One-Sided Love – 10 Ways To Make One-sided Love Successful

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Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic that is “One-Sided Love” or Unrequited Love and how you can make one-sided love successful. I wish you will like it so keep reading.

There are times when you have strong romantic sentiments and feelings for someone special, only to find out that they do not think the same way about you. That is called One-Sided or Unrequited Love. Love that is not rewarded or returned. That this is a one-sided experience that can leave you feeling grief, shame, and pain.

You may think it’s going to be easy to tell if Love Is One-Sided but it is not always obvious and may be causing lots of confusion and emotional turmoil. Learn about what to look for and how to cope with the situation.


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What is One-Sided Love or unrequited love?

One-sided love or unrequited love is basically a feeling of loving somebody who does not feel the same thing for you. In brief, unrequited love could be referred to as an obsession or any sort of attraction but as well as this to be true love too.

This feeling is for an important person who does not respond to your feelings.

A person who suffers from unrequited love has this hope deep inside her/his heart that one day that special person will love her/him back.

 The possibility exists that the special person you have fallen in love with is not precisely your match, she/he can live in another city or country or is too young or old for you to do a match with.

He or she may love somebody else or might just not be prepared for a romantic relationship right now.

One-sided love may leave one in hopelessness because you care about someone who does not have a feeling for you in the same way. One-sided or unrequited love is even conceivable among the couples who are in a rapport as well, where one spouse loves with 100% devotion, and the other person barely cares.

The darling may either intentionally reject the unrequited love or might not even have the slightest idea about the lover’s romantic fondness towards her/him.

10 Signs of One-Sided Love or unrequited Love

List of signs of one-sided love:

  1. You keep creating reasons to meet him/her because only seeing her/him makes your day cheerful.
  2. The precedence of other relationships diminishes in your life and you give all importance to him/her.
  3. If the special person you love fails to text or call you and ignores you then you get unhappy and depressed.
  4. The whole day you keep on talking about her/him with your colleagues and friends.
  5. You are a person who always begins conversations with her/him.
  6. Even if he/she shows signs that she/he has no interest in you, still you keep on expecting that one day he loves you back.
  7. You maybe keep stalking profiles of your favorite and keep close track of all his/her activities and moves on social media.
  8. The beloved looks ideal for you. You cannot see any mistake in your darling even if he/she has. You always explain their statements and mistakes.
  9. unrequited love makes you feel exhausted because you give everything to it and still you are getting nothing satisfying and fruitful in exchange.
  10. You never get the precedence that you deserve, and you just continue living in your own dream world of fantasy.

It is obvious that one-sided or unrequited love is cruel because you keep on squandering your time and energy on an important person in your life who does not even worry to consider you or care for your emotions. But then it does not need to be all such a bad thing. You can attempt to make the unrequited love work when you are feeling that it is worth it so let’s take a look.

10 Ways to Make One-Sided Love or Unrequited Love Successful

Here are some important tips which you can take into consideration for making your one-sided love successful.

1. Try to Become A Good Friend:


try to make your one-sided love your best friend
make him your best friend

Go with the things step by step do not miss anyone. Before you think about starting a romantic relationship with someone, it is extremely important that you become his/her good pal or even best pal. So, the first and most important step is to turn into a good friend to your loved one and gain his/her confidence and trust.

When your darling will start recognizing you completely as a person, only then she/he will be able to start thinking about the possibility of being into a romantic relationship with you.

2. Let Your Loved One Look at The Best in You:

You just need to be the real, same, and true as you are. This point does not necessarily mean that you need to do lavish things to impress your loved one. It simply means that you must be honest with yourself and help your love to know you better.

Do not try hard to hide your weaknesses, because you must let your love know you both internally and externally. In this way, maybe he/she will have the opportunity to connect to you wholly.

3. Be There for The Person That You Love:

Every person in his life needs one special person to be present there always for him/her as their encouragement. It is very important that you are there for your affection, especially when they pass through their bad times. By helping him/her through difficult times and being by his/her side even throughout the good times, you will be able to do recognize your true value in his/her mind.

Remember a thing you alone can never make the unrequited love effective. The other one also must make attempts to do the same. However, it is your duty to assure your loved one that the rapport is going to work out between both of you and that you really love her/him.

