Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared to Tell [CUTE] 27 Hints

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What are the signs that she loves you but is scared to tell? Often girls love you, but they are scared to tell you because of numerous reasons. Chances are they are shy, or maybe they are waiting for the right time. It is tough to pinpoint the real cause.

18 Signs She Likes You But is Afraid to Tell
Signs She Likes You But is Afraid to Tell

However, some signs can always help you in understanding what a girl feels for you. We are here to present to you with signs that she loves you but is scared to tell. These may help you to act accordingly and take the appropriate step:

27 Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared To Tell

1. She stares at you secretly

When a girl watches you from a distance, and you are sure that she is noticing you, then this means that she is curious about you. A girl will only be curious about something which intrigues her. This is a positive sign. If it happened more than once, then it means she likes you. Maybe she is noticing the way you speak, the way you walk, or even if you see back or not.

Eyes speaks volumes

2. She fidgets in front of you

Fidgeting is often considered as a sign of nervousness. If a girl fidgets in front of you or she starts playing with her hair or other accessories, then it means she is nervous and trying to maintain her composure. A girl will only get nervous in front of someone she is interested in.

3. She keeps the conversation

If a girl is putting the effort in to maintain a conversation with you, then this is a positive sign. This shows that she is not only courteous and friendly but also she is taking things further by getting more close through frequent conversations. Maybe she is trying to know more about you. Whatever the reason might be, conversations are a positive sign that things are going forward.

Having proper conversations

4. She smiles at you

Now, this can often be confused as a friendly gesture because people often smile at someone they know whenever they encounter each other. It is tricky to understand why a girl smiles at you because maybe she is just courteous. However, there is a sign to look for that will help you ascertain the true meaning behind her gesture.

If a girl smiles at you, not only when you randomly encounter each other but also during conversations or only when you are saying something, then this means she likes you, and she secretly adores you. Her eyes will even glow when she smiles at you.

When she smiles at you -Signs that she loves you but is scared to tell

5. She shares her playlist with you

This seems like an innocent move, but it does have some more meaning to it. If a girl shares her playlist with you, then pay close attention to the lyrics. Is it about love? Chances are it is her way of secretly letting you know by dropping some hints.

She wants you to listen to those songs because she feels closer to you and want to know your views about her taste in music. Remember that sharing something personal is always a positive sign in such cases.

6. Her friends know you

Have you ever noticed that all her friends know about you even if they are not mutual friends? Does it feel like they are also observing you? If yes, then this means that she has been talking about you to her friends, and they know about her feelings for you or whatever is going between you two. A girl will never discuss just any other guy with her friends until or unless it is something special or bothersome about him.

7. Non-Verbal Flirting is one of the Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared to Tell

If she maintains purposeful eye contact, playing with her hair or leaning forward in your direction, if she brushes you off ’accidentally,’ then this shows she is flirting with you non-verbally.

Pay close attention to her body language. It may reveal a lot about the feelings of another person for you. However, do not take these signs as sexually suggestive. These signs can merely be for innocent flirting rather than inviting you to bed.

Non verbal flirting

8. She asks about your life

If a girl wants to know more about you and asks you about your life, your hobbies, your dreams, and passions, then this shows her active interest in you. Asking about your life means she wants to get closer to you by being aware of who you are and what are your likes and dislikes. If she also asks you about your family, then it is a positive sign too.

9. Maintaining Eye Contact is one of the Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared to Tell

Now, this one thing can be a little tricky because some girls are shy, and they get nervous in front of a guy they like so they couldn’t maintain eye contact with you. But still, if you notice a girl maintain eye contact with you or even if she is trying to look into your eyes when you are looking away, then this shows she is interested in you. As we all know that eyes are a window to the soul. Looking into someone’s’ eyes indicates that the other person is interested enough to peep into your soul. Maybe they are trying to grasp more of your feelings and reaction.

10. She acts differently in front of you

If she starts behaving differently in front of you, especially if you notice a change in her tone and body language, then this means she is posing in front of you and trying to create an impression. This is one of the most important signs that she loves you but is scared to tell. 

She acts differently infront of you-Signs that she loves you but is scared to tell

11. Gently Touching is one of the Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared to Tell

All her feelings are hidden in the way she touches you. Notice how she shakes hands with you or how she holds your arm or give you a gentle pat. It will tell you a lot. A girl will be softer with a guy she has feelings for.

