14 Best Jobs For Introverts with Anxiety – To Achieve Inner Peace

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Do you always enjoy spending time alone? Have you ever felt like you are different and the only person who does not need to talk with people around you? Are you looking for a job, but don’t want to deal with people? Jobs for introverts (with anxiety) might be something for you.

If yes, then you might be an introvert and seeking a suitable job that suits your temperament.

No, no do not need to be worried, it is perfectly normal of being an introvert. Regardless of what people said about you, it is normal as well as common among people.

According to the U.S. population, 30 to 50 percent of its people are introvert. It means one out of every two or three people are introvert.

What is Introvert Anxiety?

Anxiety is a voice that constantly falls back in your mind such as “something bad is going to happen” this thought will make you agitate all the time. It does not necessarily happen that all the introverts have anxiety because generally, both are different terms.

Introversion is sort of a person’s preference to be alone or lessen the gatherings. Contrarily, anxiety is a  disorder that stimulates extra fear & nervousness.

Remotely work are best Jobs for introverts with anxiety
Shyness is the virtue of introvert

Which Type of an Introvert are you?

First, you have to identify which one of the following introvert are you?

  1. Social Introvert: The introverts that fall in this category are not as shy or socially anxious as other introverts. They prefer small gatherings to large groups of people. They may not enjoy interacting with stranger, but have the capacity be be social when the situation warrants.

2. Anxious Introvert: These people seek for solitude to avoid people because they are not confident about their social skills & feel awkward to be caught by peer

3. Thinking Introverts: They remain in their own fantasy world & possess a rich inner life. Therefore, their energy is not drained by social interactions. They just need time to be thoughtful.

4. Restrained Introvert: They appear to be extrovert on the surface but prefer to think before speak. It seems they require more time to get going and spring into action.

What is Job Anxiety?

Job anxiety for introverts may cause for several reasons, mostly by their surrounding environment. Being exposed to various personality types can easily provoke anxiety. When your coworkers or mangers make gossips or other negative talks it deviates your mind which is already struggling with job anxiety.

When you continuously do dreadful work or you have work-related concerns, it just makes you feel like it is too much to handle, it is the best time to seek another profession that is more suitable for your temperament.

Jobs for introvert with anxiety demand more attention and focus
Introverts refill their energy by their own company

5 Worst Job for Introverts with Anxiety:

Sometimes when the time passes & you find your job more stressing you out and make your anxiety worsen. There are chances that you have opted for such professions that are not suited for people of your temperament.

Some of the worse jobs for introverts with anxiety are the following.

  1. Server or Waiter:

These jobs are commonly available & people who have no degree can be hired by them. Although you may receive the amount of hourly pay this is the most stressful job for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Management:

The high responsibility level in this job just elevates the stress level of people. This job typically deals with customers, vendors, schedules, or complaints. It can produce extreme anxiety for an introvert.

jobs for introvert with anxiety rely on the passion of a person
Introvert has a rich world of fantasy
  1. Military:

Though it is an honor to be a part of such an employment system strenuous training, dangerous situations and demand of high discipline level can easily lead an introvert person toward stress.

Nonetheless, there are some less risky options available in this field (such as emergency services). But with anxiety-inducing circumstances, an introvert cannot find a peaceful state of mind.

The miltary, therefore, is one of the worst jobs for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Lawyer:

If a person is struggling with anxiety, handling various situations like different case scenarios, high stake dealings or often being in a courtroom with a massive crowd of people rather than being in good circumstances can cause huge stress on an introvert’s mind.

Law can among be the really difficult jobs for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Cashier:

Working as a cashier is consider another commonly available job with a low degree. In this retail job, you have to deal with numerous individuals as well as you have to meet their needs but in case if you failed to fulfill so, you found them rude or mean. This may cause complications and deal with those factors is quite stressful for introverted people.

6 Best Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety:

We are different people with different preferences and tempo. Most often introverts like to work alone or an environment where they can find at least some time to be alone at the workplace but not all the introverts want this.

Some of the introverts like to socialize & hangout with peers but they lean for such careers that do not involve a lot of interaction with individuals in the form of presentations, conferences, or sales jobs.


Anxious introvert finds it difficult to deal with a large group of people. Luckily, there are jobs for introverts with anxiety to deal with low-stress life. There are some perfectly suitable jobs for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Working with Data:

Jobs such as accounting, statistics, or financial analysis seek more attention of the employer on data and numbers. Therefore, they are one of the best jobs for introverts with anxiety.

The plus point in such jobs is the results have a predictability that gives the sensation of ease to the mind of people who suffer from anxiety.

“ You see things. You keep quiet about them and you understand”

The introvert happily owns their responsibilities because they appreciate giving attention to the details deeply.

  1. Night Work:

Can night work jobs be one of the most suitable jobs for introverts with anxiety?

These types of jobs are significant for those introverts who possess an extreme level of anxiety and endure with loud noises, bright lights, or interaction with people.

IT provides best jobs for introvert with anxiety
Every introvert is different

The quiet and peaceful environment of night generally soothe their mind and enhance their ability to do work. There are many 24 hours businesses these days such as night security guards or doctors etc that are best for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Freelancers: The Best Job For Introverts with Anxiety:

Freelancing is the best option for those who want to avoid the stress of a workplace or being in a team. You have to work on flexible hours at your own pace. Theirs is your own work freedom.

There are many international market places where you can easily build up your portfolio and provide whatever services that suit you like writing, editing, product testing, virtual assistance, and many more. Although you have to meet the deadline given by the client you are in a relaxed environment

In conclusion, Freelancing is one of the really best jobs for introverts with anxiety.

  1. Practical Tasks:

Practical jobs like manufacturing, gardening, driving, or surveying mostly account for predictable results which bring ease & peace to the individuals suffering from anxiety.

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone” ~Rollo May

Anxious introvert generally seeks for the tasks that mainly focus on details or ends in predictable results rather than contain vague instructions or goals. This causes them less stress.

  1. Technical Jobs:

One of the high paid options would be the remote jobs available in the technical domain. Many IT jobs like software engineers, programmers, or technicians are considered ideal for introverts with anxiety.

These jobs do not require much interaction with people, you have to work alone and the plus point is these jobs pay focus on details.

“ A good rule of thumb is that any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are in the wrong environment” ~Laurie Helgoe

The skills like coding, billing, and transcription can be easily learned through online training courses and certifications and provide remote opportunities for people dealing with anxiety.

There are some other jobs for introverts with anxiety fall in this category such as machine repair, fixing customer’s appliances, or industrial settings.

  1. Scientist:

How can being a scientist be among the jobs for introverts with anxiety?

Nowadays, science provides you numerous opportunities and provides perfect jobs for introverts with anxiety. Many scientists, doctors, or lab technicians work in a lab environment which gives a relative amount of peace and needs great attention on strict protocols.

Entry Level Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety:

There are some entry-level or part-time jobs for people & introverts with anxiety who are unable to take a risk to be out of the box.

  1. Factory jobs
  2. Surveyor
  3. Service jobs
  4. Data entry jobs
  5. Fix appliances


It is not only about the best jobs for introverts with anxiety, but it’s also about their passion too. Because if a person is enthusiastic to do something on their own will it will surely cause less stress and aid to overcome the anxiety.

Obviously, every introvert is different from others in a sense of interests and skills that make them capable to do work but passion helps a lot to choose the best job for introverts with anxiety.

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