How to Not be Annoying – 10 Solid Ways to Stop Being Annoying in Your Life

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Do you ever realize when you annoy a person? Or you are getting on someone’s nerves at one time or another? Are you looking for tips to figuring out “how to not be annoying”?

Well, we do not intentionally set out things to be annoying but still, it happens. I am pretty sure that I have been annoying to others sometimes as well. It is normal to behave like this sometimes because no one is totally immune to anxiety which makes us be annoying.

Common sense require to know how to not be annoying

There might be two reasons, first is anxiety that makes you annoy abruptly & you became annoying very fast and sometimes you are dealing with such people who make you annoy or maybe you are not in a mood to cope with them at all. People do not understand when to provide you a space that you need.


How to not be Annoying – 10 Powerful Tricks

Here are a few tricks to know “how not to be annoying”. Let’s figure it out.

1. Try to Control Your Temper:

You get annoyed because there is something that makes you so- when you do not notice, psychologists call it in-attentional blindness. Something will make you annoy when you give attention to it.

You become annoyed because of your emotional inability to make things to block things out. You must need to learn to be patient & strengthen your tolerance.

2. How to Not be Annoying – Focus On The Root Cause:

First, you have to figure out the reason behind your annoying behavior, either it is because of anxiety or people who are making you so annoying.

For instance, if you become annoyed suddenly for not a proper reason, you are experiencing an anxiety issue, there is something bothering you. Now you have to figure out either it is because of the specific person or any other reason.

Ask yourself that are you giving them enough space to respond in a proper way?

3. How to Not be Annoying – Broaden Your Perspective:

You need to look for other perspectives too. Do not just impose your own point of view rather listen to their view and ponder on it.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”.
Stephen R. Covey

Developing the skill of understanding others is not just important for you but also it will impact your interpersonal relationships.

Annoying others is a symptom states in how to not be annoying tricks
Stop the argument to a fool.

4. Distract Yourself will Help in How to not be Annoying:

There might be some situations in which you have to deal with certain people that make you annoyed and do not leave you in peace. Focus yourself to your surroundings, or distract your mind.

May it be the people in the room or any other simple thing like decoration or furniture, or anything else. Distract yourself and your mind in order to find the answer to how to not be annoying.

5. Slow Down & Focus on Your Breathing:

When a certain situation annoys you, you do not need to run out or yell at them, instead try to focus on your breathing, just calm down, try to remember those memories that make you happy, so that you can revert back to your normal brain state.

However, lashing out on people will eventually leave your guilt and you will feel worse at the end. Therefore, breathing exercises are one of the best answers to How to Not be Annoying.

6. How to Not be Annoying – Exercise:

You need to first identify those triggers that make you feel off the scene, you need to work on those triggers. Consider yourself lucky if you can leave the situation. Hence, you can distract yourself with exercise to let out the negative feelings from your head.

You need to keep that in mind that annoying people are everywhere and it is impossible to avoid them.

7. How to Not be Annoying – Play Back:

Sometimes people will keep you annoying until you start annoying them back and they feel the taste of their own medicine. Just exclaim that you are not in a good mood and need to be left alone & try to act on how to not be an annoying guide.

“More than that, we feel understood, heard, recognized, and known in a world that is all too anonymous”.

After all, their childish ways are all they have, so, go on & have fun.

How to not be annoying tricks reveal behavior of irritating people
How to stop being annoying

8. Do not Make Everything About you:

If you are in an argumentative situation and you only want to defend your opinion without listening to the other, it will surely make the other person annoyed by you. Just avoid turning your conversation to only yourself, this will turn off the people.

Just ponder, are you that immature to be right all the time?

9. Try to Address the Problem & Find Solution:

You should need to reveal the reasons & bring this factor to your conversation that why are you being so annoying. You should address your worse behaviors with people as soon as they happen so that you can avoid such things faster.

It might be any bad habit such as chewing food with open mouth, spit out frequently, playing music too loud, leaving shopping carts, or else.

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10. How to Not be Annoying – Lessen your Expectations:

One of the important reasons to get annoyed by people is the high expectations of us, you cannot expect people to walk the same pace as you or speak when you have no mood to listen or work in the same way as you. You cannot just expect things from people or act in a way you expect from them.

“It’s rare today that people actually have a genuine interest in others. If you do exhibit that then you naturally become very unforgettable”.

So to be less annoyed, try to expect less from people.

How to not be annoying
How to not be annoying

How to Not Be Annoying – 5 Fun Facts

There are some facts that just straight up annoy you but try to follow how to not be annoying tricks.

  1. In America, more than 30% of food is wasted every day.
  2. The last person who will die in your life is you.
  3. We cannot look at ourselves with our own eyeballs.
  4. Your ears & nose will keep growing as your age.
  5. The average person contains 67 different species of bacteria in their belly button.


Last but not the least, this is obviously bad to be annoyed, in to act on “how to not be annoying” tricks you need to get the feedback of your behavior while dealing with the different scenarios or people. Focus on listening to them & try to understand the causes which make you so.

Only by understanding the experience of another person about you, you can consider your actions and take steps to be less annoying. So, after reading this article tell us the things that make you annoyed and how you deal with such situations.

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