4 Solid Reasons Why My Ex Blocked Me – Will They Come Back?

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Why my ex blocked me? That‘s a question we ask many times in our lives.

Whatever the reasons may be, it’s obvious that you have done something to upset them.

In this guide, free of fluff, we tell you what to expect when you are blocked.

4 Solid Reasons Why My Ex Blocked Me

We shall look in-depth at why you are blocked and the upsetting reasons your partner might not want to see you anymore.

When someone asks why my ex blocked me, then this may refer to a blockade in front of you everywhere.

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1. They Are Obsessed With You – Why My Ex Blocked Me:

If someone has blocked you and they have done so by going out of their way, then you should be amazed because they are not ignoring you; they are obsessed with you.

Well, true that. Think about it. If you are reading this article and decide to turn no contact mode on, you are technically obsessed with your ex. You wake up, your ex is on your mind, go to work, get into your vehicle, and especially at bedtime.

So what to expect, is it love or hate?

I would say they are trying to get their mind off of you because they are obsessed with you.

The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment - Why my ex blocked me
The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.

They are obsessed, and trying to run away might mean they are obsessed with the wrong reasons.

So what are the wrong reasons?

In the case of a woman who, after reading above, would want his ex-boyfriend back. This means that thought of him still gives great feelings.

Of course, there were fights, and you went at each other pretty bad, but if she still wants him back, she really loves her boyfriend and wants things to work out.

Let’s see it from a boyfriend’s perspective who has decided to put a blockade in front of his girlfriend. Being blocked by an Ex is never good. But he might be obsessed with you.

This obsession could be for the wrong reasons. Like, you bring out the worst in him. You are annoying to your boyfriend. Whenever he thinks about you, it’s just an annoying memory. He thinks about you all the time, but feelings are not good.

eyes start love, intimacy perfects it - Why my ex blocked me
Eyes start to love; intimacy perfects it.

2. Hurts To talk To:

Whenever you talk to your partner, it hurts badly. I am not talking about physical pain. I am talking about the kind of hurt that goes deep.

The pain which makes your soul ache from the inside. Like whenever you talk, you feel belittled by the other side for no reason.

They think your style or food choices are bad; it’s like whatever bad in the world is because of you. You cannot satisfy their ever-growing disapproval attitude. 

Sometimes it hurts to talk to someone because the feeling is not there, not mutual. It hurts when you talk to someone with great affection and respect, but they don’t even care and keep the devil’s care attitude.

If people are not returning the kind gesture, then you should try elsewhere. You should trust your instincts and leave this hurtful relationship.

Don't forget, a persons greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated - Why my ex blocked me
Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.

3. You Are Not Paying Attention – Why My Ex Blocked Me:

Your partner blocks you for reasons I think are very important. If you are in a relationship or married (this goes far beyond) for some years, things might start to fall apart.

It might take some time to get this but know that if you are not intimate enough with your partner, it’s alarming.

Most of the time, women lose interest in their male partners is because they no longer want to be intimate and adventurous with them in bed. Or they have stopped appreciating their efforts like getting ready to get into it. Or the clothes they put on to entice you.

For men, if you are not taking some time to freshen up or care about the things he wants you to, then it isn’t good for intimacy. For example, you do not take a shower before bed, or you skip cleaning, or you don’t pay attention to your undies enough.

One thing is sure that men like to be adventurous, and if you are not an active participant, they will lose interest in you. They would stop paying attention to you. This brings cracks in your relationship, married or unmarried; it’s fatal for you.

It starts from being one inactive to the other ignoring and then being emotionally unavailable, and then the relationship falls apart, one takes off, blocks you, and poof.

Physical attention is the key guys, always give a good grope and tease to your partner once or twice in a day, keep the intimacy on fire. Do not let an invite to bed let go.

Love is combination
Love is a combination of respect, friendship, understanding, communication, and companionship.

4. You Are Not Moving Forward:

Most of the people who are in a new relationship understand the importance of commitment. People are enthusiastic while they are at the start of their relationship. They say or show things they might not keep up in the longer run.

Say, for example, if you were a university student when you met him or her, you were ambitious. You wanted to achieve and get somewhere in your particular field.

Two years in, and now you have lost all that ambition, and you are stuck in a dead-end job. You lack the motivation to get out of this situation and change things for the better.

Your partner/spouse would definitely want you to achieve something out of your career or at least be seen going after it.

If you do not want to change all that and keep going with this slow-paced, less productive life, then your spouse will lose interest in you.

And block you off from their life. Suddenly all of the ambitions they experienced in you have become thin air. The person filled with passion for going further and achieving is not there anymore.

All they see is a lazy ass person with no career goals, which is bad for your commitment and happy life ahead. If a woman can’t see you doing well in your job or career, how come she can foresee a family with kids with you?

It does not make sense. She would want to block you socially and completely out of her life. The same goes for men; they also do not prefer a lazy woman who cannot become active participants in their home and family.

You can't force a person
You can’t force a person to show you respect, But you can refuse to be disrespected.


Committing means you have accepted to take care of your family or partner no matter what. You have to physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially take care of your partner or spouse.

Be aware that if you are not going to be there for them, they would find someone better and then block you. The question is, are you the one going to go short or the one who is on top in all these aspects.

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