20 Ways On How to Stop Liking Someone

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We always manifest the idea of how to stop liking someone who doesn’t love you back. But, a minute later, we find ourselves getting back to them. It could be a crush; you may have fallen in love, or it is a mere physical attraction that won’t last a month. But hold your girdles!

Getting away from them or learning about them on how to  stop liking them feel like a never-ending journey. You keep on going crazy over them and find ways to go after them, stalk them or go and meet them. It always results in autumn sadness because that person may not feel the same for you. Also, he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. 

How to Stop liking someone

To stop yourself from liking someone and getting away from them has  never been an easy task but to get over someone who truly don’t like you it’s better to leave  them behind and move forword.Here are ways to get yourself stop liking someone.

1.Let It Go:

Open your mind. Read positive things. You think that you two have all the potential attributes of a great couple because you guys hit it right away.

But the truth is contrary. To another person it could be a friendship; A confident partner/friend you are to them so let it go. Accept the fact that things can turn into happy events and live upon the other way around. That person is fantastic to have you in life for a longer time.

So, accept them as the other soul; a positive one; good pal; honest friend and informant. Please give them the liberty to enjoy time with you by having creative conversations.


Engage yourself in healthy activities to kill the hope.
kill the hope


2.Kill The Hope to Stop Liking Them:

The fact of acceptance is a mood-killer. So, try to kill the hope in your heart and mind by engaging yourself in healthy activities.

3.Delete The Knockdown Effect:

Play some juggles. Get yourself equipped with daily activities to stop liking someone. Prepare the timetable.

Target those moments wherein you are overburden over your crush. Produce a knockdown effect by engaging yourself in healthy activities. It will result in sending your passion to your sub-conscious.

A great tip to stop liking someone is to think less about them, and the only way to stop liking them is to take a baby step.

4.Reduce Your Emotional Quotient:

Our stronger connection gives us the chance to value their attributes. The tip to get your mind to stop liking them is to stop paying value to them.

By making them a layperson in your day and night life’s journey will help to heal your mind. Also, it will make you stronger to emerge as a confident person.

5.Stop Believing In Fairytales:

 If you want to stop liking your crush, then stop reading and hearing fairytales. Life is in constant motion, and everybody has blessed with a separate book. You need to write your text according to your mind and deeds and heart.

So, the first step is to stop reading another person’s book of having their crush married to them. The situation has to be the other way around. You are in charge of your book.

So, produce the content that is going to make you a leader in your life. Rather a slave of someone else’s appearance and experience.

6.Stop Belitting Yourself:

 Have some trust in your capabilities, Pay attention to yourself. Let your guards down.  Give yourself the chance to awakened up your energies that have been under the burden.

Give some time to yourself to awakened up energies that have been lost.
awakened up energies your energies

7.Maintain The Distance To Liking Someone:

There is a famous saying “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” so trust this proverb. Limit your distance with people.

Stop roaming about in those places where your crush is. The only way to stop liking him/her is to getting away from their sight.

8.Pour Your Heart In Writing To Stop Liking Someone:

Write down your crush’s thing that attracts you most. Keep the paper in black and white about what get you to go near to people.

Write everything. That way, you get to know the extent of the feelings you have for them. And every-day start cutting one line by completing making it do-able. And you will miss everything that causes you to like them.

Stop enjoying them by giving value to the things that might attract you the most.

9.Block Them On All Social Media Apps:

These days social media apps get you near to your loved ones.

Because by giving you reminders or making apps that will lead you to like them and stalk them every-day.

That’s why the first thing to stop liking someone is to block them on all social media apps. That way, you will get fewer reminders and less exposure to them.

10.Focus On Your Crush’s Bad Things:

“To err is human” is a universal term.

Make your mind to understand that your crush may have some dark sides you need to focus on to stop liking them—research about their dark side.

You will find yourself in a dilemma and expect your-self in a neutral state. That is the torch-bearer moment.

Read a lot about their evil deeds, and you will be away from them.

11.Develop a Support System:

If you have some friends or family members to talk to or go to difficult and happy times is a cherishable thing.

To stop liking someone surround yourself with people. They will boost up your mood and gives you a creative platform to get you busy. Talk to them and provide them with the reason for having the time we spend with them.

Elevate your standards. Breathe harder and stop liking someone and believe in yourself. You are lucky and reminds yourself of this every day.

12.A productive way to stop liking:

Believe in your instincts. Develop a useful program for your day-to-day routine. To stop liking someone, you need to be optimistic. Experiment with your mind and go with the flow. You may have few mood swings in the beginning.

But it will get better as you progress. Never shy away to ask for help from a Psychiatric. Talk a lot about whatever is popping up in your mind along the way.

13.Get Focused:

Enroll yourself in some courses and stay focused. Adopt a pet, Read books. Stop speculating negative things. Be a beacon of hope and shine bright.


Stop speculating bad things .Shine bright
beacon of hope

14.Plan Vacations:

Come out of your shell and go on vacations with close-knitted friends and family. Be adventurous. Try on different scenic areas.

To stop liking someone is not workable. You need a positive mind, an open heart, and adequacy.


Meditation is another way to relieve your heart. There are many guided meditations to practice and learn from them.

Negative thoughts may pop from here and there. The only thing that is going to relax your mind is some connection with the creator of everything. The idea that God has put you through these paths, and HE will clear the air for you.

Meditation increases mental energy. It also boosts confidence. It will make you focus on getting rid of the emotional trauma.

16.Make new friends To Stop Liking Someone

Making new friends is going to make you stop liking someone.

Because very often we cling to our crushes because we don’t have new people in our life. When you make new friends, you spend your time talking to them.

This thing limits your time to think about your crush and little by little you will find yourself forgetting about them.

17.Adopt a hobby To Stop Liking Someone:

While adopting a hobby and working on learning, will stop you from thinking more about your crush and you will groom yourself and stop liking them.

A creative hobby will engage you for a longer time, and It will use your reflexes towards an innovative framework.

The curiosity will make you study and learn more about your hobby. It will take a longer span, and your intuitions will be farther from your crush.

Meditation make you focus on getting rid of emotional trauma
Meditation increases mental energy

18.Put your feelings first To Stop Liking Someone:

It will help if you put your feelings first.

Because any relationship that is consuming all your energies is unhealthy. Suffocating your emotions for someone who does not give you importance is useless.

Start value yourself. When you begin a step forward towards your well-being, you will notice a change. You will find yourself less attractive to your crush, and that will make you stop liking someone.

19.Leave your insecurities behind:

Very often we have a crush because someone is better than us.

Stop humiliating yourself. Recognize your worth. Focus on prioritizing your wants and needs.

Put a hold on negative thoughts. Because turn can’t get into the can. Be a positive person. Only you need a ray of light every day. Stop being insecure.

Don’t judge your potential. You have a long way to go in life. When you stop being insecure, you will start to value yourself. It will help you to feel less attractive towards your crush.

20.Be grateful:

Attraction towards someone always leads to liking them.

To think that everybody is prone to bad things will help you put a full stop to liking someone. First, be grateful that you have given one life.

Everyone has equal qualities provided by GOD. Recognize your things that might attract others. 


You will notice a change. The attraction towards someone will be less day by day and One day you will find yourself at peace. It is a meaningful way to stop liking someone.

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