13 Alarming Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You (Secretly)

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Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman, making them husband and wife by taking sacred vows not to leave each other no matter what happens. Here we are going to discuss signs your wife wants to leave you pin-up,

Here we will guide how to identify the symptoms so you can make efforts to save your marriage.

But there are times when your wife gets tired of either the routine or the behaviour you have towards her.

So when this happens, you will see signs from your wife if she plans to leave or divorce.

13 Alarming Signs That Your Wife Wants To Leave You

Here are the 13 signs that your wife wants to leave you.

1. Decrease in Communication Is Sign That Your Wife Wants To Leave You

One of the things that you will notice from your wife is that she no longer wants to be with you, i.e. that she will start reducing the communication with you until she gets what she wants.

This will keep on increasing with time, so it’s easy for you to understand what she wants.

2. Won’t Give Importance To What You Say

When she stops giving any importance to what you say, she will stop talking to you like a husband and more like a partner.

She will start making the house decisions without discussing it with you. Instead, she will change the decisions already made by you.

You will be the last person to know about her choices.

3. Stop Caring Is Sign Your Wife Wants To Leave You

When she stops caring about you anymore, she won’t care if you need any help or sick.

She’ll pretend you mean nothing to her to such an extent that you will see in her eyes that she wants to leave you.

She will even stop caring about the children as well. She will tell them to go to your father whenever they ask for any help.

You are No longer important to someone
You are No longer important to someone

4. Not Arguing Is Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You:

Arguing in your relationship is a part of life, which sometimes expresses love, but having too much argument can be dreadful.

But if your wife stops arguing with you, it’s a sign that something’s not right.

And if every talk between you to turns into a fight, that’s a clear sign that you are about to get dumped.

5. She Will Do Whatever She Wants Regardless Of What You Say:

When a woman starts doing what she wants without even giving you a hint about what she is doing or about to.

It would be best if you realized that something is not right, and things are not the same before.

That is the start of her trying to get rid of you, but if you act smartly and find out why she is doing that. You can make her love you again.

Marriage is a bond
Marriage is a bond

6. She Will Stop Loving You:

The love for you she had will start decreasing gradually until you don’t feel any love from her again. She will stop calling you the way she did in those sweet names.

She won’t even hug you or kiss you as she did before. And will show no love or romance towards you and focus more on herself.

7. She Will Only Care About Herself:

She will be more aware of how she looks, regardless of what you think or feel or how it may affect the whole relationship. And will only think of herself.

She has no concern about the financial condition and status of the relationship. All she will care about is how she looks like in front of other men when she walks out.

Arguing is one of Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You
Arguing is one of the Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

8. She Will Start Indulging In Talks Related To Separation:

When you start noticing that your wife has started asking questions about separation like how you would feel if she left or what you would do if you find out, she started seeing some other guy.

These are the signs that your wife wants to leave you or she is planning on for separation. She will talk more about separation and divorce rather than rebuilding the love in the relationship.

9. She Will Start Staying Out Late At Night:

When your wife starts staying out late at night with her friends without even caring about what you think or feel. It means she plans on leaving you.

It is possible that some other guy may have been able to win her love over yours and started to turn her against you.

As you know, it is easier to put negative thoughts into someone’s mind rather than positive ones. And they are making her forget about the great time she had spent with you.

10. Won’t Be That Close To You Again:

She will scowl every time you are with her. She will seem less happy when you are together. And it will be much more comfortable when you are gone.

Happiness is the key to a successful relation, and when your wife seems to be unhappy with you and happier without you. It’s a sign that something is cooking.

For example, whenever you come home and want to be with your wife, she starts grumbling. She doesn’t even smile at you anymore or welcomes you when you get back home.

You will feel bad about it, and it will make your relationship more uncomfortable.

11. She Will Begin Cheating On You:

Your marital activities will be reduced to a large extent. She won’t like you in her bed, and even if you somehow get into her bed, she won’t be satisfied.

She won’t allow you to make love to her by kissing, hugging, or even having sex with her. The intimacy you two had will start to decrease.

Whenever you two are together and are supposed to make love, your wife won’t value your feelings or love for her anymore.

She will start making excuses every time you want to get close to her.

That is the sign that she is seeing someone else and cheating on you. You may get complaints about her, but she will continue to deny them and cover up for them with other plans.

Women are always careless
Women are always careless

12. Won’t Accept Any Proposal To Get Back Again:

Even if you try to fix the relationship and put all the hard feelings to an end, she won’t let you do that by not considering any ideas to improve the relationship.

She would be happy to see the relationship going down. If you try to ignore her, that would even make her more comfortable.

You can find reasons why women complain so much.

13. Will Stop Seeing Her Future With You:

She will lose her interest in seeing her future with you. She won’t do any future planning with you anymore.

All she will think and care about will be herself or her children if necessary.


If you have made this far, it means that you are serious about your relationship. We hope that this has helped you a lot to identify  “Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You.”

And you will take the necessary measures to keep your relationship. You can find many useful ways to save your relationship here.

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