13 Effective Things to do When You Lose Interest in Everything

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Did you lose interest in everything? Are you slowly (yet ultimately) losing interest in everything? Then read this article to know WHY are you losing interest in most areas of life and WHAT to do about it!

lose interest in everything
Depression makes you feel that you lost interest in everything


Two Major Reasons Why I Lose Interest In Everything?

It is not a surprise that “lose interest in everything” has a scientific name and explanation. It is known as Anhedonia, which means the loss of interest in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities. 

  • The first primary reason that you lose interest in everything is because of depression. People suffering from clinical depression lose interest in hobbies, friends, work, and even food and sex. It’s as if the brain’s pleasure circuits shut down or short out. 
  • The second major reason that you lose interest in everything is that from an inability to sustain good feelings over time. In other words, maybe pleasure is experienced fully, but only briefly—not long enough to maintain interest or involvement in life’s good things.

So now that we know the reasons for our loss of interest in everything, let us find out ways to overcome this negative feeling.

13 Effective Ways to Curb the Feeling of “Why I Lose Interest In Everything?”

Asking yourself why you lose interest in everything is not going to work anymore. You have to ACT at this time, and in this post, we are sharing the best and most effective ways that you can act to fight with the situation of lose interest in everything.

Here are the real things for you to do:

1. Talk to your General Practitioner when You Lose Interest in Everything: 

Talk to your GP. He can answer all your queries regarding why you lose interest in everything over time. He might also suggest you see another professional like a counselor or a psychologist. Talking to your GP can help you narrow down the reasons for your Anhedonia, and with his advice, you can gradually curb this feeling.

2. Start Exercising to Build your Interest in Everything Again:

Get up and about. Physical activities like exercising, walking, or jogging are equally crucial for mental health as well. A brisk walk releases your stress and makes your focus clear. Therefore, try any other type of exercise that you like, and you won’t be thinking, “I lose interest in everything!”, again. 

less interest in everything
Regular exercise helps to recollect your lost interest in everything

3. Get Enough Sleep and Eat Regularly:

Sleep is the fuel for the brain. It regulates and checks how the neurons communicate in our brain and keep it healthy. So start sleeping some good long hours to get rid of this feeling that you lost interest in everything! Secondly, start eating regularly. 

Eating a balanced and varied diet keeps us healthy, fight off sickness, keep energy levels up, keeps our minds working, affects our mood, and many other important things. A balanced diet also keeps the brain healthy, so there will be no feelings of negativity or thoughts like, “I have lost interest in everything” alike. 

4. Creative Exercise is the Key:

Do something creative. Find and unleash your hidden talents and invest into them. Research says that creative activity can divert the attention of the brain from the negative aspects to positive sides of life.

Creativity makes the person affiliated with the sense of discovery and enlightenment.

Psychologists highly recommend creative exercises as they fight off chronic stress and depression. Therefore, start writing, reading, painting, or any other thing which makes you create something new. It is the best tool to fight off the feeling of “I lost interest in everything”. 

lose interest in everything
Creativity helps you regain your lost interest in everything

5. “Me Time” is important to not to Lose Interest in Everything: 

If you are stressed at work or with any other thing, try taking time out for yourself and relax. For instance, if you are stressed with your finances, then take a break and think about why they are getting out of hand. Devise a budget and follow it to prevent future money wastage.

Also, keep a separate portion for your pleasurable activities.

It can be anything; going to a spa, going on a short trip, or eating your favorite food! You decide and spend on yourself because “me-time” is crucial for a healthy life today.

You might find your new interest in these activities; therefore, you will have no room to think that you lost interest in everything some time ago.

lose interest in everything
If you think you lost interest in everything start helping people out

6. Spend Time with Your Friends and Family:

Spending time with your friends and family can make you forget about your tensions. If you have a close-knit circle, then you might also confide in them.

Research finds out that family and friends act as support groups for people dealing with depression and other mental illnesses. Therefore, next time, when you feel you have lost interest in everything, try visiting your family.

That will make you realize you have a lot of alleys to build up your interest in.

strayed interest in everything
Talking with your family helps you gather your lost interest in everything back

7. Help Everybody When You Lose Interest in Everything:

Helping everyone plays a vital role in your character building. Moreover, helping out the people in need makes you forget your problems and makes you see how blessed you are.

You can start with small things, for instance, making a blind man cross the road safely or helping an elderly disabled neighbor. 

Reaching out for help will make you feel grateful for all you have and will develop a sense of gratitude in you. So, it is not surprising that it will brush past all your thoughts regarding that you lost interest in everything.

