I Have No Friends? – 7 Reasons & 5 Effective Tips to Make Friends in 2019

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Before moving to your question on “why I have no friends”, lets shed some light on the core side of the modern world.

WOW! They all are having fun. I wish I am going to be invited to the party? I have no friends because I’m fat. She is awesome in everything, what am I doing with my life? Teachers like her. Does she really need more likes?

Welcome to the internal oration of modern society. These feelings and thoughts are the back story of why someone has no friend. They are a lot common than you are willing to believe, therefore, we have written this article to answer your question of ‘why I have no friends?’.

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7 Reasons Why ‘I Have No Friends’

Several times we are wishing to have someone in our lives, with whom we can share our happy moments, shed our tears, and laugh on stupid jokes. But unfortunately, sometimes the circumstances make it impossible.

C.S Lewis on Friendships

Today in this section, we will go through with these circumstances and the reasons why you don’t have any friends.

1. Assumptions and Judgements:

Most of the people are judgemental and assume things without experience and give a strong negative vibe to others, that negative sensation makes others feel like that you are not easy going and discourage them to mingle with you.

Now, ask yourself, Are you also giving that bad vibe to others? Yes, this is might be the reason why you have no friend.

2. Racism:

This is one of the most common reasons why I have no friends People seek for similar age, cast, background status, culture, and gender, etc. People blindly follow these trails rather than seeking a person who has shared the same interest, compatibility, and value.

Racism in Friendship

So, eliminate these boundaries from your life to get new friends and this will help you to discover more potential groups. Rather than going for the caste or background status of the other person, seek the person who is compatible with you in terms of interests & values.

3. OCD or Mental Illness:

An obsessive-compulsive patient once told his story that he was very uncomfortable with people and afraid to get involved with someone. Then he stated that social obsessions are the reason why I have no friend.

Mostly it is noticed that people who are suffering from any mental disease or illness, they tend to avoid people. They are under-confident and thus never make friends with the people.

4. Anti-Social:

A person who is not sharing his/her information on social media might be afraid of people that somebody uses it against him/her. A person becomes isolated from society because he/she is being sued or feel a threat by nasty comments.

Being an anti-social personality might be the reason why you have made no friends yet. Start socializing and you might see the magic.

5. Introvert (secretive):

Introvert Quotes & Friendship

When someone just shows loyalty without demanding it from others, it will be distrusting the situation for your friend, your friends trust you, therefore, they are sharing secrets with you whereas you are not sharing anything with them. People think you have not trusted them, therefore, you are being secretive. And this feeling creates distance between you and others.

However, maintaining a healthy benefit of sharing your information with your friends will help you gain the trust of your peers and create a friendship bond.

6. Dominancy:

Ruling and bossy attitude can be caused to face problems in your social circle because a dominant person expects that everyone listens to him and act as he/she wants. No one likes commanding nature in friendship. If you are experiencing a lack of friends, then eliminate the dominant traits from your personality.

7. Workaholic:

Do you frequently disgrace people at your office? Or let down by pulling their legs? Or you just ignore everyone?

If a person is always surrounded by work or stuff related to upgrading his/her financial status, then he could be perceived as materialistic, tedious, and harsh by others. Because a workaholic person is naturally busy to fix the things into their correct order without realizing the importance of leisure and friends.

Unintentionally, you are disgracing them by ignoring them in front of others. The extreme level of desperation at your workplace might make you miss the opportunity to get to know about your fellows and make them a friend.

5 Effective Tips on How to Make Friends

Now knowing only the reasons why you have no friends is not enough. It might help you to remove the negative traits from your personality, but you also need to add some positive traits as well.

In this section, we are sharing five amazing and effective tips on how to make friends quickly and remove the thought of ‘why I have no friends’ altogether from your life.

1. Greet people with a Smile :

Smile is the most beautiful non-verbal action that you can pass to others. Therefore, always have bias less smile on your face. It will certainly connect people with you.

A girl with a smile - Tips to Make Friends

2. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity:

Remember one thing, be smart in your choices. Don’t try to make many friends or groups because in friendship quantity doesn’t matter.

Find a few friends that have a similar mindset – You will surely enjoy their company and your life too.

3. Be Helpful and Nice:

Helping nature drives you toward good friends with making your social skills strong. Moreover, helping others will motivate others to help you in your hardship. Your helping nature will bring people closer to you.

Two friends are standing - Talking about why I have no friends

4. Don’t Rely on Other:

People become irritated when anyone chases or force them to be a friend. Also, if you depend on someone all the time it will bother him/her. So, give others plenty of time but don’t bound their selves with you. If they like your company, they will come back.

5. Be a Part of Social Sites:

Friendship with a stranger or with a person you just chat on social media and will never see him is crazy. Some people used to say that it’s a cheap thrill, but I think it is just not. It’s amazing to talk with a person you like to talk about whether he/she is near or far. Virtual friends expand your knowledge and encourage you to move into society.

A girl talking to stranger girl - tips on making friends

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On I Have No Friends

What Do You Do When Your Child Has No Friends?

First ask your son who their buddies are at school, or what they are looking for in a friend at the school. Try to Practice social relationships with your kids at home, in a way that is comfortable for your kids. Question your child what the other kids play during the break. Ask your kid how the other children in his class select friends.

Is Having No Friends Bad?

Being socially separated is extremely unhealthy. Researches since the 1980s have demonstrated that if you haven’t got buddies, family, or community relations, your chance of fading early might be 50% more than if you did.

How Many People Have No Friends?

A study from the UK exposes some startling information. According to this study, one individual in 10 people has no intimate friends. That could also be correct for Americans, but it may not be as grim as it seems.

Is Loneliness An Illness?

Persistent loneliness may be a severe, life-threatening health status. It has been identified to be linked with a higher risk of heart attack and coronary heart disease. Prolonged, high cortisol concentrations or levels can cause gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and weight gain.


In this article, we have shared the reasons for your question of “Why I Have No Friends”. In the second section, we have also shared tips and strategies to adapt to make new friends easily.

We will be happy to hear from you about your experiences and observations on why someone has no friends and how you make friends? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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