Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love? – Our Final Answer with Images

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Do you ever get over your first love? I don’t think so, because first-ever” experiences always have a special place in our minds. For instance, you will remember how you felt when you went for your first skydive ever. You won’t be remembering how the third and fourth times were. 

The same is the case with first love. Scientific research states that “Your first experience of something is going to be well remembered, more than later experiences. Presumably, there’d be more arousal and excitement, especially if it’s somewhat scary.

Falling in love is somewhat scary — you’re afraid you’ll be rejected, you’re worried you won’t live up to their expectations, afraid they won’t live up to yours. Anxiety is a big part of falling in love, especially the first time.

Is it easy to dimiss your first love from your mind?
First Experiences Are Always Hard To Forget

That is why you don’t ever get over your first love. If still explanation does not help, then we have gathered some authentic and logical reasons that lie behind “do you ever get over your first love?”


Do you ever get over your first love? Here are 6 reasons why

1. You Miss Your First Love:

It is obvious why don’t you get over your first love because you miss them! You miss the way they made you feel. You crave that connection, passion, and intimacy. 

It is hard for you after the breakup too. Even after so many years, you still find yourself thinking about your first love because you could not find anyone like her. 

If someone loves you with all his heart, that’s the best feeling in the world, and when it is no longer, you miss it. 

Is it easy to think no more of your first love?
Do You Ever Get Over Your Special One? Bad breakups don’t let you.

2. Your life was theirs:

Do you ever get over your first love? No. Because it was something very personal for you. It became a part of your routine, like any other necessity. Some people also ignore their friends and family for that matter.

It is like a bond without any social constraints, which require your heart and mind only. Therefore, you don’t ever get over your first love because you will keep remembering him.

3. Bad Breakup:

Bad breakups make it challenging to get over your first love. If the breakup was nasty, then the chances are it will take a toll on your mind too. 

Maybe you keep blaming yourself for the breakup, or you were failing to get each other at that point.

Rejection hurts, a lot. Even if it had nothing to do with you, it could still throb and make you feel like you’re somehow not good enough. Therefore if someone asks, “do you ever get over your first love?”, let them know of your view in this regard.

4. You think You Will Not Find Anyone As Good:

Mild depression becomes your best friend after the break-up with that special one. Therefore, you mostly believe that you will not find anyone as good as your partner was. It can be correct, but you must not spend your whole life thinking this.

Furthermore, it will make you read all these articles on “do you ever get over your first love?” because hey! You don’t. 

Do you ever let your first love slip from your memory?
Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love? As Nostalgia hits Often

5. Nostalgia will Take Over:

If I ask myself, “Do you ever get over your first love?”. My answer will be a BIG FAT NO because what reminds me of him is this evil nostalgia!

Every love story might not be a Meg Cabot novel, but every tale has beautiful tidbits, which are the spirit of it. The fact that you never get over your first love is because there are so many memories attached. For instance, if you pass the same cafe every day where you first kissed because it is on the route to your workplace. 

The first time you bought a flat together or the first time you planted a tree in your garden together. There can be a million things that will have a nostalgic effect, and this is the reason you keep thinking, “do you ever get over your first love?”

6. You Never Get your Happy Ending

We all love happy endings. Whether its in real life or Disney movies. The real problem to “do you ever get your first love? Tips are that they don’t encounter our secret love and denial for accepting that we love happy endings!

Life is not a bed of roses, so there are problems in every step. If you are not lucky enough to sort these things out with your first love, then its a problem in itself. Why? Because it doesn’t let you get over your first love even if it is long gone. 

It is normal to think like that. It is like that job which you imagine how good it would have been if you got that one. So, here goes your most authentic NO to the question of do you ever get over your first love?

Do you easily dis remember your first love?
Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love? because of No Happy Endings

Above were some solid reasons, but no one tells how you should get over your first love? Therefore, here are some practical ways to follow to get over your first love for good. 

Do you Ever Get Over Your First Love? If No, then here’s how

1. Divert Your Mind:

I know you think it’s stupid, but really, it works. It is hard at first, but gradually, you will come out of that time slot!

Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about and love you. Focus on building your life back up in a way that makes you feel happy and content. Take up new hobbies, and slowly, your life will be on track.

2. Recreate yourself:

Yes, we all know that you gave up your personal life for your love, but now is the time to get a life! If you focus on recreating your life and bring all other elements in the spotlight, you will be a happy person eventually. Not someone who is still in the phase of “do you ever get over your first love?”

do you ever let go off your first love?
Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love?-Yes because you Recreate?

3. Stop Blaming Yourself:

Yes, you need to practice the beautiful therapy of “stop blaming yourself.” Only then, you will be able to get out of the phase of rejection and depression. 

Sometimes, two people are not just fit for each other. This does not change the love., however. Don’t think that breakup was because of you. Stop taking it personally and regard yourself as an individual who believes in his views and whatever he stands for. 

Therefore, make no room for blame games, and you will do fine.

4. Give Yourself a chance:

Just because your first love was not “right” for you, doesn’t mean the whole world is not fit for you! You are alive, and your heart will fall in love no matter what because that is what it does the best.

Even if you call it the excessive release of dopamine, it will still develop feelings for the ones it deems right.

Give yourself a chance to love again, to feel again, and to live again. Once you believe that life moves on, everything will fall in place, and maybe you might have a different take to “do you ever get over your first love” tips next time. 

Just cherish the good memories that your first love had, and you will not have difficulty in moving on. It will require your time, energy, and tons of effort, but consistency is the key.

Do you ever forget your first love?
Take a Chance to get over your first love.

But what if you are lucky enough to find your first love? Here are some badass tips to keep it long term if not forever. 

7 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in your Relationship

Long term relationships are not an easy thing. They are a roller coaster-like any other thing in life. There are good times and bad times. But if you actually care for the person, then you both will work to keep that spark alive because you never want to let it go

Here are some tips to follow if you never really want to stumble upon posts like, “do you really ever get over your first love?” because you are the lucky one!

  1. Build honestly and trust
  2. Share activities and interests
  3. Give and respect mutual space
  4. Enjoy your alone/me time
  5. Patience and Tolerance are the keys
  6. Build strong communication
  7. Work on compatible financial values

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love?

Why Is It So Hard To Get Over Your First Love?

This is the most innocent type of love. One of the basic reasons why your first love is so difficult to be forgotten is due to the fact that it is genuine, pure, and innocent.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over Your First Love?

According to the research and the 2,000 people they analyzed and surveyed 13.5 weeks take to get over your first love.

Does First Love Ever Die?

Numerous people have said that true, pure, and innocent love is never dying, no matter whether it is the very first or the last one.

Is Second Love Better Than First?

After you confront the worst in your very first love, you are blessed with the second one, which is absolutely better than your first love. 

Can’t You Still Get Over Your First Ever Bond?

 It is still a NO because it is our first ever and is the most innocent form of love. You will always remember the hugs, cuddles, sweet whispers, long drives, late-night conversations, and romantic strolls you had together. They will always have a special place in your heart and your once in a lifetime experience.

We don’t deny this fact, but if your life affects severely, then it is worth to think about it. It is not in your control to erase all those memories, but you can start by following the above tips. Plus, you can start by holding on to good ones.

Positively use them and see your break up as a lesson that life is not perfect, after all. Even if you are lucky enough to get your first love, it will take efforts of both the partners to keep that pedestal of affection working smoothly. 

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