Brainwashed Person: 11 Signs and How to Get Help

signs of a brainwashed person | signs of brainwashing in relationships | signs of a brainwashed person psychology

The concept of brainwashing may seem like a relic of the past but the manipulation of thoughts and beliefs remains a persistent reality. According to The Freedom Center, brainwashing is defined as “the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means”. Whether it is through political propaganda, … Read more

14 Signs of a Cheap Person or Someone Who is TOO Frugal

signs of a cheap person | signs of a cheap person psychology | signs of a cheap girl

Finding ways to save money and being mindful of your expenses are generally considered responsible behaviors. But there’s a fine line between being frugal and a cheapskate, where the negative consequences of penny-pinching outweigh the benefits. Whether you feel that you or someone close to you is crossing that line, recognizing the behaviors and financial … Read more

63 Hypocrisy Quotes: How to Deal With the Words of Hypocrites

Hypocrisy Quotes | hypocrisy quotes bible | hypocrisy quotes funny

Although hypocrisy may be one of the most commonly seen traits in humans, it can often cause some of the most heated debates. Quotes about hypocrisy and hypocrites can give you a unique perspective on these difficult people, and help you deal with them efficiently. Hypocrisy quotes from esteemed minds such as Mark Twain and … Read more

Funny Things to Say to a Narcissist- To Break the Tension

Funny Things to Say to a Narcissist | 50 phrases to disarm a narcissist | one liners to say to a narcissist

Are you looking for a way to break the tension when dealing with a narcissistic personality? If so, then it could help to arm yourself with some clever responses that will provide a small dose of humor in an otherwise awkward situation. While confronting someone’s inflated ego can be tricky, adding just the right amount … Read more