How to Stop Hating Someone – 14 Master Ways to Lose Hate

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Why are we hating and how to stop hating someone? We start hating someone when someone cheats us again and again by the same person. And this will slit you into small pieces.

Hating someone will consume your inner peace whenever that person is in front of you.

Self-love is the key to good mental health and peace. Never give someone a chance to play with your inner peace because this will affect your life.

Peace is the most exorbitant thing in this world. you cannot buy this from anywhere in the world because it all comes from your heart.


14 Ways To Stop Hating Someone

This blog will help you in the healing process and getting rid of this hatred in your heart and anger in your mind for that particular person. Sometimes hatred comes from jealousy, greed, and from your own insecurities.

There are many ways on how to stop hating someone. But, here we have jotted down the master ways to resolve this matter. Give a look and check them.

1. Think Positive To Stop Hating Someone:

For the first step, you need to think positively. Because you hate on someone by considering their behavior, and their wrong deeds. So you Should look at their positive side, find some good qualities about that person.

Treat them in a good manner and serve yourself ethically. Sit with him and resolve your issues. So that how You can stop hating on that person.

2. Engage Your Attention To Stop Hating Someone:

If you are thinking of the person you hate keep yourself busy. Get a job, do an activity to distract yourself from negative thinking, try to get over the person. Listen to music, do Exercise, maintain yourself, get some work done, doodle or drawing.

How To Stop Hating Someone
Engage Your Attention To Stop Hating Someone

Sketching, get a writing hobby, try to read books, novels, magazines. Plan get together with your friends, watch movies, playing games. Do something you want to do.

3. Write Your Feelings And Keep It To Yourself:

One of the ways is you can write down your complaints and how you feeling about what wrong that person did to you. This will release all your negative thoughts. and it will relief your anger and it will free your mind from hatred.

Write Your Feelings And Keep It To Yourself
Write Your Feelings And Keep It To Yourself

Writing can help you to release your emotions. It’s the best way to express or release your Emotions instead of sharing your thoughts with others. You can keep your emotions to yourself through this.

In writing, describe the situation or the thing what the person did to you or what bothers you. write your feelings, read them and think about them.

Find the solution of your hating about someone. Burning the letter could help you let go of your hate. Burning the letter will also help make sure that now nobody can see it.

4. Spend Time to Understand Them:

If you think that there is some misunderstanding between both of you and you want to settle. Then you want to understand the person than spend some of your time with them.

Try getting to know them better by working with them on some project or activity. So that you can understand their behavior, also you can find who was at fault.

5. How To Stop Hating Someone by Being Kind & Humble:

Being kind in your life with others can give you a positive life. Think of the reason why the person behaves the way they do or why they hurt you.

Be Kind And Humble To Stop Hating someone
Be Kind And Humble To Stop Hating someone

Seeing them as human beings with a story can help you empathize with them and can step towards forgiveness.

6. Talk With Positive People To Stop Hating Someone:

Get interaction with positive people. because they can understand you. they can motivate you to keep yourself positive in every step of life.

Talk To A Therapist To Stop Hating Someone
Talk To A Therapist To Stop Hating Someone

 A simple talk with them can help you sort through your feelings. 

Sometimes, all you need to think better about someone is the change in your perspective. Being with positive people will allow you to train your mind in looking for the positive aspects, even in the worst situations.

This way, you can gradually stop hating the person by seeing the positive side.

7. Have Some Patience:

You need to be patient with the person you hate. Listen to his/her views and understand the logic of that person with patience.

Have Some Patience
Have Some Patience

Show them respect if you have to interact with them, don’t make sarcastic remarks, and don’t insult them. If they say something inappropriate, ignore them and have some patience.

8. Talk To a Therapist to Stop Hating Someone:

If someone abused you and mentally disturbed you. you want to relax your mind and want some peace talk to a therapist and get some meditation.

By talking to a therapist, you will feel better and stop hating someone. Therapist resolves these types of issues regularly and they have better advice and meditation for you.

9. Ignore Negative People & Set Boundaries & Limit Yourself: 

Throughout negative people from your life. Set boundaries and limit yourself. It will help you to avoid negative thinking. you will feel relaxed and positive.

Negative persons will remember you again and again about that person you hate. It distracts you to focus on your work or study. 

So, Avoid negative thinking people and state your boundaries to them. In this way, you will feel comfortable in your routine life.

10. Pause Before Hating & Overreacting:

Be able to put yourself into that person’s shoes and see life through their eyes. Try to understand their situation in which they did something to you that caused you to hate them.

Listen to that person with patience and do not overreact. If he blames you without your mistake then explain to him patiently. I know it is very difficult to control your hating emotions but by doing this. You will see the change in that person. 

11. Give Less Brain To Such Thoughts:

The less you give place to hate and anger in your brain the more happy and productive your own life would be. Always try to be happy.

Control your emotions and do not take decisions when you are angry or emotional. Focus on your life goals and skip negative thoughts which consume your mental energy. 

12. Divert Your Intention From That Person:

Try to think about other things and divert your intentions from what wrong that person did to you. Even if that person does something good and positive.

Your mind would pay more attention to negative aspects. Because this whats you’ve trained your mind to do. Divert your intention from that person and take that person normally like other people.

Your positive behavior toward that person will automatically impact his behavior and attitude. After some time you will feel the change in his attitude.

13. Be More Forgiving For Your Own Peace Of Mind:

Forgiving is one of the characteristics of the god. The more you forgive the more your mind will be at peace.

Be More Forgiving For Your Own Peace Of Mind
Be More Forgiving For Your Own Peace Of Mind

Even if that person didn’t apologized be strong enough to accept unsaid apologies for your own peace of mind and let that thing go from your mind.

14. Hatred Damages Your Own Your Ability To Think:

Hatred damages your own ability to think and it also puts stress on your own body.

Hating is the very strongest emotion that we generally express in our lives. Disliking is the choice that you might not like the person’s attitude or appearance. But hating someone raises the question that what’s made that person hate you?

According to biologists hate is a passion that is of equal interest to love. (professor Zeki said).

Hate on someone means you have an intense feeling of dislike for someone. it Because you are angry at them for what they did to you.


You will feel guilty for holding on to anger for so long for no direct reason. It also means that you don’t have control over your anger and emotions. which damages your chances of letting things go and be successful in your life.

Control over such emotions as anger and hate is an essential ingredient of a balanced and fulfilled life. Forgive that person for your own peace of mind. Be positive about a person you hate. think positive abilities and things about that person.

Talk to the therapist and share your feelings. Discuss your problem with your best friend. Talking about your problem with your close friend will release the stress of your mind. avoid overthinking that person.

Here comes the question that how to stop hating someone? And what if you can’t find out the exact reason that why you hate someone? Write the answer in the below comments.

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