How To Overcome Rejection – 7 Useful Tips To Be Mindful Of

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It’s pretty OK to become fearful of someone or something at some point in your life, but it’s absolutely not OK to let that fear creep up in your head for longer as it puts no one else but you on the line. Here a question arises: Does fear really exist? If yes, what causes fear to evolve? It could be any fear-either micro or macro- such as fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of darkness, etc.

Here, we need to bring it to your attention that our monstrous fear is the fear of rejection that gets on our nerves and leads us astray.

Now the question is how to overcome rejection to bounce back?  How to not let any shade of fear cause destruction in life?

The earlier you overcome rejection, the better it is for you.
Do Not Let Fear Of Rejection Knock You Down

It’s not an odd thing to say that each one of us is hit hard by rejections in our lives one or the other way.  No doubt, rejections, in any case, hurt. But it totally rests on the way you opt for responding to the fear of being turned down.


7 Useful Tips on How to Overcome Rejection

The more you allow negative emotions to dig in, the more attention you give to rejection. Here are some tips that will help you win the battle against rejection.

1. Face and process your fear boldly

Being in severe pain, you pretend to be happy, wear a fake smile on your face, force optimism but most of the time this strategy doesn’t run well. You ought to be true to your feelings and emotions.

To get back on track, you need to address your fear head-on. The first and foremost tip on how to overcome rejection is, to be honest to your own self. Faking for this world wouldn’t get you anything other than pain.

2. Say ‘NO’ to the “inner critical voice”

One of the best tips on how to overcome rejection is saying 'NO" to your inner critic
Do Not Let Your Inner Critic Drag You Down

The inner critic is the tiny voice that plays off in the back of your mind with the purpose to sabotage you. It is a sort of ‘anti-self’ which refers to the side of you that is hostile to your own self. It hinders you from burying your fears because it attacks when a person is weak from the inside and is emotionally and mentally unstable. As the inner critic injects the seed of self-destruction, you have to take the hard challenge and beat your inner voice. Otherwise, you’ll fall in pieces.

If you can win over your inner critic, you’re a real star who well understands how to overcome rejection.

3. Come out of the box

When bleeding at heart because of rejection, try to be your own good friend. Do not blame yourself for anything that’s not your fault. You have to step out of the box to cope up with this fear. Indulge yourself in activities that keep you from all the bad thoughts.

To overcome fear of rejection, you have to go an extra mile.
Be Your Own Saviour

To get rid of this fear, you have to be your own savior. You have to drive the car yourself, rather than being driven by someone else. You have to convince yourself for a “no big deal” strategy by stepping out of your own shadow.

This is, though hard, but a quite useful tip on how to overcome rejection.

  1. Surround yourself with optimistic people

People with a positive mindset can surely help you beat your fear by broadening your horizon. Their positive thoughts, stories, and experiences will not only overpower your negative approach but will also urge you to pick yourself up.

To attract positive energies from others is one of the best tips on how to overcome rejection
Get Into The Company Of Those Who Are Optimistic 

Such people are assets to those in pain. Look for their company for your own good. They can be a good source of bringing you back to life.

  1. Travel and explore

New places keep you distracted from the thoughts you want to throw away. Traveling adds colors to life and it’s always fun. A new environment can serve to lift you from the darkness and can help fill the emptiness.

  1. Self-approval is what matters

Do not desire for getting approvals from others. ‘Self-approval’ is all that matters and defines you. Never give others a chance to decide for you. It’s your life and you have to deal with it yourself.

Valuable insight on how to overcome rejection is to gain self-confidence and strengthen self-esteem.

  1. Learn from rejections

The best way to overcome rejection is to embrace it
Leaning Into Rejection Helps Keep You Going


How to Overcome Rejection Through Learning

Rejections make us learn a lot. There are some people, who, with each rejection, grow stronger and prudent. Give yourself a chance of self-improvement. Just because you’re rejected today doesn’t mean at all that you’ll be rejected tomorrow as well.

Keep going on with the flow and never undermine yourself. Life is all about moving on. Being grateful for what you’ve rather than being ungrateful for what you’ve lost or what have caused you temporary pain, is an attribute uncommon to most of us.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on How to Overcome Rejection

Why do I take rejection so hard?

It enacted indistinguishable zones of our mind from physical torment! Believe it or not – rejection causes you strict agony. Obviously, Rejection causes us more than some enthusiastic agony. It harms our confidence, causes us outrage or pity, and thumps us off kilter from feeling dependability in our lives.

How do you cheer yourself up after being rejected?

Try not to make it individual. Acknowledge rejection as soon as possible. Treat yourself with sympathy. Accomplish another thing to take your psyche off being rejected.

Why do I fear rejection so much?

The essential explanation the fear of rejection is common in your life is frequently because of an absence of confidence. You fear rejection since you have a low worth and assessment of yourself. Accordingly, you seek others for prompts to assist you with resting easy thinking about yourself.

How do you accept rejection from a guy?

Being busy with life is a powerful method to get over sentiments of Rejection. Gain from the circumstance. Get truly fit. Work it out. Trust in another person.


If you really wish to overcome the fear of rejection, just don’t flood your brain with despairing thoughts. All you require is to shift your perspective. If not, you’ll have to face the music. You’ll fail to win against negative vibes which tag along with the fear of being put down. Conquer your fear to move with the flow of life.

Just keep in mind that you don’t need other’s approval for the matters of your life. Learn the lessons from rejection and then let your fear of rejection have a safe flight

Taking into account all these seven tips on how to overcome rejection, can surely help you mold into the best miniature version of yourself capable of attracting positive thoughts and energies.

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