How to Make a Difference – Tiny Ways to Matter

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Everybody thinks about how to make a difference in the world that can change it and make it a place worth living.

Everyone is born in this world with gigantic energy and spark. This energy and spark need the right direction to flow.

In childhood, we think of changing the world. Rule the world by becoming a king or leading the army.

It is true that everybody is born with a spark of inspiration and so wants to make a difference in this world.

How to Really Make A Difference?

In our minds the concept of making a difference is so huge; we think of something revolutionary that happens and change the world. But it does not work that way. Making a difference does not belong to changing the world and worldly things, it belongs to changing ourselves.

We don’t need a popular or revolutionary past in order to bring change. Everyone who brought a change in the world was an ordinary person. What we need is to do good deeds consistently.

Everybody is born with a spark

Making difference is a continuous struggle of getting good to better and better to best.

Let’s discuss how an ordinary person can make a difference:

1- Start Spreading Smiles:

A smile is a powerful tool to bring change to someone’s life. A smile has a strong mirroring energy that evokes beautiful positive energy in its receiver.

Make it your habit to pass a smile to the ones you see every day. The watchman, your colleagues, your driver, or anyone you interact with in your daily life are the ones that need you with positive energy. Give a smile to sparkle their day.

Smile has a strong mirroring energy

2- Make A Chain To Make A Difference:

Many people inspire us with their positive vibes and way of interaction. We love them to be around us. Sometimes, random people help us in an extraordinary way that creates in us huge respect and love for them.

Why not make a chain of this beautiful act of kindness? Why not continue this loving and caring behavior we got from people? If it can change your perspective towards life then surely it will change the world.

So, adopt the positivity you got from people and pass it on; maybe one day it gets back to you again.

3- Be The Change You Want To See Around:

Many times, you encounter a number of things you think are not going in the right way.

It could be about the behaviors, traditions, or the way people follow to do things. It may be about the behaviors of a waiter, driver, neighbors, wedding rituals, etc.

Be the first one to step forward. Be the change you want to see in the world. Change your way of interacting with those people you think should be treated better. Start caring for your neighbor, talk to the waiter politely, give him a tip, and make a better understanding relationship with your wife.

It will bring a huge change in the world in and out of your heart.

4- Volunteer For The Noble Cause:

Take out some time from your busy schedule to serve mankind. Spend some time with the people who need our help and care. Visit the hospitals, old homes, and orphanages; you will see many people who are waiting for us for help and attention. Be the hope of someone.

Volunteer your time and money for them, it will give you inner peace. Also, it will induce in them a sense of love and care for others, who are in need.

Maybe people get inspired by you and follow you; so, a chain will start which would start doing this deed of kindness to change the world.

5- Show Gratitude- To Change The World:

Start writing gratitude notes for people. It will work like a miracle in their life.

Showing Gratitude is something so special and exciting for people that give them enormous energy to do even better.

If you think someone is trying to do things better; appreciate him, and say “Thank You”. It forwards a sense of humbleness that can make someone’s day.

So, start writing thank you notes for the people around you. It has all the potential to change the world into a place worth living.

6- It Doesn’t Need To Be Something Big:

When it comes to your mind that you want to change the world; it senses like it must be something big. But this concept is not true. Changing the world means a change in yourself that could mirror in others.

Everything you do for a good cause does matter. The need is to Just get started. Notice an act of kindness that inspires you and make it your habit.

Changing the world means changing yourself

7- Your Contribution Is Never Too Small- To make a difference:

We often think that will it matter, or will it work? I would say that Don’t think of the results. Don’t think if it makes any difference or not.

When you feel that it inspired you, just adopt it and add it to your routine. Any contribution you made, always matters and changes the world around you. Because every penny matters.

8- Start Donating Something:

Start donating the things you have more than your need. Put a small portion of money aside every month to give it to the needy. Take out the clothes you think you will not wear again and donate those to people.

You must have a number of books; it may be academic books, novels, poetry books, self-help books, etc. donate those books to a library or a school. It would be helpful for those people who cannot buy those books.

Donate your blood to a hospital or patient who is in need. There are a lot of patients who need blood on regular basis but can’t afford to buy this much blood. Your donation can save someone’s life. A smile on his face will do wonders in your world.

9- Show Humbleness To The Service Persons

It’s a common trend that people do not respect the salesmen and service persons. They are usually ignored or treated rudely.

A gentle gesture of gratitude or appreciation can make their day. The ones who are never treated with respect when seeing a positive gesture; got much positivity. It spread happiness in them.

This small gesture of care will inspire others to follow your path and they will know how to make a difference.

10- One Love? Pay It Forward:

The feeling of being loved and cared for is the most beautiful feeling ever. Many people around us love us and care for us. We love them to be around us.

So, if you are being loved by someone; start to pay it forward. Start caring for someone who needs to be cared for. Handle your relationships with care. Spend time with your parents, family, or servants and listen to what they need from you.

Give someone your seat on a bus, hold someone’s luggage, pay for someone’s food, etc.

How to Make a Difference
Spread the love

11- Be A Responsible Consumer:

Everyone wants to live in a world with a clean and beautiful environment. You also want to enjoy nature and eat healthy food. But mankind has paid no attention to the sustainability of natural resources.

Why not change these lazy and ignorant habits? Promise yourself that you will act as a responsible citizen and took the responsibility for your acts.

The least you can do is not to litter the places you visit. Do not throw your garbage in the streets. Do not violate traffic rules. Don’t waste the food, if it is more than your need then pack it and give it to the poor.

This thing will arouse a sense of responsibility in others to save their environment.

12- Your Children Are Actually The Chain-To make a difference:

When You are building up good habits; it’s not only you who are changing.

The people around you notice your habits and are inspired from you. The common example is your children, who notice you and try to follow you. They are the actual chain who take this struggle forward.

So be a role model for someone; your actions speak louder than words.

Don’t think any of your contributions a smaller input because when it got followers it really makes a difference..

Make a chain of love


Now we understand How to make a difference in the world.

A small contribution matters. A single step toward the right path does matter.

 The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. -Steve Jobs

If you have enough courage to think that you can change the world then you have all the potential to change it. And the world is all inside your heart and mind. Change the way you look at the world. Make small changes in your routine. Add some drops of love and kindness in your life to donate to others. It will surely make a difference.

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