Writing A Letter to An Old Teacher – Express Your Heart.

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The teacher always plays a vital role in our life, and sometimes it becomes hard to thank them open-heartedly. Writing a letter to an old teacher is the best way to show how grateful you are for all the lessons that your teacher helped you to learn & master.

Below, you’ll find why it is important to write this letter for our own memories & for the happiness of our teacher as well. You’ll also find a sample letter that you can take inspiration from to write your own letter to your own old teacher.

writing a letter to an old teacher
A Heartfelt Thankyou Letter To An Old Teacher.

How to Write a Letter to an Old Teacher

In this section, you can see a sample letter to an old teacher and add your own moments, memories & emotions to it.

Teachers are those mentors who identify our mistakes and teach us how to learn from them.

They direct us to the right path of being human and guide us to explore the real world of humanity, devotion, faithfulness, and perpetual success.

An expressive gesture of writing a letter to an old teacher can be the better way to tell them how thankful you are for the day when they decided to be a teacher.

Dear Ma’am:

Looking back on my life journey, I know it has been drastically different. I was a completely changed person until I met you on the first day of my college.

It’s been a long time to recollect the alluring pearls of my memories, but I still miss those days when I taught to fly high with my dreadful unpolished skills. You discovered the real me and explored my hidden capabilities, which I never awarded off.

You were an amazingly inspirational and motivational speaker. Every single word of yours has a magical and significant value for us which is unforgettable.

You Beared With My Dauntless Attitude:

I still remember that time, when I was rude, arrogant, and had lots of behavioral issues.  Mostly, you pointed me to take physics lectures seriously, while I was muttering with my classmates carelessly.

I have hated you for being so rigid and stern to me at first. You often called my name to stand me up in front of all students and asked me to revise the lesson daily. Those were some awful moments that I could never forget.

More often, you punished me for being late in class and mark proxies for other friends. It was a wonder that you always caught me whenever I tried to do such things.

You never missed a chance to find my mistakes and warn me to stop repeating them.
Noticing my conversations with friends, observing my ruthless behavior, and making me uncomfortable during presentations was severely irritating at that time.

A teacher knows how to enhance your hidden abilities
A Great Teacher Knows How to Make Meaningless Things Valuable.

I have irrationally hated you for many unreasonable conditions, but this was you who never stop impuring plenty of positive vibes to me.

Thank You for Identifying What I Can Be:

In starting days, I found your personality very disciplined and confined. You were a role model for all students. Your dynamic persona had influenced us all. A charismatic personality, alluring looks, and capitative communication style was grabbing our attention day by day. 

You were an explorer who discovered our inabilities and hidden talents just in few months. It was you who take them seriously and started work to polish them. Your high expectations made me awake to look into the world’s eye differently.

You wouldn’t accept anything unless it was perfect and best according to you. The fear of making you angry has pushed me to be the person you want me to be. My failures and practices to give you the best of me was a hard journey of my career and sometimes that was more than I thought I could do.

I still remember that day when you called my name to present a demonstration on physics mechanism

 Oops! ‘I am not ready for it’. I just had that thought in mind, rather than giving you any excuse or reason to not be prepared, I stated I didn’t get any notification for this presentation. I was rude and discourteous at that moment and bluntly giving excuses for my negligence.

In real I couldn’t be able to prepare my project due to late-night preparations for my sister’s wedding. But excepting for being honest, I became insolent. However, you ignored my behavior and said “sit down.”

Suddenly I realized that I did wrong, I stand up again  and said “I am sorry I couldn’t prepare myself for the presentation due to some personal reasons.” And started crying. Thus, you came up near my bench side and looked at me anxiously. 

Now what? I was expecting this is the time when I got insulted and maybe you punished me and kick me out of class in few seconds. Surprisingly you gave me a gracious smile, a tight hug and asked me to share my reason with you.

Finally, I got the courage to speak more and told you about my sister’s wedding and apologize for my arrogant behavior. At that time, you make me comfortable, and instead of being strict, you understood my problem genuinely. 

After this incident, you completely change your attitude towards me. 

In beginning, it was hilariously surprising to understand the change in you, but on the day of the science fair, you told me how you figured out the situation that I was dealing with. 

As much as we had a lot of different opportunities to converse more and more about my psychic issues and teach me how I can handle myself courageously, made me fall in love with you. With time I got used to listening to you for many hours with all your advice, examples, and techniques for analyzing my personality.

We argued so many times, especially at the beginning of the first year. I can’t remember how many times you kept me in during lunch breaks. I thought it was a punishment, but now I realize you were making me practice to know the art of controlling my emotions. You were assuring me that I had learned to cool down when things got practically heated. 

Additionally, while I was seeking this emotional intelligence you always helped me to identify my drawbacks and accept them as they are. You taught me how to fight with my fears and regrets courageously.

You always listened to me, no matter how loud I was because you knew that I just needed to be heard. You were patient with me even I didn’t care about that. The maximum time you gave me second chances no matter how screwed up I was.

a great teacher always guides students as mentor image shows a student teacher relationship.
A Great Mentor is A Great Explorer.

Appreciation for What You Did for Me:

There are so many things I wish I would have said to you on the last day of our college. You deserve to know how I felt every single day while I was learning many things from you, but I couldn’t say it all. It’s not because I don’t care but because I was always so influenced by you.

 You were so incredible to me especially in those times, whenever I need someone who really could listen and care about my problems. You were always there to make me feel important to hear. 

I can’t forget that time when I was drastically under pressure for attempting my exams in high score. While I was suffering from the most painful combination of my life. My father’s death left me in sorrow and I wasn’t mentally prepared for looking at this aspect of life. 

You are the one who gave me support, courage, and wisdom to see a path to revive my grief in a realistic and acceptive approach. I learned how to fight with disappointments, discouragements, rejections, and many different abilities of human traits.

You were like best friends to me. I always felt a heart-touching connection and gratitude between us which made our bond strong. You engage, inspire and empower me as I need every single day of my life. 

Maybe you never figured out that we noticed how much you care about us. Even then this was not a part of your job but you performed it like a great leader or a mentor.

I always love your ideas to discover more about the real goal of my life and the way you taught us physics, that was a tremendous way to learn a difficult lesson. 

You never judge a student through his/her weaknesses and valued them for their strength and unique abilities. Your gestures and excitement to hear your students were remarkably impressive. That is why most of our classmates loved to take your lectures for learning something new and exciting.

You Deserve More:

This is truly appreciating that you have always done your duty beyond professional grounds. Students counseling and helping them with their extra study hours were exceptionally magnificent.

A teacher can only makes your wisdom more clear. Image shows a teacher students conversation.
Thank You! Without You, I Can Never become What I am today.


I am overwhelmed to be thankful to you for making me what I am. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible. You made me believe in myself and your encouragement gave me confidence and knowledge to discover my intelligence, creativity, ability, and personality. 

You build our career for the top level of success and guided us all in the right direction. I am sure this was a hard journey for you, but amazingly you have succeeded to achieve your aim. We as good and successful human beings are the real example of your kindred spirit and hardworking efforts.

You never make me disappointed.

Although, I am grateful to you for letting me know the original perspective of life and teaching me the real meaning of being human. We can never forget the impact of your struggle to make us the better people of the future.

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