How To Make A Girl Jealous? 16 Kickass Ways To Do It Like A Pro

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How to make a girl jealous? Because every guy goes through a phase where he has to make his girl feel possessive about him. Note that making your girl jealous every time is not any fun and will make your relationship weak.

Therefore, if you only make her jealous of some element of fun, then it is okay. Otherwise, jealousy does not have beneficial consequences.

So today, we bring you some kick-ass ways on How to make a girl jealous and go crazy for you!


How To Make A Girl Jealous? 16 Kickass Ways To Do It

1. How To Make A Girl Jealous – Socializing With Ex’s

This is the most trusted way of getting jealous like crazy! Why? Because your Ex is someone who is no more in your life and many girls don’t like the idea of staying friends after a break-up. Keeping in touch, spending a lot of time, and talking about your ex all the time is a sure-fire way to make a girl jealous. 

2. How To Make A Girl Jealous – Compliment Other Women

It is not a surprise that a woman will get jealous if her guy compliments other women or talks about them. It is something very instinctive in girls to get upset at the mention of other ladies through their guys.

So if you need to make a girl jealous, compliment other girls will get going! Note that always complimenting other girls may also develop a complex to your gal that she is no where in your love list.

Therefore, getting her jealous is a laugh, however do not go overboard with it. The ladies get an inferiority complex this way, and it affects your relationship severely.   

3. How To Make A Girl Jealous – Ignoring Her Calls And Texts

Some guys ignore the calls and texts of their girlfriends, and they succeed in getting them jealous and PARANOID for sure! Therefore, ignoring calls and texts is the most coveted way of how to make a girl jealous!

And while you ignore her calls and texts, be active on social media. It’s not a surprise that the next time you meet, she gets into a heated argument with you. 

For instance, on WhatsApp, she can see if you are online, and then she will wonder why aren’t you responding to her. That is going to make her crazy! 

Ignore Her Texts And Calls To Make Her Jealous

4. When you’re out with her and get a text from another girl

Considering that you’re in the middle of a date and you’re attached to your phone. This doesn’t only show rudeness towards her, but it can also make her feel jealous. 

Females are constantly hungry for attention, so not giving them enough goes to result in jealousy. Also, the fire will ignite fully if the texts keep coming from some other woman! If you do this regularly to make your Girl go crazy, then you are a pro already!  

5. How To Make A Girl Jealous – Being Too Chivalrous

We all know that girls love the guys who behave like gentlemen! But your girlfriend will not like it if you be too polite with other women. Your Girl will want to be the only Girl you open the door for and bring flowers, etc. 

Also, girls believe that chivalry goes hand-in-hand with physical attraction. Therefore, a girl will get jealous for sure if she sees you opening the door of some other woman!

Chivalry Will Make Every Girl Ga Ga Over You

6. How To Make A Girl Jealous- She Is Not A Priority

Setting a schedule with her, yet you forgot it on the day, would make her feel jealous. You will make your Girl think that she is the last priority for you, and it might make things worse.

So go slowly on this step. 

7. “Guys” Night Out

How to make a girl jealous? Spend more time on a guys’ night out! Although you’ve got your motives to do that and they’re completely logical in case you ask. But a girl will in no way will understand that.

Girls are insatiable animals who are continually hungry for attention, love, and care. They will not recognize that having “Me” time for guys is likewise necessary!

Therefore, worry not if you cannot come up with the above steps to make your Girl jealous. Just spend some extra time on your men night, and you’ll see your Girl in a special temper when you return home  .

Spend More Time On A Guys Night Out And She Will Go Crazy

8. Use Gifts From Your Ex

When everything is over between you and your ex, there’s no point in maintaining stuff you had earlier then.

Therefore, in case you want to make your girl jealous and begrudging a little bit, then use the stuff from your Ex. For example, you may put on a hoodie that your Ex gave you or put on that perfume which your Ex gave you as a present. As a result, your lady will GO CRAZY.   

how to make a girl jealous?
Use Gifts From Your Ex To Make Her Jealous

9. How To Make A Girl Jealous- Fantasize About Other Girls

Warning: This might be too dangerous for your relationship, so tread carefully

A female can’t undergo the concept of sharing her man with a different girl.

Therefore, if a lady gets to recognise that you fantasize other girls, then she can get jealous for certain. She will be anxious approximately on a dozen different matters  of relationship like love, care, and why did you sneak out to listen a call last night??

So she can get jealous if you fantasize about different women brushing off the fact that it’s a guy’s nature to indulge in this behavior. It will make her suppose that she isn’t enough for you. So, do tread carefully on this route as it can smash your bond.    

