Why Do Guys Stop Texting and Then Start Again? [Surprising Reasons]

Do you why guys stop texting and then start again? Strange isn’t it? Do they not care? Are the ghosting and then get second thoughts? Are they playing hard to get? It is weird when you are some guy are texting every now and then and then he suddenly disappears, seeming to ghost you. If … Read more

14 Secrets of Female Led Relationship (FLR) – Why Men Seek It?

We have grown up with the idea that men, being pragmatic and realistic, run the household effectively and women are to look after the kids and the household chores. Just to give it a name, this is a traditional men-led relationship. But now people tend to conceptualize such a relationship successful in which both the … Read more

How To Deal With Rejection- 13 Powerful Ways To Handle It

Rejection can be hard to deal with. No one wants to be rejected, and though we may understand the reason for rejection intellectually, it may still hurt immensely emotionally. We need to learn how to deal with rejection to help lessen this emotional impact. Everybody deals with rejection in their own way. Some are crushed … Read more