17 Methods to Overcome Depression Due to One-Sided Love

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Depression due to one-sided love is going to be increased day by day. No doubt, One-Sided Love mostly gives us pain. So, today we are going to talk about an interesting topic that is “depression due to one-sided Love”. But before we start, it is important to understand what is a one-sided love and how we can differentiate between a relationship and one-sided Love.

Unrequited love gives happiness and depression at the same time.

When a person becomes crazy for another person, gives his time, passion loves to another person, and he does not care about his health or self-respect, be sure it is called one-sided love, where another person even does not know about your craze and love for him, or he does not care about you. 

Difference Between One-Sided Love & Relationship

Have you ever suffered being in love with a person who didn’t love you in return? It’s perhaps the most painful thing that can happen to anyone. Some individuals call it “Friend Zone.”

It occurs when somebody you love sees you as no more than just a pal. This scenario is usually observed in romantic comedy films where the individual ends up falling in love with the other at the end of the film, but this glad ending does not actually happen in the real world.

Most of us remain hopeful that one day, we are about to be loved by them in exchange. We keep on demonstrating our affection and love thinking it will change their emotions for us.  

One-sided love is something else than a relationship where both partners are involved in one another, and both care for each other, but in one-sided love, only one partner gives one hundred percent.

One-sided love is that feeling of love where another person does not feel the same way. One-sided love is just wasting of time and energy and hurtful.

One-Sided Love is A Torture

One-sided love, you wait for someone, but it will not happen, you look at someone who cannot see you, you think about him/her all day even you do not cross his/her mind, you wait for his/her call or message and even you reach out to her/his, but they respond to you with insignificance.

One-sided or Unrequited Love is a kind of battle, we can say it is a battle of your feelings, your time, your passion, your love, your heart, your emotions, your gut and logic, your self-respect, your ego, and even your image. It can destroy you. It is that kind of war where you lose and you cannot win this war and even you may not be able to stop this war. It’s a long term loss.

depression due to one-sided love - one-sided love gives happiness and depression at the same time
depression in one-sided love

In one-sided love, you always do anything for someone to work, but the other one does not think about it, you hope for something, but the other one does not care about it; you give your love, but another one just takes it and avoids it.

One-sided love is self-destruction, you always think about everything you said or did for that person whom you love. You just overthink about the other one. In one-sided love, you will be rejected all the time, and this feeling of rejection makes you mad for someone.

One-sided love is defined as infatuation, attraction, or crush. It does not love its obsession.

Why People Suffer From Depression Due to One-Sided Love

depression due to one-sided love
one-sided love leads to depression

Unrequited love leads to affection. Affection leads to loneliness, and this loneliness leads a person towards depression.

Though the person has become crazy for someone, he does not care about his health or image, so this will lead to mental depression.it is that feeling where a person cannot control his feelings, and he begins to become mad for that person who has no idea about his love. In studies, it is observed, there are some cases in which one-sided Love might be fatal to some extent.

It has been observed that in unrequited love, the person starts to expect something from the other. This situation can be harmful to both.

When a person begins to have expectations from whom he loves, this condition might be harmful.

8 Consequences Due to One-Sided Love

One-sided love is always painful. Most of the people suffer from depression due to One-sided Love. In this section of the article, we are going to share some consequences due to one-sided love. 

  1. He gets depressed due to one-sided love
  2. He always gets upset and he feels the change in his gestures also.
  3. He gets hypertension due to one-sided love
  4. He crosses his limits due to one-sided love
  5. When a person is rejected all the time by that person he loves he tries to hurt himself
  6. He lives his life with depression, tension, and stress due to one-sided love.
  7. He loses his ability to concentrate on anything
  8. He takes wrong decisions due to one-sided love

Effects of One-Sided Love on Relationships

Depression and Unrequited Love are similar to one another; both desire death.” -Jai Mehandiratta

Studies suggest that people suffer from depression due to one-sided love as compared to those who are not in love. Unhappy relationships are considered as a risk factor. Some studies found that there are 60% of people who suffered from depression due to one-sided love.

If someone suffers from depression due to one-sided love, he might be so overwhelmed by his signs that finding the energy to connect feels not possible.

depression due to one-sided love - one-sided love is similar to depression
one-sided love and depression

A person can become exhausted due to One-sided Love, even if he is not able to support the person whom he loves.

He feels he is like a burden and making his life difficult or worse as well for other people around him. He feels guilty and lowers his self-esteem.

Signs of One-Sided Love

The rejection from one-sided love or unrequited love cause depression. How could you know that you are suffering from one-sided love?

In this section, we are going to tell you some signs of one-sided love. so, if you are suffering from one-sided love then it may be possible that you suffer from depression due to one-sided love. 

  1. The feeling of insecurity about your love
  2. You always try to make an excuse for your love.
  3. The calendar of your love takes priority.
  4. You second guess yourself.
  5. You always apologize even if there is no need.
  6. You are doing the relationship heavy lifting for him.

7 Tips to Overcome Depression Due to One-Sided Love

getting better from depression demands a lifelong commitment

It is a not surprising fact if you fall in one-sided love even he does not know about your feeling. These are the following tips that can help you to overcome your mental depression

1. Talk with your love as soon as possible. Talk to your friends and family about this one-sided love and try to spend more time with your family and friends to overcome the depression.

2. Be positive and think positive.

3. Avoid unnecessary dreams.

4. If you find compatibility between you and that person with whom you fall in love, then think about to turn into a relationship.

5. Try to talk with the person you love but if he rejects you, then moves on, do not overthink him, and concentrate on other things. Try to attempt new things in your life and focus on the other goals of your life to overcome the depression.

6. Keep your distance. If your One-sided Love rejects your love, then start to maintain distance from him. Because if you don’t maintain distance with your loved one, then there is a possibility to be depressed more. 

7. Never expect a lot from your love. The expectations of One-sided Love mostly cause depression, so don’t expect anything from your love: fewer expectations, less chance of depression.

Dealing With Depression from One Sided Love:

When the cupid tries to fly in the wrong path, he buds the arrow without having to look and chooses the wrong person. One-sided Love begins. Mostly young or teenagers fall to prey in One-sided Love because it is that time of your life when you idealize someone.

But there are some cases where mature people also fall into one-sided love, which is very painful for them. Young, immature people are the weakest to one-sided love, but they have more capability of moving on, and they are stronger than others because they are flexible and innocent.

People who are in one-sided love can experience acute depression. They were deeply hurt. At times, it includes a long-term connection, where one person feels for another person, but another person does not feel the same way when young people enter into the work zone, more likely to fall in one-sided love with colleagues or bosses. “They are mainly vulnerable,” said Hvovi Bhagwagar.

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