I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him -The Ultimate Cure

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When you are occupied with your work at 2 pm, when a particular scent makes someone special cross your mind, when a cup of hot coffee reminds you of an inside joke, that’s when you wonder in awe, “I can’t stop thinking about him.”

Thinking about someone shows that they have a certain significance in your life. Maybe you miss them, or perhaps they have become essential for your everyday life; this means that there is something more to it than just merely thinking about someone.

I cant stop thinking about him

Recurring thoughts are a result of deeply rooted feelings.


Even if we are unaware, these thoughts remind us that something is not only meaningful but also impactful for us. The intensity of these frequent thoughts makes you desperate for an answer: Why can’t I stop thinking about him?

What does thinking about someone means? We are here to present you with some reasons why you keep thinking about him. These reasons will help you understand your true feelings for someone.

Five Reasons Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

1. Reprogrammed Mind

This has everything to do with your brain chemistry. “Reticular Activating System” is a part of the brain that is consisted of small bundles of nerves, acting as a traffic cop of our brain. When you tell your mind what is essential or keep prioritizing something, it gets pointed out in your environment. It creates a “frequency illusion “that is associated with the repetition of the same subject.

Reprogramming of mind

2. Hormones

Often our thoughts and emotions are a by-product of bulging hormones. Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Vasopressin are some of the hormones that create a chemical co*ktail, raging through our brain, resulting in feelings like infatuation. This creates a new reality where the memories of that person keep coming back.

3. Suppression

This is the game of reverse psychology. The more you try to suppress something, the more it gets reinforced. You can even see the other person in your dreams if you decide to keep suppressing your thoughts about them. Steer your thoughts towards something else rather than ruminating and indulging in such thoughts.

4. Love

Love often directs our focus to a single subject. If you keep thinking about a man, then chances are you are genuinely in love with him. If it is infatuation and not love, then it will reside on is own with time.

However, love is what stays because it isn’t unreasonable. Your loved one is going to keep crossing your mind, and you couldn’t resist but adore them. 

Love is the reason you cant stop thinking about him  stop

5. Breakup

Your breakup can have a significant impact on you no matter whether it’s recent or it happened years ago. You are going to keep thinking about your ex, and little things can remind you of him even when you are not even thinking about it.

Time heals everything, and moving on entirely is the key. However, this cannot happen instantly, and also there is no guarantee to what extent you would move on. It all boils down to the intensity of your relationship. The more intense your relationship was, the longer the time you spent with your ex in a relationship, and the more challenging it would become.

Breakup- I cant stop thinking about him

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex:

It is excruciating to force yourself into forgetting someone with whom you had a lot of history. Although you cannot instantly stop thinking about your ex, there are some tried and tested techniques that will help you to get over your ex better.

These tips are practical, and they set you on the right track since no one wants to waste their time and energy over flames from the past. So let the bygones be bygones!

You may be asking a lot of questions from yourself regarding your breakup. This is the most common method of gaining closure. But let us tell you that surprisingly, this keeps you away from any closure at all. You might be thinking about all the reasons for your breakup and ways to get him back but do you a favor and eliminate all such sort of questioning.

One day you are going to find out why everything happened the way it did and why it was for your good.  This will take time; however, it ensures recovery no matter how gradual it is.

Breakup- i cant stop thinking about him

1. Decide for yourself

You have to make a strong-willed decision and be particular about what you want. Once you decide to be firm with your approach and tell yourself that there is no turning back. Weigh down all your options but don’t fantasize about them. Don’t let your emotions blur your reality.

2. Accept

Accept the fact that it is over. Living in denial is going to be of no use, especially if you want to move forward in your life. Recurring thoughts signify that you still think of him as your beloved one, and it is hard for you to put an end to it. No matter how hard it is, acknowledge, accept, and finally let it all go!

3. Do not be hard on yourself

Do not lie about your feelings or pretend that you have none. The more you pressurize yourself, the more it is going to get worse. Allow yourself to grieve. You don’t have to rush.

4. Avoid stalking

Your ex is going to keep occupying the most significant space in your mind if you keep stalking them, whether it is on social media or in real life. Unfriending and blocking are going to help you. Stop keeping tabs on them. This is not only painful to know what they are up to without you, but also it gives them more power to your mind than yourself. 

5. Value yourself

Do not indulge in self-pity. Breakup is not the end of the world, and your ex is not the last person that you will love in your life. Allow yourself more space and have some self-respect. Know that whatever happened is for your good.

Value yourself

How to Stop Thinking About Someone!

How to stop thinking about someone can be one of the most important life skills you can ever learn. Apart from exes, we tend to think about many other people in general, whether they are a crush or a stranger. Here are some tips to stop thinking about someone in general:

1. Allow yourself to miss them but know when to stop

Never run away from your feelings but also you should be self-aware enough to know when to stop. Clinging too much will do no good. Stop telling yourself that “I can’t stop thinking about him“. 

2. Find a healthy distraction

Indulge yourself in hobbies and different activities that are healthy for your brain instead of being a couch potato; doing nothing and thinking aimlessly.  

 3. Socialize

This one thing is going to help you a lot. When you meet and converse with people it gives a sudden boost to your mood and allows your brain. It will not only give you confidence but also strengthen your sense of being lively.

4. Don’t Fall In The Trap

 Your recurring thoughts may make you believe that you have feelings for someone more than you actually have. It can also make you believe that moving on is not possible at all. Do not fall into the trap of such thoughts. After all, they are merely thoughts. As we have discussed earlier, sometimes our brain plays tricks on us. You have to be mindful enough to form a distinction between real and temporary feelings

5. Do not excessively talk about it

The more you talk about something the more deeply it becomes embedded in your brain. Avoid mentioning it every now and then. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up about what is bothering you. This only implies talking about something when it is an absolute necessity.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him: Is it a Bad Thing?

Is thinking about him a bad thing?

“I can’t stop thinking about him” can yet be another thought that is bothering you. Thinking about someone is not necessarily a bad thing but if you are here on this page then it means it is bothering you for some time now because the thoughts are recurring.

When you excessively think about someone and it is affecting you then this can leave you in a confused state.

You should assert full control over your thoughts (no matter how hard it is, you can at least try) by knowing when to stop. Distract yourself whenever you feel like you are going doing memory lane once again.

FAQs on I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him:

What does it mean when I cannot think about him?

When you can’t stop thinking about someone that indicates that you are infatuated with them in one way or another. Well, don’t consider it a problem because it is not a problem.

How can I stop thinking about him?

This is just the state of mind that dominates you. You can avoid it by distracting your mind or focusing on other things that enrich your life with joy. Make sure of taking care of your mind.

Is it true that when you can’t stop thinking about someone they are thinking of you too?

Yes, it is possible but only when you met with that person at some point in your life otherwise it is absurd to feel like this.

How can you tell if someone misses you?

There is a sudden moment that appears in your life when someone pops up in your mind suddenly and you start missing them badly. you become irritated and unable to get someone off your mind.


Thinking about someone, again and again, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stop even if it is affecting you. “I can’t stop thinking about him” can be a sign that you need to take action. Sometimes it means that you need to take immediate action. This immediate reaction may even involve expressing your feelings and opening up. Once we decide for ourselves, such thoughts reside on their own and no longer bother us.

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