Why Do Guys Stop Texting and Then Start Again? [Surprising Reasons]

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Do you why guys stop texting and then start again? Strange isn’t it? Do they not care? Are the ghosting and then get second thoughts? Are they playing hard to get?

It is weird when you are some guy are texting every now and then and then he suddenly disappears, seeming to ghost you. If you don’t text back it stays like that for a while until he finally texts and pretends like this didn’t happen? Or if you guys have had a quarrel on chat and he would not reply showing his anger but he would be completely normal a couple of days later?

Why do guys do this. Why guys stop texting and then start again? This post tries to give some answers as to why guys sometimes do this. Let’s get to it.

Why Do Guys Stop Texting and Then Start Again?

Many guys try to be dominant, while they text a girl they have some feelings for. There can be various reasons why guys would stop texting you for a while; completely vanishing, and come back after a while as if nothing had happened.

Here is a list of things you should have in mind to answer the question “why guys stop texting and then start again?”.

Why Do Guys Stop Texting?

There is not a single answer to this question. Different guys may have different reasons. But there is a common bucket of reasons why guys stop texting and then start again. These reasons include:

1. Trying To Become “Hard To Get”

This is the most common reasons for guys to start and stop texting. They may feel they are “showing too many cards” and want to play a bit of “hard to get”, feeling this might generate more interest from women than showing all their emotions up front.

This form of reverse psychology seems to work on the girl the guy likes often enough to make many guys think this might be the “right” move. We know many girls love the bad guys, so guys who pay less attention sometimes generate more interest from many women.

Keeping this in mind, the guy just tries something that makes him fall in the category of “bad guys”, so she falls for him.

Reverse psychology works when it comes to showing who is more willing to get the other - reasons why guys stop texting and then start again?

2. The Attention Seeker

Some guys are attention seekers, they would do such an act to see if the girl is worried or asks what’s wrong. Guys of this mentality usually exaggerate, they will take a small problem and make it look like a life & death situation.

Why Do Guys Get Stop Texting

In such a way, the girl gets worried that something is wrong with the guy and ends up spamming his inbox to check if he is all okay, while this will give the guy mental satisfaction due to all this attention he would receive.

3. The Moody

This one is a basic high school trait, where the guy would just have no reason to ignore her. He may show his buddies at school like “check this out bro, I ain’t even replying while she wants me so bad“. Such guys are less interested in the girl but in for their fame and popularity. They would feel somewhat “cool” by showing off something totally made up.

4. The Playboy

This type of guy, is one to beware. He likely does not care for your feelings and the reason these guys stop texting and then start again is totally about controlling women and manipulation.

However, you may be unaware this guy is a playboy. Unless all you want is a temporary physical relationship only, you should take precautions to avoid playboys. They are there just for temporary relationships, or just wrong intentions. They may just text you when they want a hookup, then ghost you, then text again, when they want to set up a new hookup.

playboys are known to use you like you are disposable. See reasons Why Do Guys Stop Texting and Then Start Again

If you like this type of guy, but want a long term relationship. It is best to take some lessons in how to stop liking someone and take the steps to find a better guy.

5. He Wants To Check it is Both Ways

In some cases, the guy is giving his level best to keep it up to the girl he likes. Sometimes love can be very one-sided. Hence he would try something like this to check if the girl misses him back. If he is always the first one to text, he would keep a check whether the girl would even check.

Since he is putting so much effort to make it happen and isn’t receiving the response he expects, he would try this. If you know he likes you and if you like him back, go ahead tell him. Make him happy after all the effort he has given in.

6. He is Not Much Interested in You

He may have replied and kept the conversation going, doesn’t mean he holds the same feelings as you do. Maybe he just found it rude to leave you hanging and engaged in a conversation. But as he realized you may be in with such intentions that you like him, he may stop texting or reply after a couple of days to slow it down.

Or if simply he has ran out of topics to talk about, he would make up an excuse and just fade from the conversation and just not reply for a while.

Why Do Guys Start Texting Again

The reasons for this sometimes depend on the reason they stopped in the first place.

If they stopped to assert dominance or because they thought it is important to play “hard to get” then the stoppage was planned and means little.

But a lag in texting may also be perfectly natural. They may have been busy and finally had the time to reply. It may be that they got bored with others so they remember that there was a girl they just randomly stopped texting (you), so they would come back and state a random excuse just to engage in conversation again.

How To Get a Guy Texting Again

There are quite many ways to deal with him randomly not texting. Some may be tough, but worth it. Go through all the ways and decide which one fits your situation, and eventually follow it.

