How to Deal with a Lying Husband? – 7 Effective Ways to Catch & Fix Him

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How to deal with a lying husband? Because every relationship has an ingredient of lies in it. Some lies are light in flavor; casual and nondescript. Some lies have an intense spice level, powerful enough to shake a relationship’s grounds. Although lying in a relationship should not be chronic as the results are always bad eventually.

Therefore, We bring you all the effective ways to deal with a lying husband.


Firstly, Let’s Find Out The Signs That You Can Detect To See If Your Husband Is Lying Or Not

7 Signs Of Lying To Detect In Your Husband

1. How To Deal With A Lying Husband – Question Your “Questions”

A seasoned liar avoids answering a direct question. Therefore ask your hubby to respond in an immediate “yes” or “no.” This way, you will know if he is lying or not because he won’t be able to do that.

The worst thing about lying - how to deal with a lying husband

A frequent liar will deviate the spouse from the topic by using a variety of issues, so you will know. If you detect this sign, then it will be easier to deal with a lying husband.

2. Use Word Fillers To Respond

As I said above, a frequent liar will never be able to answer directly or plainly. He will take time to process his thoughts and deliver a trustable “lie”.

Therefore he would use word filers like, “Ummm, ah huh and etc.”.

3. Takes Too Long In Responding

How to deal with a lying husband? See if he takes too long in responding or not? If your husband is lying, he will take longer than usual to respond to simple questions. If you witness such behavior, then there are chances that he is trying to hide things or keeping a secret from you.

Your Spouse Will Take Longer To Respond If He’s Lying

4. Constantly Changing Speech-Patterns

Ironically, when a husband lies, he may use a higher pitch more often to cover up the wrongdoing in a relationship. If he is hesitating to answer a question, he will show a slip of the tongue and grammatical errors. 

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He may even talk fast just to end a conversation with his wife. Therefore, If he shows these ever-changing patterns in his routine, then he might be lying! Once you know that his speech patterns change, it will be easier for you to deal with a lying husband.

5. How To Deal With A Lying Husband – Strained Body Language

When a person lies, it is tough to coincide with his body language with his lies. It is something natural and can’t be helped. Therefore look for all his unusual body language.

For instance, if he avoids making eye contact, that means he is hiding something. Also, his facial expressions will keep changing during his course of lie, and you might see him fidgeting. 

If he puts up a defensive gesture like crossing his arms, the chances are he is hiding the truth from you and will not let you know about it. 

His Body Language Is a Strong Sign To Detect If He’s Lying

6. Lie “Versions” are Ever-Changing

How deal with a lying husband? Observe that his versions of lies will change every day. You will notice that your husband’s lies are never the same every day. The versions of his lies will be different every day because a lying story keeps changing.

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Even if your husband manages to alter minor details from the story, it shows that he is lying. 

7. Possessive About His Mobile Phone

Please note that if a husband guards his phone next to his life, then he is definitely hiding something. That’s a clear enough sign to know that your husband is hiding something BIG from you. 

how to deal with a lying husband?
A Lying Husband Will Guard His Mobile Next To His Life

After knowing these signs, let us tread on the path to How To Deal With A Lying Husband?

7 Effective Ways on How To Deal With A Lying Husband?

1. How To Deal With A Lying Husband- Reviewing His Lying Patterns

Firstly, review what type of lies your husband speaks. Does he tell lies to:

  • Show himself as the right person
  • Or does he want to avoid any shame or embarrassment?
  • Is he trying to keep an affair secret?
  • Or lying is a part of his personality?

Observe, analyze, and decide on which type of lies does your husband tells and then move forward to the next step.

2. Reflect On How Would You React If He Tells You The Truth?

Think about how would you react if your husband told you the truth. For instance, will you get angry if he tells you he was out with friends last night? Or will you get mad if he forgets to bring groceries on the weekend? If your answer is YES, then you are equally responsible for his lying pattern. 

Therefore think about your reactions before getting into a confrontation. Understand that he needs a safe and trusted environment that values honesty and encourages him to speak the truth.

how to deal with a lying husband?
Reflect On Your Reaction Before Confronting Your Husband

3. How To Deal With A Lying Husband- Communicate With Each Other

I always say, “Communication is the key”!Therefore build strong communication with your partner. Give him the trust and love that he wants, and he will open up to you eventually. Maybe he lied for entirely different reasons, and he will let you know only if you give him the comfort. 

