133 Quotes About Greed (Money, Success, Selfishness and Its Effect On Society)

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Do you ever feel like humanity is slowly succumbing to greed? It seems like everywhere we turn — be it politics, business, or even our own lives. It seems there’s always something looming around the corner tempting us down a path of self-interest and avarice. But what exactly does it mean when we talk about … Read more

3 Types of Community + 14 Organizational Styles of Community

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Have you ever looked around and wondered why some communities seem to run smoother than others?  What is it that sets apart successful, close-knit towns from scattered villages where residents tend to keep their distance? It’s all a matter of understanding the different types of communities and which organizational styles make them truly thrive.  In this blog … Read more

Frustration-Aggression Theory – Psychology & Facts

What is the frustration-aggression theory? How can the frustration-aggression affect reaching your goals and managing your anger? Find out more about this interesting psychological theory and what it can mean for your life. Frustration aggression theory was proposed by John Dollard, Neal Miller, Leonard Doob, Orval Mowrer, and Robert Sears in 1939. This theory is … Read more

81 Eye-Opening Metaphors About Life [To Inspire Your Day]

Metaphors are a great way to explain complicated and difficult topics. Life is a very complicated thing. The metaphors about life included in this post try to break down some of life’s complicated ideas into simple and relatable metaphors. People often use metaphors in everyday life without even realizing that they are using metaphors. It … Read more