Why Are Girls So Confusing? – 12 Reasons Why with Images

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Why are girls so confusing? This thought is a woe that has haunted men forever! Sometimes being a girl myself makes me realize my confusing nature. But I guess that’s just how it is! These beautiful beings can be very complicated at the same time.

Therefore, for all the straight guys like you, we bring you the most convincing reasons to Why are girls so confusing?


Why Are Girls So Confusing? 15 Bona Fide Reasons

1. Indecisive of What To Eat Is Confusing:

Girls will take forever to order when they go to some restaurant or some cafe. Unlike men, who don’t even look at the menu because they already know what to eat. But Girls cannot decide what to eat among so many choices. 

It is more like that they love to be spoilt for choice but are unable to decide for one reliable thing. Therefore, if your girls take forever to order, then don’t worry, girls are confusing that way.

2. What To Wear Is The Most Confusing Ritual:

As we are girls, we like to dress up, and we love to keep small heaven of clothes and makeup in our homes. Even with so many clothes, still, we are unable to decide what to wear if we are about to go out.

There can be many reasons why are girls so confusing in this regard. For instance, She will have a kick-ass walk-in closet, and she won’t be able to decide what to adorn for the premiere as that will be her Outfit Of The Day(OOTD) on Insta. 

Whereas men can decide what they want to wear in no time; a crisp white shirt, some jeans and some sneakers and they are all set to go. 

Why are girls such a puzzling creature?
Not Knowing What To Wear is The Reason Why Girls Are So Confusing

3. Why Are Girls So Confusing? Because They Never Lose An Argument

It is surprising to think that fragile beings like girls can raise their voices and win an argument, but it is the 21st century, and thank Lord, we are not the slaves of petty traditions.

But even these traditions couldn’t change one life long practice, and that is: Girls winning every argument. A girl will always find a way of overturning an argument and drop you flat on your stomach, and guys find it very confusing! 

Nonetheless, we can’t do anything about it as it is a universal phenomenon now.

4. Why Are Girls So Confusing? They Can Laugh & Cry Simultaneously

It is sometimes confusing for me, too, when I act so weird at some events, i.e., I laugh and cry at the same time. My research says that as women have a visibly higher emotional quotient than men, it is difficult for them to compartmentalize their emotions sometimes.

Therefore, even if its a moment of joie de vivre, They will not be able to control their emotions, and that is what goes as the fourth most authentic reasons to why are girls so confusing?

Why are women so complicated?
Laughing and Crying Simultaneously Makes Girls Very Confusing

5. Girls Are Like Detective Agents

A girl’s mind can go into places like a CID agent, and that needs no proof. For instance, remember the time when she opened your phone’s password and checked out all your messages. Therefore there is no denying this extraordinary aspect of girls, but it is confusing too.

Why? Because, while investigating the matter, they make it even more confusing by not knowing how they got to the bottom of their suspicions either.

6. Which Shoes To Wear Answers Why Are Girls So Confusing

Shoes are one of the most valuable commodities of a girl’s life! Why? Because they love it when they can have the whole world at their feet b their beautiful shoes. 

Scientists have confirmed that girls are way more intelligent than guys. Therefore, the fact that they can’t decide on what shoes to wear will remain a puzzle for the male gender for generations to come. 

Why are girls so perplexing at times?
Mostly Girls Are Unable To Decide Which Shoes To Wear

7. “Muti-Thinking” is the Reason Girls Are So Confusing

Guys can only think of one thing t a time, but girls can think of ten things at a time. Therefore, they turn out to be great multi-taskers. But this is annoying and confusing for the “male-kingdom” because it is just not acceptable for them to see a single being doing ten things at a time.

Not to mention, some men are great multi-taskers, but the ratio of girls in this regard is higher.

For instance, it is confusing when they see their girls like, “Okay, I need to write that email…and do a load of laundry…and charge my phone…why is my boyfriend acting like this?…my friend in New York needs to read this book, I wonder if rabbits have feelings…this pillow is super comfortable, tomorrow I’m going to a wedding.”

Tough isn’t it?

8. Strong Intuition is The Reason Girls Are So Confusing

Some girls are more in touch with their senses. That makes them more perceptive and intuitive than guys. And this puzzling for guys. Why? Because, for instance, when they try to explain why driving on this particular road is not a good idea is confusing. As they don’t state any specific reason for saying so and they feel it.

Therefore it really is confusing for men to decipher how girls do it!

9. Why Are Girls So Confusing? Because We Have Periods!

Exactly. Like every physical activity has an underlying biological reason, girls’ complex traits are the result of monthly periods they go through.

