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You have loved our articles, meet the amazing team behind them.!

TheLifeVirtue.com strives to provide people with relevant information to their search queries. Therefore, we employ individuals who are not only good at writing but in living as well. We strive to include people who strive to live effectively.

On this page, we are listing all the writers who have ever worked with us to create this amazing resource for the world.2. Rabiya Saliha

1. Amna Saleem

Amna Saleem - TheLifeVirtue.comHaving majored in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics has not only turned me into a great scientific researcher but also enhanced my scientific writing skills. Besides being a biologist, I am a freelance content writer.

LinkedIn Profile: Amna Saleem
Contact Email: [email protected] 

2. Zarish Sajid

Zarish Sajid - TheLifeVirtueA final year journalism student at Beaconhouse National University, majoring in broadcast media and minor in liberal arts. Having a passion for history, culture, gender, and social studies. Interested in research work, article and feature-writing.

LinkedIn Profile: Zarish Sajid
Contact Email: [email protected]

3. Fatima Sajjad

Fatima Sajjad - TheLifeVirtue.comPlaying with words and raw content of Digital media to create a unique experience has always been my passion and is a profession as well. I have been in the field of Content creation, strategy, marketing and development for three years now.

LinkedIn Profile: Fatima Sajjad
Contact Email: [email protected]

4. Rabiya Saliha

Rabiya Saliha - Writer at TheLifeVirtue.comSpecializing in SEO & Content Writing, Rabiya is an all-rounder Digital Marketer providing her services to various clients around the world. 

She has been a part of our team for a relatively short period of time!

Contact Email: [email protected]