8. Plan a Routine:

For anyone who is trying to organize their time, habits are heaven. You might hear the word routine and say, “How boring!” but hear me out. A routine is a structure in your day that allows you to get what you need to be done predictably and efficiently. 

Planning a routine makes you maintain an active lifestyle. For instance, if you plan out what you will do every day, from work to spending time at home, it will make you develop an interest in it.

So there you go, no more feelings of “I lost interest in everything”!

absence of interest in everything
plan a routine to regain your loss of interest in everything

9. Make Yourself Busy to Find Your Lost Interest in Everything:

Make your working with your life. assign yourself a duty; that can be around the house or a garden. For example, clean the home or your garden at the weekend or whenever you find the time. This will help keep you occupied and give you something positive to concentrate on.

Moreover, it will help you find elements of your lost interest in everything back.

10. Make Plans for Your Future:

Now that is an exciting activity to do. No matter how down you are but visualizing all your dreams is a fun thing to do. It boosts the positivism levels up, and you might detect elements of your lost interest in everything

For instance, if you want to pursue a career in investment banking, then plan it out. Choose among educational options and where should you work to gain experience in this field. 

11. Start Meditating When You Lose Interest in Everything:

It is said that meditation heals the mind. Therefore, start meditating from today for a better life. The biggest benefit of meditation is that it can be performed anywhere.

Just find a quiet space and sit in a relaxed position. Close your eyes and focus on your natural breathing. This activity will put your thoughts in clarity and will make you seek your missing “elements” of a happy life. It is the best medicine to redeem your lost interest in everything.

12. Seek Motivation When You Lose Interest in Everything:

Looking for motivation is essential in the process of striving for what you want. Listen to ted talks, go out and socialize and build support groups. The smallest thing around you can make a difference. 

For instance, if you set small, manageable goals and tread towards them gradually, then that can spark motivation in you to keep doing more and aim for more. 

13. Seek Encouragement When You Lose Interest in Everything:

Encircle yourself with people who encourage you. In this case, your family is the best option. A bit of soft behavior might prove to be a boost in your energy and confidence levels. 

For instance, If you are struggling with keeping up your grades at the university, a little support from your family can help you a lot. The fact they are right there for you if you need anything is enough to give you that essential dose of encouragement. This will prove healthy for your mind too, and you won’t have any negative thoughts like you lot your interest in everything. 

When to See a Professional When You Lose Interest in Everything!

If you are experiencing any of the following in your life then you should consult a professional right away!.

These symptoms will develop clinical depression in you, making you believe that you have lost interest in everything. 

Can You Enjoy Your Life When You Lose Interest in Everything?

It just takes somewhat more vitality to discover the reasons for the loss of your interest in everything, and vitality is something that comes in spades with depression.

The best advice is to continue utilizing pastimes if you think that you have lost interest in life.

However, it is important to remember that extracurricular activities aren’t much affected by Anhedonia. You lose enthusiasm for work, sex, and to interact with people socially. These things are on the hit list.

The thing is, you have the right to be upbeat. You merit the capacity to discover delight, whether it’s strolling through the recreation center or getting a charge out of sex with your partner. You don’t have to add this to the rundown of things to feel regretful about.

This is the reason we need assistance. Regardless of whether it’s from pharmaceuticals or from the real connections we’re battling with or both. Remembering that it’s alright to be happy is an incredible beginning to healing from the point of “lose interest in everything”

FAQs on Things to do When You Lose Interest in Everything:

Why do I quickly lose interest in things?

If you are a person who loves things in his life and suddenly loses interest in everything it means that you forget how to develop self-love in yourself & you find no time for yourself. 

How do I regain my interest?

You can regain your self-love by giving yourself ample time to get recover. Make your focus on such things that you liked before you lose interest so that you can get yourself out of that phase.

Why do you lose interest in things as you get older?

We start losing interest in the passage of time because a lot of incidents just happened while we are getting old. Hence we lose interest in certain things but those things are less worthy for you.

How do I get back my passion for life?

Just ask yourself a simple question ‘why you here’ & try to figure out things that made you so. Remember what you love doing when you were a kid. Create something new.


Look, we all go through tough times in life, but this does not mean that there is no hope. Life is difficult, but losing interest in everything will only going to make it even more difficult.

Remember this, as long as there is blood running through your body, there is meaning & reason for your existence. 

All you have to do is to tap into the meaning of your existence so that you can gain back the vital pulse of your life. Finding your meaning will help you take an interest in activities that are actually right for you. We hope that this article has helped you move a bit further towards having your interests back in life.

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