Responsibilities of a Teacher- 5 Key Teaching Traits To Adopt in 2019

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Before probing into the responsibilities of a teacher, let us, in this article as well discuss what are the qualities that make a teacher great and famous among his students.

It is irrefutable that teachers play an instrumental role in the lives of students. Being a teacher demands much more than just lecturing. After parents, a teacher is the only genuine soul who swells with pride in every achievement of his students.

one of the responsibilities of a teacher is that he creates a hunger for knowledge
Attribute Of A Great Teacher

He is one of the reverend personalities who really matters to this world. A teacher sees the best out of the worst in students and creates in them an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

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If you wonder what are the prime responsibilities of a teacher towards the students, this article is meant for you.

5 Prime Responsibilities of a Teacher

A teacher is a pivot in any education system around which every student revolves. Here, for you, we have listed some of the responsibilities of a teacher which are never to be neglected.

First, we’ll be unfolding the academic responsibilities of a teacher.

  1. Teaches Effectively:

This is the responsibility of a teacher to educate students effectively
He Teaches In An Effective Manner

This is the first and foremost duty of a teacher. Best here implies that a teacher holds the responsibility of having a profound knowledge of the subject he teaches. It is important for a teacher to be an excellent trainer who is fair and dedicated. It hinges upon the skill of a teacher how he conveys the subject matter to students effectively.

A teacher who is not skillful in this regard will have all the students at sea. He who chops a complex concept and delivers it in a simpler way is a teacher true to his work.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to inject the knowledge he has, into the mind of the student. He should never snub the questions arisen by students. He should always be entertaining in terms of questions. If a teacher really creates a thirst for knowledge in students, he is fulfilling his duty earnestly.

Whenever thinking of what are the responsibilities of a teacher, this point immediately clicks our minds. That’s why we have placed it on the top of our list.

  1. Assesses Student’s Growth:

Teaching a lesson and then moving on is not at all a good approach a teacher may have. Effective mode of teaching requires that a teacher after delivering each lecture must assess the student’s growth in order to know where he stands.

A teacher is a gem if he gauges each student’s caliber and then himself falls to the level of a student to get the lessons across. Therefore, keeping each student in mind, he should plan the curriculum.

Out of all the responsibilities of a teacher, if you overlook this one, you are really missing a lot on your part.

From now on, we’ll be shedding some light on the non-academic responsibilities of a teacher one must be aware of.

  1. Serves as a Third Parent:

Unfortunately, many people know teachers just for their academic roles. They are oblivious to the non-academic responsibilities of a teacher which help transform a child into his best version.

Showing parental affection to students is one of the responsibilities of a teacher
He Appears To Be A Third Parent

To the students, a teacher is a surrogate parent. Many students lack or are deprived of parental affection. A teacher is a parent-like figure to students who tries to fill the space between children and their parents.

You might have met many teachers in your life who emit parental vibes? With them, you feel like at home. They are the real heroes. You turn to them in case of any trouble as they are always there to provide solutions to your problems and also lend you an empathetic ear whenever you are struggling with anything.

If you have such teachers in your life, you are among the luckiest ones. Do pay them a token of thanks for every extra mile they go for you.

  1. Acts as a Role Model:

Teachers usually do not consider themselves as role models, however, inadvertently they are.

A role model is he who strives for excellence in a student’s life. He extends his role in and out of the classroom to add value to the life of his students. All students gravitate around such a teacher who reflects a positive image. A teacher can be exemplified as a candle who burns itself to give light to others.

A great teacher students learn ethical and moral values such as integrity, trust, etc. and he never promotes favoritism. He goes beyond his academic functions to inspire his students. Among the responsibilities of a teacher, this one is of paramount importance.

  1. Shows up as a Great Motivational Figure:

Students learn more from what teachers say than from what teachers do. To a successful classroom, a teacher who brings in motivation is crucial. Motivation fosters positive behaviors. It is one of the responsibilities of a teacher to make a student feel that his input his heard and valued. This cultivates curiosity and creativity and also sparkles the desire in students to learn more and more.

He is responsinle for driving motivation for students
A Teacher Is A Great Source Of Motivation

Furthermore, a teacher is responsible for showing up as a great counselor who besides teaching, sets up a ladder for students to climb on and soar high. Through his motivation, he not only helps students in the accomplishment of goals but also silently ensures that they do not deviate from the main path.

A Teacher Wears Many Hats – He carries considerable weight as a third parent, a mentor, a role model, a disciplinarian, a character builder, and a motivational speaker. A great teacher is he who stretches his role both academically and non-academically for his students to grow and develop into better humans. Thus, humongous responsibilities rest on the shoulders of a teacher.

What Is It About a Teacher That Makes Him Great?

A teacher wins the hearts of the students by possessing a number of wonderful qualities. Some of the great qualities of a teacher are given below:

  • Outstanding Communication Skills
  • A Firm Attitude that is Neither too Rigid nor too Flexible
  • Exceptional Listening Skills
  • Deep Knowledge of the Subject Matter
  • Great Organizational and Managerial skills
  • Friendliness, Approachability, and Accountability

Having known who a great teacher is, it’s high time to delve into the responsibilities of a teacher and become a great teacher as well.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Responsibility of a Teacher

What is the most important responsibility of a teacher?

The most significant of which are being expeditious, being responsible, and having the option to educate productively. Second, being responsible is likewise one of the most significant obligations of an educator in light of the fact that the teacher who is dynamic and vigorous can propel and educate viably and gainfully and the understudies may appreciate the class.

What are the qualities of a good teacher?

The capacity to create associations with their understudies. Patient, mindful, and kind character. Information on students. Devotion to educating. Connecting with understudies in learning.

What is an effective teacher?

An Effective teacher is a comic/performer who uses humor in the administration of adapting instead of as an interruption from it. The viable educator is a mentor or guide who causes understudies to enhance their abilities and bits of knowledge.

What is an ideal teacher?

An Ideal Teacher is a viable pioneer who motivates and drives his understudies to exceed expectations in their school work. A perfect educator is a benefit for a country. He fabricates the fate of the country. Each instructor should make him/her optimal in the bigger advantage of the general public.


To sum up, a teacher is best known for educating students. Besides academic functions, he extends his role non-academically as: a third parent, a role model, a mentor, and a counselor. A teacher is he who drives curiosity, creativity, and motivation fundamental to effective learning.

If you have a teacher in your life who fulfills all his responsibilities, you are truly blessed. Hold such a teacher in high regard and extend your heartiest thanks to him for enlightening your path and above all for being a part of your life.

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