completely because he is trustworthy. And when this happens, her respect for him will flow naturally.

– Gideon Hanekom from

Gideon Hanekom on How to Handle a WifeGideon Hanekom is a New-Zealand based relationship expert with one of the best and most engaging about page. His podcast and blog provide a wealth of information that is practical & effective.

Make sure you read his about page completely to have a great day, and a great relationship as well.

Commentary on How to Handle a Wife by Gideon Hanekom:

Wow, what a piece of great advice by Gideon!. His words remind of the late Jim Rohn Quotes about mastering the basics when he said that:

Sayings of Jim Rohn on Learning

Mastering the basics is the most important matter in any endeavor. Keeping in mind the basic need of men to feel respected, he is simply asking us to first earn that respect by fulfilling the basic need of women of being loved. 

Another great point raised in his advice is about how a woman feels loved? It is when she feels safe!.

So, look into yourself, your behavior, tone of voice, and other subtle things that might be making her feel a little unsafe around you. Try to identify and then remove those potential threats for her, provide her space where she can feel completely safe, then experience her open up to you and to respect you wholeheartedly.

 3. Four Pillars of A Relationship

I think when getting married it’s so important for a husband to treat his wife with four key factors that generate and preserve respect in a marriage. These components include mutuality, reciprocity,  accommodation, and acceptance.

1. Mutuality:

In relationships, Mutuality can be described as the “principles” of the relationship. Mutuality acts almost like a thermostat gaging the balance of power. It’s based on the couples’ shared agreement of what is and isn’t tolerable within the relationship. 

2. Reciprocity:

In this context, Reciprocity is the actionable “give and take” of the relationship. Reciprocity seeks balance and fairness. Reciprocity, like Mutuality, increases respect by creating a circle of attention that both individuals can count on.

3. Accommodation:

Accommodation is the mitigating factor that attends to the fact that the couple is a voluntary union of individuals with sometimes differing wants and needs. Therefore, Accommodation is the willingness to respectfully protect personal boundaries.

Research tells us that when couples are attentive to, and accommodating of personal boundaries, respect is the outcome.

4. Acceptance:

Term Acceptance is best understood by accepting the fact that at least 50% of marital issues are fundamentally unsolvable. They relate to differences in family-of-origin, culture, ethnicity, religion, values, and beliefs.

The most wonderful thing a husband and wife can do for one another is to achieve respect by accepting their inherent differences and pursuing deep mutual respect, for what is really important to each of them.

– Karin Katz from

Karin Katz on How to Handle a WifeKarin is a successful writer, blogger & coach. She has been through all the stages of an intimate relationship, allowing her to provide advice based not only on sound knowledge but on real-life experience as well. You can check out her blog where she actively writes to brighten up your life as a whole.

Commentary on How to Handle a Wife by Karin Katz:

If I can claim that someone has nailed this topic of how to handle a wife without any spin and with all the effectiveness, I would name Karin Katz from A Sample of Love. 

Her advice is simple and allows you to easily apply it in your life. From sharing mutual principles in life and starting on your relationship based on those principles to accepting what needs to be accepted, she has said it all. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on How to handle a Wife

How do I deal with an upset wife?

Take 5 to 10 seconds before you react. In any case, keep an eye to eye connection if conceivable. Consider her to be attempting to express what is on her mind, not as attempting to tear you down.

How can I make my wife happy when she’s upset?

Accomplish something astounding and adorable. Search out a unique blessing or set up an unexpected gathering. Treat her to a vacation. Compose a sentimental and sweet sonnet or love note for her. Plan dates around her inclinations. Be a decent audience.

Is it normal for a husband to yell at his wife?

An ordinary spouse doesn’t shout and shouts at his better half. Obviously, battles and contentions are regular in wedded life. At the point when a youngster is denied something, he shows his displeasure by hollering and shouting. The little youngster doesn’t have command over his feelings.

How do I deal with a short-tempered wife?

YOU WOULD NEED A WHOLE LOT OF CALMNESS. On the off chance that your woman is ablaze, you can’t be the fuel in light of the fact that your relationship would detonate. YOU HAVE TO TALK TO HER. YOU SHOULD BE SUPPORTIVE.Try not to GET WORKED UP. Figure out how TO WALK AWAY.


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