Why Am I So Emotional? – 7 Reasons Why You May Feel Extra

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Nowadays, many teenagers and adults are asking themselves Why Am I So Emotional? They are not sure if being emotional is a sign of a healthy personality or not. If you are among the people who have asked themselves “Why Am I so Emotional” then this article is surely for you.

Emotion is a wide topic. It covers hate, anger, sadness and for course love and happiness. We all experience a wide spread of emotions. But some people may bounce between extremes quickly. Being overly emotional. Perhaps even clinically bi-polar in extremes. But what range of emotions are normal? How can you tell what emotions are normal? And when you are actually being overly emotional.

In this post we will cover the 7 most common reasons why someone becomes so emotional. How to overcome being overly emotional and the psychology behind sensitive and emotional personalities.

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7 Most Common Reasons that answer the question, “Why I Am So Emotional

There are many reasons for being emotional. Let’s take a brief overview to understand the emotional changes in an individual. Some of the common reasons that will help you to be aware of the fluctuating mood swings in a person are:

1.  Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes are one of the biggest reasons for being emotional. These changes occur in boys as well as in girls. Hormonal changes usually take place in kids from 13 to 19 years. Therefore the teenagers are the volcanoes of emotions.

During these overly emotional times kids perceive life scenarios with a perspective that is tinged with extra hormonal emotions. These emotions are not “right or wrong”, they are just a fact of a teens life.

Another common cause of hormonal change is menstrual periods. Periods bring strong emotional changes and women become overly sensitive during menstruation.

Pregnancy can also make a woman overly sensitive for the same reasons. [Hormones]

For men, changes in testosterone levels can cause the fluctuation in mood.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind the biological reasons for feeling emotional as well as any psychological and physical feelings that lead to intense emotions. [Which shall be covered in a bit]

2.  Social Influence:


Society plays a vital role in one’s emotions. People learn expressions and emotions from others. We mimic what we see on a daily basis. People who come from taciturn families and social groups are more likely to bottle up emotions, while people who are surrounded by dramatic people who act overly emotional, they are more likely to do the same.

3. Diet and Sleep:

You are what you eat. This is true in many ways. Including with how people react to their emotions. Proper diet and sleep is another important factor to keep your emotions in check.

When you do not eat healthy, you are more prone to larger swings in emotion. The same can be said about lack of sleep. Being overly tired makes it far more likely to have larger swings in emotion.

Not having a proper diet with proper nutritional values will affect your sleep. An improper sleeping routine will then take a toll on your emotional life. Therefore, if you keep asking yourself “Why I am so emotional” then also ask yourself if you are taking the proper diet and having the proper sleep or not?

4. Broken Families:

It is observed that the people who belong to broken families are found to be more emotional than people from healthy families. Kids who belong to broken families will usually face greater stress and disturbing situations in their lives, therefore, being more emotional and insecure as well. They can feel the pain and stress of another affected person or a person related to them.

So, we can say that broken families can be a reason for being oversensitive and emotional.

5. Natural Behaviour:

inherent emotions

Every individual has a different attitude. Some are naturally strong, and some are naturally more emotional than the others, which isn’t a bad thing ever. This attitude, we receive from our parents, siblings, or close relations, when they have freely expressed their emotions in front of us, we adopt this behavior. And then we aren’t afraid to show it.

Genetically we carry this emotional flood into our DNA or the impression of the person near to us.

6. Poverty:

Poverty raises emotional fluctuation. Poor have to tackle many problems. The absences of daily needs of life are common that forces them to overthink about their lives and problems, and this over-thinking makes them oversensitive. They relate their actions and their failures with their poor financial conditions and get obnoxious. In this, they are only able to express their feelings through different emotions.

Moreover, if someone suffers from this situation, he/she can be a patient of depression. And a depressed person can harm himself as well as others.

7. Media:

Media has the power to influence mindset, set define culture, set a point of view, and encourage positivity or negativity. It can raise a feeling of joy and happiness with sporting event, movies and shows. But it can also drench the audience in tears.

After watching a sad movie or drama, people used to relate those circumstances with their lives, and become empathetic towards hero or heroine.

Now, tell us, why you are emotional? Have you faced one of the above-stated reasons?

7 Natural Human Emotions

why am I so emotional

There are seven common “natural” emotions that people commonly experience. Here are the seven common natural emotions.

7 Natural Emotions:
  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Disgust
  5. Anger
  6. Contempt
  7. Surprise

Humans experience diverse emotions like two or more emotions in the same situation. A student feels the excitement, as well as fear for the upcoming result, tears of joy and love-hate relationship, are the examples of diverse emotions.

5 Effective & Fruitful Tips to Overcome Your Emotions

why am i emotional tips to overcome

Emotions are like a flood. As water vanishes everything in the way as emotions can ruin a life or a relationship. Here are some tips to overcome the emotional torrent.

1. See the brighter face of the events:

Perceive the positive expect before then the negative one. The most important is to look around, observe the situation, understand the peoples’ point of view and look for the brighter side of the situation, remember that an unconditional situation has a thousand ways to be conditional.

 2. Be Patience Before Reacting to Anything:

Before considering anyone guilty, try to connect with the concerned person. Listen and understand other situations too.

3. Don’t Let Yourself be Alone or Workless:

Talking to yourself is the greatest way to overcome your emotions. Talk in a loud voice, what you face, how was the day, and things related to your day, you are the only therapist of your emotions. Also, don’t let yourself free all day, try to involve yourself in any activity. That can diverse your mind from overthinking.

 4. Avail Positive Company:

Don’t hold or bond yourself with dark inside. Let every emotion out from you, avail someone, with whom you are free to express your feelings and be paranoid sometimes.

      5. Join sports:

emotions and ball

A ball can change your life, this is the statement that reflects a healthy mind. Sport is the best way to overcome your superfluous emotions. Give few mints to exercise every day that will release your mind as well as body muscles. In addition, it reduces your stress and depression from being emotionally weak.

Psychological Perspective

Emotions relate to human psychology. It is an essential topic of psychology. We experience many psychological expressions while expressing emotions like tears, sweat, and racing heartbeat.

In the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion, they said:

“We feel emotions and experience psychological reactions simultaneously.”

The limbic system plays an important role in controlling emotions. It prepares our body for fight or flight. So, it’s just not an embarrassing thing to be emotional.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On  Why Am I So Emotional

Can Stress Kill You?

yes, stress can exterminate you. Persistent stress can increase blood pressure, causing heart attacks and strokes. But over a longer period, continuously feeling exhausted can trigger heart assaults, strokes, and even thoughts of suicide.

What Causes A Person To Be So Emotional?

Feeling intensified emotions or like you’re not being able to control your feelings and emotions may come down to genetics, diet selections, or stress. It may also be due to the underlying medical condition, like depression or hormones.

Is Being Emotional A Weakness?

Yes, showing emotions or feelings is a sign of weakness

What Are The 5 Signs Of Emotional Suffering?

Personality Change, Agitated, Withdrawn, Poor Self-Care, Hopelessness are the signs of emotional suffering.

So… Why Am I So Emotional:

Through this article, we get to know that balance and imbalance emotions create problems not only for the emotional subject but also for the people around him/hers. Over love and care can also imbalance emotions. Sometimes emotion needs to be helped thus it is imposing on everyone to take care around and help the affected one. This can help you to get rid of your own emotional problems.

How you overcome your emotions?

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