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Making someone like you is old now. Today the problem is how to how to stop liking someone.

Well, sometimes you have feelings for someone, you like someone but the feeling is not reciprocated. Maybe you start adoring someone who already has a girlfriend, or maybe he is not interested & does not see you more than just friends.

You try to make lame excuses to ignore the facts & seek for ways to get into his life. But there comes a time when you realized that you have to pass feelings for him. You have recognized that you should have to let go off your feelings.

When you decide to follow how to stop liking someone, it's difficult
Stop liking someone

Does that happen to you? Are you tirelessly searching for how to stop liking someone? Then you’re at the right place, let’s dig into it.


How to Stop Liking Someone – 8 Powerful Tactics to Move on:

Some following powerful tactics will motivate you to move on after a particularly hard rejection. So, follow the guide on how to stop liking someone.

  1. Set Some Boundaries:

The first & foremost thing you have to do when you are frustrated about the feelings for someone is to distance yourself from that one if you are around him a lot. This also means not messaging him, not socializing him, or bringing up discussions about him with friends.

“Keep personal conversations off the table. Be polite while engineering some emotional distance.”

There might be circumstances that do not permit you to do so, and then you need to maintain some distance. He might be your class fellow or close relative and you have to attend gatherings, classes or discuss assignments together. But you should have to avoid personal conversation off the table.

  1. Be Realistic:

According to the best dating advice, the most crucial step while figuring out how to stop liking someone is to be realistic and accept the situation, I know it might be too painful.

Do not waste your time and think he might realize someday or crawl back to you once they see the seriousness about your intentions. I know it is difficult for you to see a person every day whom you have feelings for and he just doesn’t care about your feelings.

“It didn’t happen? It doesn’t matter. As far as your brain is concerned, you’re breaking up with him.”

You have to make a serious decision, when you both cannot be the one, you should not get the hopes up regarding that person. So, do it for you & make yourself feel better.

  1. Find Some Support:

Talking to someone about your feelings will help you to feel normal. At the worse time when you are emotionally down, you need such people who give you support either your friends or family members. You need someone’s emotional support to pick yourself back toward life.

Get yourself in such activates that make you feel good, reconnect with old friends, watch movies, friends hangout, or play board games. Mention your friends to assist you while you are suffering and try to move on rather than provoke questions in you.

But be careful not to have gossiped.

How to stop liking someone ways to know
Do not turn back now
  1. Stop Blaming Yourself:

While you are in the halfway of guide how to stop liking someone, the most mandatory thing you need to know is to stop blaming the game.

First of all, stop blaming others to not have similar feelings as you. Well, you cannot force someone to like you. This is in your favor that they are not giving you false hope or play with your emotions.

It is also not compulsory to blame yourself in this situation too because no one can understand the law of attraction of nature. So, stop taking this rejection personally!

“You will never know the power of yourself until someone hurts you badly.”

You need to understand that if someone does not like you, it does not mean that you are not beautiful or smarter enough to attract someone, it just means that you are hung up with the wrong one. You are most valuable for the one who deserves you & right for you.

  1. Take a Break from Social Media:

To prevent your feelings from reigniting, sometimes you need space from social media, where the presence of such person makes you perplexed. A lot of social media platforms represent the people at their best such as happy couples on your newsfeed or relevant post of someone, it won’t help you to move on fast.

How to stop liking someone isn't forcefully implemented
How to force yourself from liking someone

Instead of social media, you can write a diary & put down the traits you liked him, on a paper rather than having them swimming in your mind. You can also jot down the list of things you disliked about him. In this way, you will sort out the traits you are seeking in a man.

“It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.”

Make yourself busy either by joining a gym class, meditation, or piano club to distract your mind. This will give you ample time to think without becoming emotional and protect your own sanity.

  1. Discard Any Reminders:

Forgetting someone who is important to you, is difficult and can be a long process. During this period, you might have created memories with them. Such as watching a serial/ movie on weekend, share a chocolate bar before any presentation, going for a long drive, or the gift you like so much to wear. Well, now it’s the time to keep them out of mind, out of sight, and hope for it to works best for you when you cannot get rid of something permanently. Just remember that

“There are plenty of fishes in the sea, you have to go out and find the one who worth your time”

How to stop liking someone show ways of stop being hurting
Stop hurting yourself
  1. Keep your Mind Busy:

You might have acknowledged your emotions but that does not mean the other person takes them as you want them to. If you are looking for an answer to how to stop liking someone then the only solution is to think about yourself. Don’t let the sorrow to eat you alive or get your best days.

You should have to engage your mind in some activities, make a strict schedule, and get busy to get rid of the random thoughts of that person. Make sure to make your body as well as mind active.

  1. Engaging in a New Romance:

The best way to get over a heartbreak is to jump to another healthy relationship. Once your heart being occupied by someone who gives value to it, no more regrets or thoughts of past will bother you or any desire of you to have that one in your life will make you sad.

But beware of moving on without healing, it becomes a dangerous way to escape from your emotions and make your life complicated and miserable even further.

FAQ on How to Stop Liking Someone

How do I stop liking someone so fast?

To stop liking someone fast, acknowledge that you can have someone else, hold yourself accountable to this standard, busy yourself in productive activities & get to know other interesting people.

How do I stop liking my Crush?

One of the easiest ways to stop liking your crush is to look realistically at his or her negative traits. Visualize those traits by exponentially increasing their intensity in your mind. In this way, you can stop liking your crush.

How to Stop Liking Someone?

You See every day It is difficult to see your crush every day while you are trying to get over him. But, you have to practice proper formal communication and you have to indulge yourself in consuming activities at work and at night.

Why Do We Stop Liking Someone?

We usually stop liking someone because we stop paying attention to their positive side and we start taking them for granted. Learn to savor your partner every day to keep liking them for life.


If you feel like you have tried everything to move on and still no success, then try these tactics about how to stop liking someone. We hope you find a way to soothe your heart and bring out your new positive self.

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