How To Make New Friends? 6 Universal Ways For Every Age And Place

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How to make new friends? Now that is something which you wouldn’t even read. Because everyone knows how to make friends, right? But that is not true. For some people, making new friends can be intimidating, and that can be due to their introvert nature or many other factors. Therefore, for those who find it challenging to make new friends let us help you today with this power-packed blog. 

One can find friends everywhere – in school, college, in your neighborhood, at work, and ONLINE TOO!

You see, loneliness isn’t available for humans and that’s why it is a natural human instinct to interact with people. 

How To Make New Friends? 6 Authentic Ways

1. How To Make New Friends At School

Schools are probably the first outlet for the children to interact and enhance their inbuilt social skills. Please note that some social skills do not inbuilt in a person; one has to acquire them. Therefore, many children who find it difficult to talk to new people around them often get bullied and left out. 

Therefore, firstly, you have to bring out the power to talk in yourself! It means that you have to believe that it won’t do anything wrong if you start talking with other children around you. 

For instance, try taking part in games and other physical activities which the school provides. Games are the best way to interact with each other and develop many other fruitful qualities like teamwork and leadership in children. 

So always go to the games. You can also go for a picnic, play dates and throw a party at your place if you are uncomfortable interacting outside your house boundaries. 

In this case, the parents and the teachers have to take charge. If they spot a child who is shy and introverted, then a little encouragement from your side might help. The guardians’ rightful and timely advice and training will develop a child’s mind and interactive skills healthily. 

Playing Games Together Is Always A Fun Way To Make Friends

2. How To Make New Friends At College

Now that can be tough for a social butterfly too. Why? Because making new friends at college is like stepping into an ocean where thousands of species co-exist. So it is hard to say who will click with you and who will not. If you are lucky enough to get your childhood friend in the same college as you, then you might have a safe zone to count but otherwise, it is TOUGH.

You see making new friends at college is more intimidating and here’s where a girl/guy has the chance to develop different complexes and mostly, agoraphobia if they aren’t treated well. So here are a few tips on how to make new friends at college without losing your mind. 

  • Do extracurricular
  • Find common ground with the people you interact with. That will help you to develop a bond. 
  • Eat meals with other students
  • Try to know a little about everything
  • Invite people over for a party or other activity.
  • Be nice!
  • Just be yourself because that’s what matters in the end!

If you follow these steps or even one of them, you won’t have difficulty in finding new and exciting people with whom you can be friends. 

Finding A Common Ground With Your College Mates Is A Great Way Of Bonding

3. How To Make New Friends At Work

Welcome to the realm of adult life where half of the time is spent at work. Workplaces are not that great and engaging when it comes to making new friends. But today, the management realizes the importance of social interactions and they are turning their workplaces into exciting and engaging hubs. 

So if you are thinking of how to make new friends at work then don’t worry because you will do that ultimately.

Here’s what you can do to get yourself started.

  • Introduce yourself and participate in long and small talks/discussions.
  • Learn people’s names and use them in conversation because a simple “hey” is not going to suffice here.
  • Eat lunch with your colleagues.
  • Suggest after – work drinks/dinner
  • Decorate your desk as that will bring some personality to your space.
  • Bring in food
  • You can also start a chat room if you and the coworkers share a common interest
  • Be helpful
  • Greet people
  • The last point is to have a positive attitude!

So when you read this, you will realize that it is not that tough to make new friends at work. The social interaction is a given in this situation because it is impossible to sit mute at your table!

Participate In Every Small Talk To Make New Connections

4. How To Make New Friends After 30

Well, 30 is the age where you hit maturity and pay the bills. Therefore, you might know the difference now that who is your real friend and who is your, Hi-Bye friend. 

But if you are still alone at thirty, then you might want to roll up your sleeves for some action because even the Grinch felt the loneliness and its pangs!

Therefore, you can start seeing people in your neighborhood. If that’s not possible due to your work and other priorities, then you can sign up for some social sports or volunteer for some social work. It is rewarding and gives you a chance with new people who might share your interests.

Another tip is that Always Go without A Phone as it will hinder your interaction with others. Also, stay connected with your old friends!

Friendship takes time and commitment, so you have to make one. Don’t give in to your age’s laziness and cancel the plans unless some other person cancels it. Also, be patient for the friendship to flounder, and you will find some good friends to hold on to till your 40’s and 50’s. 

how to make new friends
Volunteering Is An Effective Way To Make New Friends

5. How To Make  Friends Online

So let’s be thankful for being in a digital age today because now we can make friends online! All you need is a good android phone or an iPhone and some social apps in it, and you will get going!

You can use Bumble BFF (an app for finding friends), Instagram, and Facebook. By joining local groups on Facebook, it is a hundred percent guarantee that you will interact with a bunch of people having the same interests. 

You can also use Meet-up- an app for finding like-minded friends or events to attend. 

Here’s an example of how to start a conversation on online friends dating website:

“Hi. I just saw your profile and can see that we have a lot in common. Ping me back if you think the same and we could go out for coffee sometime!”

Reply: “ Hi, I just saw your profile, and yes, I too love Disney movies. Let’s plan something together…”

how to make new friends?
Online Is A Great Platform To Make New Friends

So, it only takes a bit of politeness and using the right words to find and make new friends. Obviously, they will respond if they find you on the same page or see if your interests match theirs. Therefore, it is relatively easy to make friends online. And online is a place that caters to every age needs. Be it a hormonal-packed teen or a mature adult of 40; you will definitely find a match!

6. How To Make New Friends After 50

Well, 50 is an age where you don’t make new friends but cherish the ones you already have. But again, that’s not the case with everyone as over time; you lose a lot of loved ones. So 50 is a point where you can restart your life if you have a positive attitude about it. Therefore, making new friends at the age of fifty is equally rewarding and daunting!

The best way to connect with new people is to find a hobby. Your new hobby could be anything- be it, dance classes, writing classes, choir groups, or any other thing. The best part of these groups is that they welcome you warmly and you don’t feel awkward in adjusting to an entirely new place!

Again, you can volunteer locally, and you will be surprised to meet so many new people over there. Plus it is good to work and is so much rewarding that you will feel great about spending your time into doing something useful!

Another great way of making new friends after 50 is to join your local gym. It has a bunch of other benefits too-such as keeping you healthy and keeping your energy levels high. Don’t expect to make new best friends after your first trip! You have to give it time, and you will be more comfortable in seeing the same faces daily, and you might start a conversation then. 

If you are worried about getting active too quickly, sign up for a Tai Chi Class. It is a great way to meet new people and also comes with a multitude of health benefits too, so it is a win-win situation for you!

how to make new friends
Join A Local Gym And You Will Kick start Making New Connections

Remember, you always need another person at every age so never be shy of making new friends because they need springs up from the universal human instinct which everyone on this planet has. Therefore, make new friends at every age with these fruitful steps, and you won’t be alone!

Friendship Tips For A Socially Awkward Person

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Make New Friends?

Can You Have 2 Best Friends?

Having two best friends means having two individuals who are enormously invested in your well-being. You get two people who be concerned about you in a way only best buddy can. You have two individuals who commemorate your achievement, encourage you, inspire you as well as support you.

Is There an App Just to Make Friends?

Formed by the popular dating app Bumble, their service Bumble BFF seeks to help you make platonic acquaintances in pretty much the same manner.

Do People Need Friends?

Friends are important in your life. So important, in fact, that it has been proven that friendship can expand and extend your life expectancy and lower the odds of heart disease.

What Do You Call A Person with No Friends?

Friendless means simply having no friends. A loner is somebody who would prefer to avoid individuals and to stay alone. 


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