12 Easy Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence? – Easy & Simple

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We all have dissimilar personalities, and different ways to show our emotions. As well as to become happy and successful in life, we need to learn how to use these emotions smartly and optimistically.

Let’s learn how to improve emotional intelligence.

This is where emotional intelligence becomes important and we need to find what Emotional Intelligence is? and how we can improve Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize our feelings, understand them. This is a way to learn the manage our emotions positively. It’s meant to be self-aware, overcome life challenges, defuse conflicts, and empathize with others.

Emotional Intelligence leads a person to be successful in his career and personal goals. It makes people the confidence to build their relationships stronger with an insightful vision. Let’s discuss 12 ways to improve Emotional Intelligence.

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  12 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Improving emotional intelligence does not mean avoiding your feelings and stop appreciating yourself. You should embrace your ideas and feel for a lifelong process and self-discovery. Here are 12 ways to develop Emotional Intelligence and by practicing these techniques. Through these skills, you can learn how to deal with your emotions and others?

1. Self-Awareness:

 Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Constructing this foundation plays a key role to know about yourself more deeply. Self-aware people are more confident in decision making, building relationships with others and they can also communicate effectively.

People who tend to be more aware of their feelings and beliefs are more conscious about their values. However, they have more mental power and capacity to handle negative health consequences like stress and anxiety.  

2. Self-motivation and Self-Control:

People with emotional intelligence are highly motivated and self-controlled. They know their strength to powerfully grip and control their mind, according to their situation and intuitions. They are confident and motivated to achieve their goals passionately.

Similarly, they became more productive, accept challenges, and accomplish them courageously. As you learn how to be emotionally intelligent, You become your own boss and able to choose the right things for yourself with your intelligence.

3. Relationship Management:

The important part to practice emotional intelligence is to handle yourself with the after-effects of other’s emotions, anger, behaviors. Learn12 ways to improve emotional intelligence develop a healthy society.

 By managing your understanding of other’s feelings logically makes you able to respect one another persons emotional needs. They became more responsible towards their families, friends, and colleagues. 

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4. Empathy is a way to improve Emotional Intelligence

It’s always easy to stand for yourself and support your own opinion. However, the difficult one is to say that other people are right instead of you! Emotional intelligence helps us to develop constructive and empathetic behavior for other people.

Think with someone else perspective by putting yourself in someone’s else position, is a useful technique to understand their point of view. Sometimes your kind and moderate attitude influence people impressively and people start loving you for what you are.

Empathy is all about helping others and listen to them in their hard times. This relationship development strategy among people makes a significant value of your efforts and presence.

5. Social skills to improve Emotional Intelligence:

Social skill is a way to learn about people who are skilled in emotional intelligence. They are great communicators as well as they are great listeners too. They have managing skills to resolving conflicts diplomatically and can work with other people as a team leader.

They are spontaneous and enthusiastic to learn more knowledge and eager to explore new horizons of success. Having these dynamics as a leader or co-worker, construct a great organization and inspire people to work more effectively.

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6. Leadership and communication skills:

As a leader or co-worker, emotionally intelligent people are great at working together. They work as a team with confined communications skills, trust each other, and comfortable work environment. They worked more productively and accomplish their aims.

Great leaders know how to work with people. They influence others, inspire them, and appreciate their work. Emotional Intelligence gives them the understanding to be true leaders. They lead to guide their team in the right direction.

Sometime it's ok to being criticized

 7. It’s ok for being criticized:

People who are highly self-aware handle criticism differently. Their mental approach to deal with a conflict and criticism is entirely different from those who are stubborn.

People who want to speak about their opinions only are really short-tempered. Apart from that, smart and highly emotionally intelligent people train their minds as an engineering process. They easily find the root cause for they have been criticized and deal with it without any excuse. On the other hand, If they found themselves not performing at a certain level; they start to work harder for achieving their goals.

8. Accept suggestions and opinion open-heartedly:

For being emotionally intelligent it is essential to be open-hearted and open-minded as well. Whereas, learning emotional intelligence people helps to accept other’s ideas, suggestions, and opinions, of others.

Mostly, instead of talking about random things they spent a lot of their time helping people by doing the right things for them.

9. Learn by listening 

Being emotionally intelligent enhances the sensibility to know the importance of listening carefully. This makes people realize that listening to others is an essential part of communication.

It helps to develop a distinguished listening structure during a conversation. They get rapidly connected with other people’s intentions and can reflect on what they have in mind.

10. Be trusted and honest:

Most of the people who have high emotional intelligence, know the importance of being truthful and honest. They always avoid using sugarcoated words and get straightway to share their feelings. 


12 ways to improve emotional intelligence teach people how to experience mindfulness. It gives new meanings to your life and increases the intensity of satisfaction and pleasure. Being mindful is an easier way to engage yourself with the amusements of life. It makes you able to fight with diverse life events.

12. A real apology requires:


people who have self-awareness, know their strengths and weaknesses. When they get blamed for their actions or mistakes, then they accept that without giving any excuses and false arguments.

More often, they accept their flaws and mistakes openly. And do apologize for what they have done intentionally or unintentionally. These dynamics can improve emotional intelligence and reform the new you.

Why is emotional intelligence important?

Emotional Intelligence is the key to build a better future, leadership qualities, and great interpersonal relations. This key can open the doors of success and make people mentally strong throughout their life. Their optimistic approach and wisdom make them powerful decision-makers.

Self-Importance gives them the confidence to take over life controls in their own hands. This level of thinking empowers them and enhances the ability to achieve whatever they want.

To create a balanced and positive social interaction, it is important to take the first step to find ways to improve emotional intelligence with strength and true potential.

Emotional intelligence is the best source to grow with society individually and professionally. Organizations and foundations of social intelligence are entirely based on emotional intelligence.

Utilizing and developing practical ways to improve emotional intelligence with high IQ levels can lead society to a successful nation.

Today, psychological studies report the value of emotional intelligence. To get more understanding, experts recommended taking control of your feelings. This means staying cool during anxiety and period of depression. Despite being reactive stay relaxed and remind yourself about your power of mind and body connection to overcome that stress.

Don't be Slave to your Emotions


Everyone encounters the difficulties and challenges of life. The way people react to these challenges reform a setup for their success. Instead of complaining, you stay motivated and learn from situations continuously. These ways to improve emotional intelligence can be progressive over time, as long as you have that desire to practice it.

You must identify what you really think and how to be more expressive to yourself first?

Practicing mindfulness is a proven way to attain your perspective towards happiness. You will be able to deal with your negative emotions and harness positivity.

Learn to improve emotional intelligence, does not mean avoiding your feelings to stop appreciating yourself for your good deeds. You should embrace your ideas and feel for a lifelong process and self-discovery.

No matter how successful you are, if you don’t know how to manage your emotions? Accept your failures and stop being an emotional fool. Start making yourself a role model and helping others by giving them awareness.

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