23+ Reasons Why When He Disappears Let Him Go

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When he disappears let him go. Let him go because clinging to him is not going to do you any good. He is not going to come back just because you aren’t ready for his departure; it is going to tear you apart, mentally and emotionally.

No matter how many sleepless nights you spend desperately over-analyzing everything and finding your closure, you won’t reach any conclusion because the only conclusion some things have is that they are never concluded.

Let Him go no matter how painful it is

It seems very unreal how he can go straight from showering you with love one day and ultimately bombarding you with his absence, especially when you are least willing to let him go.

You cannot reverse anything, no matter how much you want to. Those who leave you whenever they get a chance were never meant to be with you in the first place. So when he disappears let him go. Difficult situations teach us life-long lessons. Let us analyze what should be your takeaways when he disappears from your life.


Why He Disappears?

Other than some critical situation, it is in no way plausible why he decided to disappear. Disappearing from your relationship is known as ghosting in modern dating terms.

If he leaves you without even informing you and vanishes by not replying to your calls and text messages, then this means you are ghosted. Being ghosted is a modern-day relationship nightmare, and no one wants to hang in the middle looking dumb to them that way. You want to get an ANSWER, and probably he is not there anymore to give you one.

So here are some possible reasons to consider why he disappeared.

 8 Most Common Reasons Why He Disappeared

1. He is immature

An immature guy is always going to run away from commitment even if it seemed like initially, he was settling. Once things start to take a severe turn, he is going to get scared away. However, not every immature guy is a commitment-phobe. Some are just plain careless to deal with relationships like an adult.

They are unable to cope with difficult situations that demand courage to deal with them, so they disappear as an easy way out. So it is a sign for you that when he disappears let him go. 

He is immature- When he disappears let him go

2. He fears confrontation

When he fears confrontation, he will disappear without even dropping a hint. This one pertains to the point mentioned above that if a guy is immature and is unable to communicate like an adult, he is going to not only disappear but will also leave you hanging trying to get closure. Disappearing without any explanation also shows that he does not respect you enough to let you know, and he is selfish.

What you should do is that when he disappears let him go. 

3. He was planning it for quite some time

You can never trust anyone who always had one foot out of the door the entire time they were with you. This shows that they never took you or the relationship seriously, and for them, it was just a passing thing. Maybe there were some red flags that you ignored right from the beginning.

The truth is, no one disappears out of sudden; they all have been planning on it for quite some time, and only you were left unaware.

4. He lost his interest

When a guy loses his interest, he won’t hang around you due to courtesy. He is merely going to leave sooner or later. However, leaving someone is one thing, and ghosting someone is another. As previously mentioned, his act of suddenly disappearing is ghosting. Ghosting indicates that the other person is less concerned about you and more concerned about getting away no matter how.

Maybe he felt trapped in a relationship. Whatever the reason might be, ghosting is the worst way to leave anyone, but it signifies the level of interest, commitment, and respect the other person had for you.

He loses his interest- When he disappears let him go

5. He is manipulative  – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Players do this often. They manipulate people to get reactions out of them that would somehow benefit them. If you refused him sex or if he wanted to get anything out of you, then he is going to manipulate you by ghosting you because he knows that you have feelings for him, and this particular act is going to wreak havoc on your heart and mind.

He might also be playing to get an ego boost by seeing you chasing him because he knows that once he disappears, you are going to come after him like crazy. This is a ruthless approach, but he might undoubtedly be enjoying it a lot.

There is a probability that he may come back, and this is why he didn’t give any formal ending to a relationship so that he can twist and manipulate it later on.

6. He doesn’t want to hurt you

Now this one is slightly different. Although he disappeared from your life, the chances are that he wasn’t a mean person for doing that. He doesn’t want to hurt you by telling the real reason. This shows that he was considerate of you. Maybe the reason for him leaving you was crueler for you to deal with, so he just left you without telling you anything.

7. He found someone else

This is very hard for you to accept, but this is one of the primary reasons why he disappeared. Maybe his ex was back. Chances are he never liked you that much, and you were just a rebound or a placeholder.

He didn’t find the need to formally break up with you because he might be thinking that he doesn’t owe you any explanation.

He found someone else

8. He is in trouble – When He Disappears Let Him Go

He might be in some trouble is a rare possibility, but still, you may need to consider it at least once. If everything was going fine and he suddenly disappeared, then it can also mean that he is in some trouble and couldn’t get back to you.

Maybe he is kidnapped, arrested, met in an accident, or who knows there is an emergency in his family. However, if he never mentioned any of his imminent trouble, then there are slim chances of this scenario being true for him.

 Why You Should Let Him Go?

We have analyzed possible reasons why he disappeared, and all of them add up to one thing there was a lack of respect and care that signifies his absence by the act of disappearing. Now here are some significant reasons why you should let him go for better instead of waiting around and clinging to what is gone.  

5 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Let Him Go 

1. He is not worth it – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Any man who doesn’t respect you enough to say goodbye decently is not worthy enough to be remembered. Do not re-play all the scenarios of “what ifs” in your head because they all don’t matter, and they couldn’t change the reality. What is done couldn’t be undone, and that’s a fact. You don’t need to have someone immature or selfish in your life. You deserve better.

