7 Signs You are Tired of Life? +6 Ways To Deal With It

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Feeling tired of life? Sometimes you are not just tired; you are burning out.

This emotional and mental burnout makes you tired of life. Being tired of life is not a passing thing. Sometimes it is a living condition, a painful state of mind which you couldn’t escape. You feel like you are entrapped in a cruel world, and maybe life is not for you. Such difficult emotions can wreak havoc on us.

I am weary and Tired of Life

Melancholy keeps kicking you harder and harder, and you are just unable to get up and carry on with your life.


What you need is to realize that everything is a matter of choice, no matter how hard the choice seems to be. You don’t have to wait around for some extraordinary thing to happen to make you feel alive again. There are days when self-help and self-care is the only way out.

Here we are to assist you in your journey of happiness and self-care. The first step to care for yourself is self-awareness. We are going to discuss some signs that show you are not just exhausted from your circumstances, but rather you are tired of life. 

 7 Signs that You are Tired of Your Life

1. Your passion has Faded:

When you feel a sustained loss of motivation, when you don’t feel passionate about things that once made you excited is when you know you are tired. It shows that you do are tired of putting effort.

Maybe it is because you are tired of being disappointed again and again. Seeing your passion fading away in front of your eyes is painful in itself. It makes you numb. Your dying passion might urge you to give up on life because you think there is nothing left in your life now. 

2. Numbness is your Constant Partner:

You stop feeling any highs and lows. The numbness takes away all your sensitivities. It doesn’t affect you whether you lose your loved one or hear about your job promotion.

This numbness doesn’t mean you have turned into a cold person suddenly. It means that you have been so overwhelmed that nothing shakes you anymore. You have become a mere spectator of your life. Active participation seems like a thing of past now. 

Life is one long process of Getting Tired

3. Everything Makes You Angry:

When you are tired of your life, you don’t just become numb; you also grow angrier. Anger is an accumulation of a lot of feelings. It signifies hurt and pain.

If everything makes you disproportionately angry if everything irritates you, then it is a sign of unresolved deeper emotional and mental issues. You do not acknowledge your underlying pain, and nothing seems to work out, which adds up to your anger

4. Everybody seems like Draining You:

Human beings are full of various energies, positive or negative, high or low. When we interact with other people, we catch their energies. The influence of external energy is undeniable.

But when we are emotionally burning out, people seem to drain us. We are unable to interact with people without feeling exhausted. Socializing becomes complete drainage of energy because you want to save your last bit of energy for yourself to fight with a problematic ongoing phase of life. 

Mentally Tired and Exhausted of Life

5. You are Cynical:

If being cynical is not a part of which you usually are, then your growing cynicism indicates that you are feeling tired of this world and everything it pertains to, including your life.

Rapid cynicism is going to make you feel worse. It is going to make you believe that there is no hope left. Cynicism will act as a parasite that would feed on your sanity. 

6. You are Never Satisfied:

If nothing seems to add up and nothing makes you feel satisfied, then this non-fulfillment shows that you are tired of your life. Never feeling satisfied sounds like a trait of a fussy and forever nagging person, but in reality, it is a more profound sign that things have lost meaning for you, and you are desperately searching for a purpose in life. 

What to do When you Feel Tired of Life?

7. Low Productivity:

Your productivity drops down not because of your capabilities but because of your willingness to do everyday tasks. You may want to lie in your bed all day long and want to do nothing. None of your interests interest you anymore. This is when you know you are tired of doing life.

 How To Deal with Being Tired of Life?

As we have discussed the signs that you are tired of life, and all the obstacles life presents, now let’s discuss what to do about it.  

6 Effective Things to Do When You Feel Tired of Life

1. Avoid falling into Cognitive Bias:

Cognitive bias makes you believe that whatever happens in our life is because we deserve it. Don’t fall into this trap of self-pity and regret. This may make you think that life is too hard because you deserve to live a bad experience, and all the good things are not for you. Don’t let some poor decisions and adverse outcomes control your life.

Often the consequences of life are fewer than the recovery from those consequences of past choices. 

2. Remind Yourself That Everything Can be Handled:

Sometimes you have to give yourself a pep talk, especially in situations that test your patience. When life feels hard, remind yourself that you are stronger than your problems. Be flexible with your circumstances, and don’t let them break you. 

Problems and Challenges should not tire you from Life

3. Avoid Being Hard on Yourself:

When you feel tired of life, avoid throwing yourself into a busy schedule to escape your underlying mental state. This is going to not only jeopardize your mental well-being but also going to make survival hard for you.

Do not pressurize yourself into doing better when you know that’s the last thing you can do right now. Give yourself some time and space to overcome your exhaustion. Until then, focus on your well-being

4. Recognize Rumination:

When you overthink while being depressed, then this can impair the quality of your problem-solving solutions. Thinking a way out is an adaptive approach, but pushing yourself too hard can harm you.

Your burnout will trigger if you continue to overthink. The answer to your problems does not lie in excessive thinking. Things will become better when the right time comes. Take a break from overthinking and practice mindful meditations. Try to distract yourself from negativity

5. Regulate Your Inner Rhythm:

Sometimes maintaining a routine helps when you need healthy distractions. Develop a regular sleeping and eating routine.

Spend time with your loved ones. Regulating these physiological rhythms will revitalize your mood and energy. This is a general rule which works for the majority of people. 

6. Apply self-soothing strategies:

If you are feeling tired of your life, then this might mean that you are experiencing a fight vs. freeze response to your hard circumstances.

Use soothing strategies to calm your nervous system. You can use the hand rubbing technique. Try to embrace a pleasurable trance and do yoga. You can also develop personalized strategies to deal with your mental state. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Tired of Life

What To Do When You’re Tired Of Working?

Do these 3 things when you are bored and tired of your job and working. Reduce work hours, Take a leave, and concentrate on your wellbeing and happiness.

How Do I Stop Being Tired Instantly?

Take a break to feel alert, stand up and move all-around to feel awake, snooze to take the edge off drowsiness, give your eyes a little break to avoid the exhaustion, eat healthy food to boost your energy level, start a conversation with your friends to wake up your mind and drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Can You Live Without Working?

You can live out of a job, but it may be more difficult and challenging than you think. The most important thing for having employment is that it gives stability and peace of mind. When you are unemployed, you have no idea where your money is getting to come from. If you want anything, then you need to worry about it for weeks or even months beforehand.

Why Am I Always Tired And Have No Energy?

Possible reasons for chronic tiredness may include obstructive sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, heart disease, depression, anxiety disorder, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hepatitis C, sleep apnea, urinary tract infection, food sensitivities, and nasal congestion.


Being tired of life don’t mean you are tired of being alive, or you want to end your life.

Main Key in Dealing with Being Tired of Life

These thoughts can cross your mind when you feel tired of living, but the reality is these thoughts translate into exhaustion from tough circumstances and difficult emotions, which accumulates and causes your burn out. Before making hasty decisions or losing hope, remember that you can outgrow your circumstances.

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All you have to do is to pinpoint the originating point of your circumstances. You will realize that the problem wasn’t life itself in the first place; it was those unresolved issues that emerged over time, remained unresolved, and became an absolute hub of disappointment and pain. 

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