10 Reasons Why Don’t Girls Like Me & 5 Tips to Get Them Like You Now

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“Why don’t girls like me?”. I get this question from my male friends and work colleagues several times. It is not that you are not attractive enough for a girl to notice you. It is just that you are not playing your cards right.

Men go through this phase every time they go through rejection and that makes them morosely think, “why don’t girls like me?”

Therefore, today we bring you reasons to why girls don’t like you and how can you work on them


10 Common Reasons Why Don’t Girls like Me? 

1. Poor Communication

The biggest reason why girls don’t like you is because of your poor communication skills. Girls like it when you touch them, brush their arms conversationally or show other gestures of love. It is you who need to tells them that you like them.

Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, bring an eagerness and positivism in your whole body language and you will be good to go.  

Clear and consistent communication is the key to a great relationship from start to finish. If you don’t have it, you will not find a girl easily

Why don't girls like me
Poor Communication is the reason Why Girls Don’t Like Me

2. Sexting Too Soon – Why don’t girls like me?

Now, this is the biggest turn off for a girl! We all know that sex is going to come in the end then why do you approach sexting?! If you are looking for a relationship, that’s the wrong way to go. 

You need to learn to take it slow and easy because girls don’t like it when you can’t control yourself. Therefore, sexting off the bat is a major turn off for girls and another authentic reason to make you think”why don’t girls like me?”.

3. Experience More – Why don’t girls like me?

If you have a dull and boring life and you still ask, “why don’t girls like me?” then you need to change your lifestyle. Girls like guys who are passionate about their lives. Who love their jobs and are into interesting hobbies.

For instance, a guy who spends his free time in his underwear playing video games, and has no ambition beyond what he’s going to order on his Friday night pizza. Likely, girls will not be eager to join in. 

In short, they want someone to have an adventure with. Therefore, look for ways for your growth and try experiencing new things in life. It will also give you a healthy mind and body with the bonus of girls liking you.

4. You are not a Gentleman

As I always say, being a gentleman is never out of fashion. Therefore, show some qualities of chivalry and you won’t be asking”why girls don’t like me?” again. 

For instance, if you plan the date and make all the reservations and let her know of any changes, you are doing a great job. Also, some flowers would be great.

Girls just want to feel loved and desired. So even a little text from you saying that you are looking forward to the evening is enough to make her heart melt.

Why aren't girls attracted to me?
Not Being a Gentleman is the reason Why Girls Don’t Like Me

5. Build your Self-esteem – Why don’t girls like me?

To build your self-esteem you need to love yourself first. Remember, if you learn to love yourself, the whole world will like you because healthy self-esteem is attractive.

Love starts with self-love. If you are constantly growing and have no regrets for your past and present then there is a future of happiness for you. Girls like it when you are confident about yourself and therefore, they end up liking you.

For the record: there is a woman out there who will like you, and who will want to date you. Just because some women aren’t interested in you that does not mean you are not fit for dating.

So gear up all your confidence and make no compromises on your self-esteem. As a result, you won’t be asking again”why don’t girls like me?”!

6. Let Go Off that Negative Attitude

If you are a pessimist then it is quite clear why don’t girls like you. 

Pessimism is extremely toxic when it comes to dating and other facets of your life. Pessimism puts you in a scarcity mindset, where you believe that opportunities for things like love and relationship are not for you.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that it will affect your mental state and this makes them the women to stay away from you. If you want to get rid of the ghost of”why don’t girls like me?” then you have to let go of that pessimistic nature. 

Be hopeful, as there is plenty of fish in the sea and there is some girl who will like you for who you are. 

Negative Attitude is the reason Why don't girls like me
Pessimism is the reason Why Girls Don’t Like Me

7. You lack grooming skills

If you ask, “why girls don’t like me?” then maybe you are lacking some grooming skills. It is not that you are ugly or not good looking. It is that you are unaware of the wondrous effects of grooming skills. 

Proper grooming, well hygiene, and great fitting clothes and enough to make you stand out. Even if you do not have conventional movie-star good looks, but if you know how to dress for your body and you smell good, you’re already 75% attractive. 

Therefore, start grooming yourself from today.

8. You are Not Like Her – Why don’t girls like me?

This is a really hard situation! You might be doing everything right and still find yourself asking, “why girls don’t like me?”. A possibility is that you might be chasing the wrong girls. 