 4. Care and Respect for Your One-Sided Love:

one-sided love- never force someone to loves you
one-sided love

To make your loved one’s emotions reciprocate to you, you must respect him/her in every aspect of life and learn to acknowledge him/her with all your heart. And not just to amaze him/her, you need to do this only if you want it. If you show love, care, and appropriation to her/him, then she/he may understand your true love.

5. Never Express Your Feelings Again & Again:

You should not say to her/him about your emotions again and again if they do not really care. Only keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy your personal life. If you are considering that after informing them about your emotions will value then it is completely wrong, it is completely harmful, and it will make them annoyed to you. Therefore, keep yourself and your area restricted and wait for the right moment.

6. Never Expect So Much From Your One-Sided Love:


It is the most important rule of unrequited love. Never expect much from your beloved because in this case, everything can happen, and you must be prepared to confront the situations. Do not take the onus of things on you. Just take things simply and go out with the flow.

7. Do Not Become Overly Preoccupied:

It is very harmful and unhealthy for you and you’re beloved if you allow unrequited love to consume you entirely. You always need to make some clear limits. Allow the person to know about your emotions and make him/her understand your value.

Make your darling believe that you are not over-fascinated or preoccupied with her/him, but you like her/him. If you become overly preoccupied, then he/she may ignore you completely and never give precedence to your conversations.

8. Keep Communicating with Your One-Sided Love:

You need to keep the conversation going on because if you have stopped talking then nothing can possible. To make it to your special one realizes your true value, you must communicate with her/him on a daily basis.

Do not become too frantic and give her/him personal space and time to reply. Through your discussions with your beloved, allow him/her to know that you are always there, by her/his side all the time.

9. Disentangle Your Feelings:

First, you must be sure about your emotions and feelings. Just get in contact with your inner self and try to understand if you really want to make the unrequited love into a two-sided one. Most unrequited or one-sided lovers regret chasing their beloved because they understand later that their feeling of love is not true, but it is not a good thing.

It is safer to know before you take some action. So, decide for yourself and go ahead only when you are certain about your emotions.

10. Never Blame Yourself for One-Sided Love:

Suppose we love someone who does not feel the same way about us, the first thing that we all must do is begin to find mistakes into ourselves. That is totally wrong! Stop criticizing yourself for not have to be good enough and try to acknowledge the fact that it is only the situation that is in the wrong, not you.

All of us have various likings and dis-likings according to several things, just like clothes and food but that does not indicate that we are bad. So, if somebody does not have the same feelings for you as you do for them, realize that you are in a situation that you do not have control over it. And accept the situation.


There are several reasons that you wish to move on from your one-sided love then you may give the following ways a try:

1. Do Not Forget That You Too Are Someone Else’s, One-Sided Love:

one-sided love-one day you'll find your true love
your true love

If you like him/her one-sidedly then just remember there must be someone who adores you one-sidedly. Just halt thinking and speaking about your unrequited love for them you need to start thinking about the love someone else thinks for you.

2. Maintain A Distance:

difficult to forget

You must cut all possible links with your love and particularly if you meet daily anywhere like office, college, etc. Cause for the being, if you’ll spend a lot more time with them it will create memories to recall for the lifetime, and these reminiscences will hurt you and believe me not only harm they can ruin your whole life so please try to keep a certain distance between you.

3. Offer A Second Chance to Your Life:

one-sided love- give second chance to your love
second chance

Do not have to be conserved in your life just because of your failed love simply open your arms and then try to agree to the things. Give one more opportunity to your love life perhaps you will find the one who will take care a lot for you, who will love you so much.

4. Remember the Other Objectives of Your Life:

All you have to do is remember one thing that she or he is not your everything, you have several other things or aims to concentrate on your life so try to take into account them first before this one. You can begin giving time to your interest’s passion, and hobbies. They will help you to achieve the objectives and goals of your life.

5. Accept That Your Love Is Another Person’s Property:

difficult to see your love with his love
your love love someone else

If you love is already having another rapport with someone. Then believe me it is the best alternative to get yourself out of all this stuff because there is no way and no justification left for you to stay. Admit it that she or he is not yours and they are somebody else’s.


we hope you enjoyed this article on “One-Sided Love”. We always try our best to give your ideas from the best of our experience and knowledge. Implement these ideas make your life happier and more interesting than before.

Let us know what you think about this article no matter whether you are a boy or girl, and do you enjoy the information that is shared by us by commenting below.

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