10. Mention Other Girls In front Of Her

When you talk about how cool some girls are or share their stories in front of her would make your Girl feel jealous. It’s like, why would you mention another girl to her if you don’t have any interest at all?

11. Being Too Touchy With Other Girls

Getting physically near to different ladies is not regular if you have a female friend. It just suggests how flirty you’re and would really make your Girl sense jealousy.

For example, in case your girl’s friend is going through a bad breakup and you guys invite her over for dinner. If you get too touchy at the same time as consoling your Girl’s pal or hugging her, that is going to make your Girl loopy with jealousy!

Therefore, after dinner, you will honestly have a large argument on “What to touch and what not to touch?” So next time, when you have the identical state of affairs, then be a touch flirty with different women at the table, and you will be answering all the queries on the way. Also you will make her jealous like a pro! 

how to make a girl jealous?
If You’re Too Touchy With Other Girl Then Your Girl Will Get Jealous

12. Do Something In Her Absence And Boast About It

Girls want continually to ensure that your amusement comes from them. Your Girl may be amazed and jealous to understand that you did something with out her contribution, and it went properly!

In different circumstances, as opposed to requesting her assistance, you pick to searching for advice with some other individual (may be a man or Girl), and then, you appear to be proud and satisfied with the end result. It will force her to go nuts!

Do you realize the message that communicates to the girl here? That manner you could find your joy and strategy to solve issues while not having her input. And she may not like this due to the fact she knows the chance in it.

13. Be More Helpful To A Female Colleague

Probably, you’re simply looking to assist a colleague in conducting some duties. However, your Girl will view this scenario quite in another way. She will assume you are flirting with the opposite Girl or cheating on her. 

Therefore, in case you be too beneficial for your woman colleague, your Girl will assume you have got some ulterior purpose to do so! Also, it’ll make her crazy with jealousy, and you may not be reading those posts on a way to make a girl jealous due to the fact you are already doing it like a pro!  

14. Accept friend requests from random girls

That’s a no-brainer! If your girl sees your social media buzzing up with random friend requests, then she will surely get jealous. Why? Because what’s the point of adding up random girls to your profile other than increasing fan base. And you are not even an influencer!

How to make a girl jealous?
Accepting Friend requests from Random Girls Will Your Girl Go Crazy

15. How To Make A Girl Jealous- Hang Out With Your Gal Friends

If you’re in all likelihood the kind of man who receives along better with gals instead of with men then it may be fun whilst you’re swinging bachelor.

However, if you have a girlfriend, then things can get difficult. What girl wouldn’t get jealous if her guy is putting out with one-of-a-kind women? Your Girl gets jealous for certain if she sees that you experience fun when going out with your different gal and guy friends as opposed to going out with her.

16. Dismiss Her Book Or Movie Suggestions

Girls like it when guys take their suggestions seriously. It makes them think that they are intelligent enough. So if you want to make your girl jealous then dismiss whatever she suggests you. 

It can be anything, for example, books, movies, music or what color to paint your bedroom wall. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Make A Girl Jealous?

How Do You Make A Girl Jealous Over Text?

Without much trouble, here are some things that you can begin to do to make her miss you badly. Be on and off with her, leave her out, talking well of another girl before her, while you ignore her message become active on the other social media apps.

How Do You Make Your Crush Jealous?

If you want to akee your crush jealous then do these things that’ll make it to your crush jealous. Make sure he knows you have guy friends, be flirty, look gorgeous whenever he’s present around you, hold things sweet and short, allow him to see you’re a good time, don’t be so available for her, don’t make a move until you’re sure he loves you back.

How Do Girls Act When They Are Jealous?

Here are some indications that show that she is resentful because she loves you. She changes her mood as well as the tone when you are talking about another girl. She always wants to close to you and gets ways to get physical with you, the reason why she’s to do this is that she needs to allow other girls to realize that you’re taken.

What Is Jealousy A Sign Of?

The sensation of jealousy is a mark of wanting some form of individuality. But on a greater level, jealousy is an indication of wanting to make you feel special to the individual you are in a relationship with. Resentment or jealousy is also a concern and fear of losing any special relationship you may have with the person you are into a relationship with.


Every woman has a distinctive cause factor in relation to jealousy. It performs a completely important element in a relationship. They say “prevention is better than remedy” so if you don’t need to ignite some other trouble with your dating, better keep away from these things.

But if you want to have a few laughs or tease your lady a bit then use one of these approaches and you would possibly rock it!  

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