2. Better things in life are waiting

If you let go of the past, better thoughts may make their way into your life. Clinging to the past means creating a hindrance to your destiny. Make room for new and positive things in your life. The chapter is ended, and whatever is gone is gone because it no longer served a purpose in your life.

Better things are coming in love

3. You have to gain what you lost

We often lose ourselves in our relationships. Most of the time, we are not acknowledging the fact that we have changed a lot in a relationship, and now we couldn’t even recognize ourselves. If this is the case with you, then this is high time to regain what you lost.

Maybe you were compromising on your dreams, career, or hobbies for the sake of a relationship, and now it is high time to kick start everything. So when he disappears let him go and focus on yourself. 

4. Peace – When He Disappears Let Him Go

When you let go of something, you take away the power from that thing to control you and hold you back. If you let go of your past, then it will bring you peace and save you a lot of energy for a bright future.

5. Moving forward – When He Disappears Let Him Go

You cannot keep watering dead plants. You have to move forward with your life and start a new chapter. Letting go is key.

8 Effective Ways on How to Let Him Go!

1. Distance yourself mentally and emotionally

Do not spend your entire day thinking about him or re-analyzing everything. You are not going to find an answer this way. Neither it’s going to make you feel any better. Find a healthy distraction that will keep you busy, like reading a good book or catching up with your friends. When he disappears let him go, mentally and emotionally. 

2. Allow yourself to grieve

Do not lie to yourself. If you are sad, then allow yourself to grieve properly. Once you have done that, nothing would remain bottled up, and you will be able to move forward.

3. Remove reminders

Delete his text messages, pictures, and also his number. You do not need his reminders to hinder your journey of moving forward. When he disappears let him go, for once and for all, 

remove his reminders - When he disappears let him go

4. Don’t be hard on yourself – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Do not blame yourself. Just because he disappeared, it doesn’t mean it is your fault, or something is wrong with you. His disappearance says a lot more about him than you.

5. Accept the destiny – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Accept the fact that this was the course of destiny taking its turn, and nothing could’ve changed it no matter whatever you may have done. Accepting your destiny means when he disappears let him go. 

6. Practice some self-care – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Take good care of yourself. Do what you like. Remember, your self-respect is more important than anything else.

7. Rediscover – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Maybe you needed to learn a lesson or two. You needed to rediscover your passions and learn to differentiate what you should get from your life. This time is all about self-discovery and rediscovery of your life.

8. Take your time – When He Disappears Let Him Go

Maybe it would take months to move on or even a year. Take your time. Do not set any timelines, especially when it comes to moving on because it can create unnecessary pressure. So when he disappears let him go, even if it’s a gradual process. 

What To do in case He Comes Back?

We have learned that when he disappears let him go, but what about when he comes back again?

1. Know what you truly want

Do not let his sudden appearance again in your life excite you into running back in a relationship with him. You don’t have to fall back in his arms just because he is back. Do not negate your personal growth, remember that his disappearance said a lot about his feelings for you, and maybe he came back not because he ‘realized’ but because it holds his self-interest. Be particular about what you want then act accordingly.

2. Don’t let him take away your power

Do not let him decide for you how things are going to turn this time. If he wants back a relationship or to remain friends with you, then it is his choice, not yours. Don’t give him that power; he already took his fair chance of power by disappearing. Now it’s your turn to gain a better hold of the entire thing. Straight away, refuse him if you want to. When he disappears let him go because he deserves that. 

Don't let him take away your power -When he disappears let him go

3. Don’t allow him to walk all over you again

Before deciding to accept him back, remember that no one changes overnight. Such miracles rarely happen these days, especially with someone who doesn’t have the guts to act humanely in the first place. Chances are if he did it once he can do it twice, especially if he sees that you don’t mind much, and you allow such behavior by letting him get away with it as if nothing ever happened.

FAQs on Why When He Disappears Let Him Go:

What to do when he disappears?

In this regard, you should acknowledge your fears but never act on them. Don’t make the physical connection to make him like you and don’t give him unwanted affection.

What do you say to him when he comes back?

Well, this depends on you whether you have a desire to be with him or not. Let him do things right, give him a chance to show interest, and reach out to you.

Why would a guy disappear?

A guy pulls you away when he needs his space to be alone, to figure out things, and to be independent so, stop chasing him. If he wants to come back he will.

How do you figure out that he is fighting with his feelings?

You can figure out when he pays attention to you when you speak, he asks for personal questions, his eyes will be all over you and he is attentive for a while then pulls you away.

What Do You Think About These Reasons Why When He Disappears Let Him Go: 

No matter how much it hurts, keep your head high. Never compromise on your principles. A deal-breaker shouldn’t be given many concessions later on. This guide may help you to not only understand the reasons but also provides you with a solution that is going to help you in such situations. Last but not least, never let a single relationship to define your self-worth or hold you back from better things in life. This is why, when he disappears let him go. 


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