The hormones in the girl’s bodies go on a roller coaster ride when they have their period, so now you get your ultimate reason to why are girls so confusing

10. Girls Do The Opposite Of What They Want

The most puzzling trait of a girl’s personality is they will always do the opposite of what they want! For instance, they will the guys they date to be funny and witty. But they will reject the guy for being “too funny” and for “always laughing” and never getting serious. So now, you get it, why girls drive men crazy and why are they so confusing?

11. Attraction is Clueless

You will not have a single clue to which person the girl is attracted to most. For example, we have a scene of two group dates. There are four people; Rachel, Adele, Ben, and John. John and Rachel are together, and Adele and Ben are the pair for tonight. You might be thinking that both dates are going well when you look at how are they talking and laughing with each other.

But the results are shocking. It turns out that Adele ended up choosing John over Ben! How? No clue to this because seemingly she was more attracted to Ben, but what got into her to choose John is confusing and freakingly mad too.

Therefore, Need I say more why girls are so confusing?

Why are girls so mysterious?
Why Are Girls Confusing? Their Attraction is Clueless

12. Girls Cannot Explain Their Emotions

There is no logical explanation to their roller-coaster emotions other than they have a punishing menstrual cycle. They can spontaneously burst into tears and laugh over the silliest of jokes like its end of the world. All of these varied emotions have become an enigma because there is no socio-psycho reason for it. 

My neighbor was talking to me the other day, and he said, “The fact that a woman can be angry and not know why she is upset is confusing to everyone, including pets! That’s why my poor dog is always wondering what’s happening these days when he sees Lisa (his wife)”.

On the other hand, most men are clear of what they want and what they should do when an unlikely situation comes up, whereas women cannot even figure out why they are happy if they are happy! Now you see why girls are so confusing?

13. Girls Act Like Evaders 

Another thing about girls that are confusing to guys is how they disappear and reappear at will. If a girl is not interested in you, she will ignore your text messages and calls. She’ll ghost you so hard you’ll hate yourself. If she is badass, she will talk to you in such a cold way that it will make you wear an upper!

Therefore it is confusing for men to see them disappear and reappear from time to time. Girls also term this sudden escape as their me-time. Whatever it is, it is most confusing, and we feel for men. 

Girls Are Evaders and That Makes It Very Confusing

14. Decoding Texts and WhatsApp Messages:

Okay, so we know for sure that girls are a pro in finding the hidden meaning of the message. But not every time the messages or texts need to be decoded because they mean what they mean. But who can’t stop girls, right?

They will take hours to analyze and make a mountain out of an anthill of a simple text which is beyond the comprehension of any man. No one can answer why do they do it or How do they do it? It is just a part of their persona now! A confusing persona, indeed!

15. The Obsession With Handbags Is Confusing

The reasons to Why are girls so puzzling at times can go on and on, but we will close the deal here with a significant confusing trait, which is; the obsession with handbags!

The girls’ love for a handbag is crazy to the extent where hey a fight like wild cats on a sample sale. They will sell their soul if need be, to get that Gucci handbag! It is like the potion of their life, and they can’t get enough of it.

Obsession With Handbags

Therefore, If the next time you feel like, “Why are girls so confusing?”, read these power-packed reasons, and maybe some light will shine on you. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Why are girls so confusing

Why do I feel confused?

Confusion is a side effect that causes you to feel as though you can’t think obviously. On the off chance that you or somebody you care about is mistaken for a significant stretch of time, dementia may be the explanation.

Does love make you confused?

While love can be an awesome and compensating feeling, there’s frequently a great deal of disarray encompassing affection. It very well may be hard to comprehend your emotions, needs, and needs, particularly with regards to associations with others. In any case, love doesn’t really need to be confounding.

What causes confusion in relationships?

The reasons individuals neglect to make a move when they’re feeling disarray over their relationship can be because of dread of losing the relationship and needing to stay away from negative feelings, for example, dismissal, forlornness, and despondency.

Can anxiety affect decision-making?

Anxiety victims frequently have perfectionistic propensities, and this plays into their dynamic procedure too. For individuals with high tension, this edge for sureness is excessively high; they would prefer not to finish the choice until they can be 100% sure that it is the correct choice.


Girls might seem confusing for various reasons, but once you really understand your girl then, she will never appear confusing again.

Yes, you might not be able to understand on certain occasions, but that is not the sole purpose of a relationship. Sometimes, a little mystery adds a lot of value to the relationship.

Tell us about your own reasons why girls are so confusing in the comments section below.

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