1. Call Him

If you really care for him and may have a frank relation, give him a call and ask what’s wrong. This way you would also know what is up as well as him being aware that you do care for him. Or in the other case, If you don’t know his texting habits, consider how much time does he spend on his phone.

if he can't make time for you, let him know it is all ok

He may be busy or perhaps he does not use his phone 24/7 like many others. Through a phone call, things would get clear, you would understand from his tone whether he is pretending or he actually doesn’t see your message. 

2. Give Time

If you guys are new to each other, giving time would be best. Giving him time would give him the thought you are not annoying nor are you desperate for his replies. He wouldn’t even be stressed if he hasn’t replied to you due to his busy schedule. This makes it a healthy relationship where you don’t bother the other, where there are fewer restrictions and more freedom. 

Wait for him to come back and if he’s back after a short while with a justified reason, accept it and don’t be a burden. This way he would like to speak to you since you don’t mind him replying late. Even if it is a lame excuse, don’t make it a big deal. Let it slide through. 

3. Forget Him

If you get the vibe that he is purposefully ignoring you, or he is not much interested in you, walk away! You have your dignity and self-respect, if one is not showing much interest, never text him again. give him the feels that he was the one texting and you ignored him, if he messages you after a couple of days or weeks, ignore him. Don’t fall for him again, remember what he did, don’t slip so easily.

4. Ask Him Straight-Up

If you are frustrated and done with his behavior, straight-up ask him. Don’t be shy or think how he would feel about it. Ask him why does he randomly stop chatting. Listen to his justification and then decide what to do. Whether to keep it going this way or just cut off permanently. Even though cutting off may not be easy and you may go through a heartbreak, but it is all better for you in the long run.

5. Find an Alternative

If to his words it or you feel he has a busy schedule, ask him to make time or just meet him. Whether outdoors or keep visiting him if you really care for him. Maybe help him out in his busy schedule while around.

Do some of his chores or help him out through his working routine. If you really have feelings for him, this would be the best way since you are already understanding his problems and helping him out without him asking.

Understanding Guys’ Texting Habits

There are many habits you may take into consideration while speaking to a guy. Don’t get too dishearted or offended when his sudden disappearance occurs. Guys usually have a mind of staying busy, from teenage they would try starting a part-time job or any work that would generate finance. They would want to earn to fulfill their luxurious wish-list. Apart from that guys are quite into hitting the gym to make a ripped body. 

One thing you may put in mind, his homies are above you. So if he gives them time more, don’t complain. He trusts his homies more than anything since he has spent a great part of their life together and you came later into his life. Never also blame him for this. Instead, if you remain calm or encouraged him to give time to his boys, he may be impressed by you. The point is you aren’t asking for much time and telling him to give time to his close mates. This will leave a great impression of you on him.

Guys’ Texting Style 

There are many stereotypes but some stand out quite much. The texting style reflects his intentions. This way you would know what you are in for, what are his feelings while he speaks to you. These may include:

1. The Complaint Box

One who would make you his therapist and tell you everything wrong with his life. He may end up spilling some of his secrets as well. Well, this means he trusts you very much and you may have a chance to hit on him. Keep consoling him and this way you’d get closer and closer to him, and eventually end up dating.

you may let him know you are there for him, listen to his rants and calm him down

If he keeps complaining all day, he really needs your support and therapy. Keep being nice and sweet, if you manage to cure his depression, he will be forever grateful and probably fall in love with you.

2. He Compliments You A Lot

If from time to time he compliments you or reminds you how beautiful you are, he definitely wants you bad. Observe him for a while and if he is genuinely sweet and continues to compliment you, again and again, he is really obsessed with you. He really wants you. So if you do have feelings for him, don’t stretch it much and try taking it forward before he gives up.

3. The Interviewer

If he’s very interrogative; asks a lot of questions about you. About your habits, your routines, likes and dislikes, interests. He is treating your chat like a tinder inbox meaning he is in for a relationship. Maybe he is attracted to you because of your beauty and he is finding out if you guys would link up. If yes, eventually you guys would form a healthy relationship and both will probably be quite happy.

4. Good Morning Texts

If you wake up to his texts, he is the one. He makes sure to make your day with his loving messages and probably also ends your day with his love messages. He really wants to make your day go well and wants to see you happy. If you ever manage to get mad or upset and if he notices, he will be the most worried and will keep chatting until you feel better. Since he really cares about your mood.

A Final Word on Why Guys May Stop Texting and Then Start Again:

No matter how attractive the guy seems, no matter how sweet he looks, don’t fall for him easily. Investigate properly, see his intentions over text and understand how much he is into you, or how bad he wants you. Then decide whether you want to take it forward; whether it’s worth taking it forward or it is just a temporary relationship. 

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