For instance, you have a great job, interesting hobbies and you are good looking but still don’t have that much luck when it comes to dating. Chances are you are dating the wrong types-the girls you are dating fail to click with you and therefore you are still single.

In other words, their preferences, values, and backgrounds are as different from yours as chalk is from cheese. So, try looking out for the right one.

9. Be Your Natural Self – Why don’t girls like me?

It could be that trying hard to get a girl would just make you look like any other guy. Going all out to please or warm up to the girl will more often than not make you behave in a way that is quite unlike you.

The girl will treat you like a poof who’s always there when needed, but they would end up in bed with someone else leaving you wondering, “Why don’t girls like me?”

Therefore, just be your natural self and exude confidence and you will do fine.

10. You don’t pay attention!

As you know, girls love to be the center of attention of their guys. Therefore, if you just lay out on the sofa and watch silly sitcoms, completely ignoring your date might not be very ideal.

You need to make her feel that when she is around, she matters the most. You can start by shutting off your phone, listening to her intently, and noticing her attire. Follow these steps and you will never be wondering “why don’t girls like me?”.

Why don't girls like me?
Your lack of Attention is the reason Why Girls Don’t Like You

To solve this mystery once and for all, we have gathered five power-packed tips to make every girl go Ga Ga for you. 

5 Compelling Tips to make every girl like you

1. Be Trustworthy

Do you want to win over a girl? Be trustworthy. In a girl’s eyes, if you can be trusted, you will become magically attractive. So, if a woman needs to vent or she needs help with something, make sure you are the man that gets there first. 

Show her with your actions that you are the one she can trust and everything else will fall in place.

2. Flirt with her

Flirting is attractive and fun. It keeps the spark alive in a relationship

Flirting is a good route to help build your self-esteem and put you in the green when socializing. Just make sure you are being real with your flirting. Fake flirting will get you nowhere fast.

3. Give her space

Exactly like you would feel if you don’t find your individuality, the same way a girl will feel if you don’t give her some space. Every relationship must have some mutual space in which the partners can exercise their hobbies and passion. 

The same goes for dating. Giving her space allows her the time she needs to miss you and think about you. The idea is you want her to want you, and she’s not going to get that opportunity if you won’t get out of her. Therefore, respect her individuality and you will be on her list of good guys. 

Why don't girls like me?
Lack of Mutual Space is the reason Why Girls Don’t Like Me

4. Focus on Text communication

Talking in an instant is so much easy in today’s age. The most accessible and easy way to communicate is texting. Therefore, play with your words to keep her engaged in you. Try having a conversation on interesting topics and that won’t bore you or her. 

Give her space in this regard too. Do not message her 24/7, just pick up time, and text her how is she doing or any other random message. That will make her realize that you are thinking about her and you won’t be asking again “why don’t girls like me?” anymore. 

5. Be Mysterious – Why don’t girls like me?

People say that playing hard to get is a good thing while others label it as a complete waste of time. But you can’t deny that being mysterious keeps the other person hooked up on you. The only issue is finding the right balance. 

Experts say that playing hard to get would make most of the women interested in you so swing your mysterious air next time you meet a girl and you won’t come home thinking why don’t girls like you. Just don’t get away with playing hard to get; it can backfire too. Stay in moderation. 

Why are not girls interested in me?
Playing Too Hard to get is the Reason Why Girls Don’t Like Me


FAQs on Why Don’t Girls Like Me:

Why don’t girls like me?

There might be many reasons for it. You have poor communication skills or you are a boring person, remember girls like guys who are passionate about life and indulge in interesting hobbies. Try to groom yourself.

How does it feel when no girl likes you?

When you experience rejections, it might hurt a lot but along with that ache, you start thinking about yourself that why girls don’t like you?

Am I that much ugly or loser?

Or I don’t have a good career and many more negative thoughts.

How can I accept that no woman will ever be attracted to me?

Well, this reality is hard to accept but you need to accept and g through this. You can consume your time in reading books and also try to avoid watching television and other heavily advertisement-driven media.

How to attract a woman?

You can adopt the following tips. You should be trustworthy, flirt with her, focus on text communication and have some mysterious behavior.


So, which of the above 5 tips are you going to follow to get out of the question of why don’t girls like me and to become a great person in yourself so that girls start liking you AS YOU ARE!.

Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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