Have a heart-to-heart chat and work together to beat the bad influences in your marriage. Accept your flaws of irrational actions as well and be honest with each other. 

Here are kickass steps to follow to improve your communication with your husband

  • Never assume things- Always talk
  • Be an active listener
  • Talk things through before they happen
  • Respond honestly and clearly
  • Believe Things Can Change

Remember, if you have a healthy communication level with your partner, both of you will not find any reason to lie. 

how to deal with a lying husband?
Build Strong Communication With Your Partners

4. How To Deal With A Lying Husband – Confront If He Is Unfaithful

How to deal with a lying husband if he is unfaithful? Confront him and have open communication with him. Tell him how betrayed you feel due to his dishonesty. Let him know that his unfaithful stance in the marriage deeply hurts you.

So, the moment you find out your husband is lying to you, don’t ignore it. Many couples share how this evil lying pattern can break the very foundations of trust. Therefore, always communicate with your partners with honesty to keep your relationship healthy and smooth. 

5. How To Deal With A Lying Husband- Ask Him To Maintain Eye Contact

Ask your husband to maintain eye contact when you are confronting him. Keeping eye contact will increase his cognitive load, and the truth will slip out. 

6. Ask Your Husband To Tell You A Story Backwards

If you want to cope up with your lying husband once and for all, then confront him. He might be able to win your trust again, so tell him to rewind the story. Tell him to repeat it, and he might stammer, use word fillers, or forget what he said before, and you will be able to get out the truth from him.

Research shows that lying adds to the cognitive load on the brain much more than telling the truth. This is because of the energy that must be expended to manufacture fictional events. 

Having him repeat his story backward adds further to his cognitive load and makes it more likely that.

7. How To Deal With A Lying Husband- Bottom Lines

How to deal with a lying husband? Both partners must do their best to keep their relationship alive and stable. Be careful not to appear judgmental; instead, let your spouse see that you’re sad and hurt. And that you want to have a relationship with them that isn’t painful and hurtful.

Tell your spouse that you don’t want this to happen again. Trust is the foundation of love, and you must be able to maintain a healthy sense of trust in one another to nurture the lifelong love you both want.

Next time you are tempted to lie, tell the truth about why you want to lie. Go like: “I’m terrified you will be upset with me, but here is what happened…” or, “It feels like it would be easier to lie to you, but the truth is…”. This approach will help you a lot.

How Telling The Truth Affects Your Relationship?

Telling the truth can have the opposite effect of lying. Instead of creating distance and authenticity, it builds trust and bonding, which is what most people genuinely want in their relationships. 

Make honesty with your partner a conscious decision and a habit. When you make a regular effort to be truthful, even with the small things, it makes telling big lies less easy. Knowing that the consequences always outweigh the benefits is something you have to keep in mind.

For many people, finding a good, trusting relationship is a monumental life task. Destroying a perfectly good relationship because you didn’t think out the consequences of a lie is in some ways, a tragedy. 

If you tell a lie or deliberately leave out important information, then you are ultimately hiding your own behavior. Therefore, learn to communicate effectively, build your trust levels, and always solve the problems instead of making them more prominent. This approach will make your marriage/relationship stronger and formidable with time. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How to Deal with a Lying Husband?

What Are the Signs of a Guilty Husband?

Here are some signs your husband could have a bad conscience, according to specialists. He explains everything, overly emotional, he has trouble sleeping, he is avoidant, he is overcompensating, he is very protective of his phone, he blames you for all the things.

How Does Being Lie to Affect You?

Lying makes needless stress in you. Having to keep an eye on and do not forget the lies they have said so that they don’t get caught can be arduous. The fraudster also has suffered from self-respect problems, as their personal integrity is at risk.

What Lying Does to A Marriage?

Probably the most apparent effect that lying has on a connection and rapport is the loss of trust one individual has in the other. Lies, trust, and confidence cannot easily exist, ultimately the former will ruin the last.

What Is Stonewalling in A Relationship?

Stonewalling is a denial to communicate or collaborate. Such conduct occurs in circumstances such as diplomatic negotiations, marriage guidance advising, politics, and legal cases. Body language might suggest and strengthen this by averting contact and involvement with the other party. 


So, being married to a lying husband is quite painful. We hope that that the above-listed tips and methods on how to deal with a lying husband will help you sort the situation in your life. 

Let us know in the comments section below about how all of this is impacting your love life and how are you currently dealing with it. 

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