12. She shares her personal information

If a girl tells you about her stuff, be it her past or her family life, then it shows she trusts you. Maybe she is opening up in front of you to let you inside her inner circle and show you that you are closer to her.

13. She seeks your assurance

If a girl asks you for suggestions like asking you about which colors suit her most or which handbag she should carry, then this shows your choice matters to her, and she cares about what you like about her. This can be a friendly move in general. But if you feel like she wants to dress or look a certain way to appear suitable to you, then it means she is interested in you. This assurance is not just limited to her clothing and accessories. She may also ask for other suggestions like where to eat or go etc.

14. She takes care of you

If a girl likes you, she will always care for you. Ever noticed she gets worried when you tell her that you are sick or had a minor accident? Chances are she is not just asking out of courtesy but is concerned about your wellbeing. It is a friendly gesture, but if you see a streak of emotions attached to it, that’s when you know she likes you.

When she cares for you

15. She laughs at your jokes

You may have come across numerous articles that suggest girls like humorous guys or humor is a way to win the heart. Maybe you are following those suggestions and acting like a funny guy lately. Chances are it worked! If a girl laughs at your jokes not only once or twice, but whenever you tell a joke, then this means she likes you and finds you funny. Girls always love to be with a man that can make her laugh.

16. She imitates you

When someone mirrors your body language, it means they are trying to bond and build understanding with you. It is a nonverbal way of saying, “I like you.” If she imitates you, that can be unintentional but a sign that she likes you.

17. She gauges your reaction

If a girl always gauges your reaction no matter what the situation is, then it means that she is interested in you, and your reaction matters to her.

18. She compliments you

If a girl compliments you quite often, then it means she wants to make you feel wanted, and the chances are that she likes you.

10+ Cute Signs That She Loves You But Is Scared to Tell for Her Feelings

These are some of the cute signs that she loves you but is scared to tell:

  1. She stares at you
  2. Being nervous around you
  3. She Blushes around you (occasionally)
  4. Touching her hairs & grooming herself around you
  5. Leaning towards you
  6. Licking her lips
  7. Tilting her head towards you
  8. Remembering your things
  9. Popping questions often
  10. She Hints at being single
  11. Tries to flirt via text
  12. She Tags you on her posts

Why is She Scared?

As we have discussed “signs she loves you but is scared to tell” now let us discuss the main reasons why she is scared.  

Why is she scared? -Signs that she loves you but is scared to tell

1. Her past experiences

Negative or awkward past experiences can urge someone to hold back their feelings in the future. If a girl had a tough past, chances are she is going to take very conscious steps next time, especially when it comes to forming relationships.

2. She is patient

If a girl is secretly dropping hints but not being vocal about her feelings, then chances are she is waiting for the right time by acting patiently.

3. She wants to see your reaction

She might be holding back because she doesn’t want to feel embarrassed due to wrong judgment. So she might be secretly observing your reaction and wanting to be certain about your feelings. Chances are she wants you to make the first move.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How do you tell if a girl likes you but is scared?

She talks and keeps up discussions every day except there’s nothing more to it. Energetic grins are indications of implicit love. She imparts all her music playlists to you. Another sign is that she has disclosed to her companions about you. She is a tease by means of content in particular.

How do you tell if you hurt a girl’s feelings?

Undermining her. Imagining an adoration relationship. Crying. Becoming flushed. Awkward. Not getting your gets in the wake of dropping out. Abrupt quietness. Outrage.

How do you tell if she is pretending to love you?

She deals with you like a mother, is eager to forfeit for you. Another sign is being cared for and patient regardless of how irritating you are excuses you ordinarily. She doesn’t endure the awful things you do, pushes you to be a superior individual.

How do you know if a girl is playing with your feelings?

She looks exhausted when she’s with you. She picks her sweethearts over all of you the time. It’s costly to take her out. She drops every one of your arrangements. You don’t have a sense of safety with her. 


If you want to take things to the next level, then you have to be very patient. Instead of acting on your impulse and making hasty moves that can create a wrong impression, act like a gentleman, and be direct with your approach. Return her positive gestures with positivity. 

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