How to Be a Nicer Person? – 14 Ways to Become A Nicer Person

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Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic that is “How to Be a Nicer Person.” But before that, it is important to understand who is a Nice Person?

We have all made mistakes throughout our lives that have not precisely put us in the best possible light, like bullying somebody in college or school or saying what looked like a little white lie. Possibilities are, though, you may be felt a bit guilty and grew because of the scenario.

I am a normal guy trying to become better and nicer in both my work and home life. I will never be ideal and perfect, but that does not mean I will not try.

If you would like to continue to grow up as a Nicer Person, here are 14 ways to get the most out of yourself.


How to Be A Nicer Person

Nicer folks are more enjoyable to be around not because they are good at pretending friendliness but because Nicer People treat others the way they want to be dealt with.

There is a reason why people distinguish genuine niceness from the fake semblance of it. Nice people like to be enjoyed that way.

People who are a true pleasure to around treat others with courtesy and genuine kindness.

They use humor only to make others more comfortable. And they are quick to sympathize with others and express gratitude than to make snap judgments and criticize or complain.

It is not always easy to be pleasant. However, there are ways to become a nicer person.

1. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Have Some Patience:

how to be a nicer person? - patience is an important thing to become a nicer person

When an individual in front of you is taking too long to place your order, have tolerance. While you are waiting in an overcrowded and musty room for your meeting, have patience. When the old person trying to cross the road still has not gotten to the other side, have patience.

The important step to becoming a nicer and better person is to express patience. Patience always helps you to think before saying anything and to reflect any action. If you are do not have patience naturally, then try counting to ten whenever you feel like you are losing your temper, it may just change your day completely.

2. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Praise or Compliment Yourself:

how to be a nicer person? - compliment yourself

Each morning before you carry on your routine, take some time to give yourself a compliment.

Whether you admire your hairs and dress, or how you recently have done a task using your unique skills, give yourself a little poignant lift will make you happy.

And, when you are satisfied with yourself, that passion may be contagious to those around you. An Inspiring speaker Tony Robbins has a mantra “he has said aloud to himself most days to put him in a peak performance state”.

3. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Learn to Understand Other People

A nice person is not a judgmental and critical person. A nice person always places himself in someone else’s shoes. And he always tries to see the situation from others’ viewpoints. If you try to do this, then it will help you to keep away from assessing and criticizing other people swiftly.

Never forget one thing that you see the world only through your own eyes. You do not see what someone else’s intentions are. Once you learn to realize where other people are going to come from, it does not just make you a nice and a good person but a compassionate person also.

4. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Remove All Kinds of Negativity from Yourself:

how to be a nicer person? - remove all kind of negativity from your mind and soul

it is an important way to become a nicer person. If you want to become a nicer person then look inside yourself and try to remove all kinds of negativity from your mind and soul.

An attempt is made to have a pure soul. It may sound that it is not possible, but it is possible. By removing all kinds of negativity, you are by now purifying you from the negativity and toxicity you hold.

Find out how you can let go of those weights and enable yourself to fly around and be a new person.

5. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Don’t Make Lame Excuses:

Blaming your clients, spouse, or boss is useless and will not get you far away. Rather than making excuses and pointing fingers about the reasons why you are not happy or productive in your professional or personal life, own your own mistakes and learn lessons from them.

Once you do this, you will become a nicer person.

6. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Being More Open:

Being more open to different people does not mean sharing your secrets with the world. This means that when you meet other people, you should shed away your prejudice and embrace them with no reservations. Every person is a closed book that you are about to open and learn.

When you open up to different people, you will be exposed to other knowledge or culture that you may not have known before. With these newfound experiences, you will be able to apply these learned traditions when you travel to different parts of the world. Remember, a nice person is a respectful person.

7. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Take Care of Other People:

how to be a nicer person? - always try to help others to become a nicer person
help others

Caring for other human beings is a completely new level of niceness. A nice person is a loving and caring person.

To be a good person is to be a weak person. When you take care of other folks, you are putting yourself and your feelings at risk. But it is everything worth it, particularly for the people you care about.

There is a different type of engagement for this sort of devotion. A compassionate person is not only a nice person, but he also has a big heart.

Try not to put those tall walls around you and please do not shut other people out.

8. Pour Your Energy into A Good Work:

Nice people like to make their contribution all they can and everything they have for the improvement of their society.

You can accomplish this by volunteering at shelters, donating goods and services to organizations for homeless people, or helping low-wage workers to obtain their justice.

This point simply means that you are using your power and energy for the greater good. With a view to becoming a nicer person, you need to be able to put the needs of the many before the needs of one. Pour your positive energies into good works.

9. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Do Not Be A Tyrant:

In the past, if you have been a bully, do your best not to bring it to your present day. Human beings have the ability to change. Just believe in yourself that you may turn out to be a nicer person and that you could always do even better.

Nice people are not tyrants, so do not be a tyrant. Nice people never take advantage of another person’s weaknesses. They never laugh when a person humiliates him.

10. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Every Day Try to Do A Good Deed:

If you want to become a Nicer Person, attempt to infuse this simple and easy activity into your daily life.

You do not have to donate millions of dollars to a charitable organization for this activity. You do not need to find the treatment for corona and cancer for it to be named a good deed. All Good deeds are counted whether it is big or small.

All good deeds, whether big or small, are counted. Whether it is helping an old person or helping your siblings with homework, a good person will always attempt to do well all along.

11. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Practice Forgiveness:

how to be a nicer person? - forgiveness is a quality of nicer person
nice people

Joyce Marter, LCPC, recommends you forgive and let go  of your anger.

She notes, “If for no other reason than for yourself, forgive to untether yourself from the negative experiences of the past. Take time to meditate and give thanks for the wisdom and knowledge gained from your suffering. Practice the mantra, ‘I forgive you and I release you.’”

12. How to Be A Nicer Person? –  Let Go of Resentment:

Let go of anger is easier to said than done. While anger is a perfectly normal emotion, you cannot let it fester. When this happens, you may make foolish decisions, and more importantly, it can affect your health.

Research indicates that pent up anger may trigger difficulty in sleeping, digestive problems, and even heart disease.

Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD, recommends that to help you let go of your anger, you write your sentiments and emotions down, meditate or pray, or begin to handle your feelings.

13. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Avoid Toxicity:

how to be a nicer person? -avoid toxic people
toxic people

Try to learn how can you avoid toxicity. Basically, toxicity means toxic people and toxic relationships. These toxic people maybe your friends, relatives, co-worker, or siblings.

Such kinds of people are all around you and your rapport with these toxic people is as bad as they are. If you want to become a nicer person than learn to identify these toxic people in your life. And cut your connection off with such kind of people.

Because if you have a toxic person in your life now, wait a while and you maybe find yourself doing the same things as him.

14. How to Be A Nicer Person? – Show Your Interest in Others:

To become a nicer person means showing authentic interest in other persons’ customs, beliefs, and interests. Spend your time by asking thoughtful questions and actively listen in to their answers.

An element of being a better person is in respect of the different traditions, cultures, and beliefs of other people and to avoid any semblance of justice.

If someone in your life has an accent you like to hear, it is fine to allow them to tell you to do,

If the other person has an accent you love to hear, it’s fine to let them know you do, so long as you’re not disrupting them or unexpectedly changing the topic from one that they are really interested in.

How to Be a Nicer Person? – 10 Tips to Become A Nicer Person


Everyone like a nice person that is why now all people wants to become a nicer person. So, today in this article we told you some ways on “How to Become A Nicer Person?” Now it’s your time to share your experience with us and never forget to try these ways to become a nicer person and tell us which is your favorite one.

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