Are You a Free-Spirited Woman [20 Signs + Power Quotes]

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Are you a free spirited woman? Or do you wonder if you “do your own thing” enough to be considered a free-spirited women? If either of these are true, this post will show you 20 signs of being a free spirited woman plus some great quote images showcasing powerful quotes about free-spirited women.

When someone tells you that you are a free-spirited woman, you give a pat at your back because you already knew it. Being a free-spirited person means that you control your own thinking and actions. Nothing holds you back, and you do what you want to do.

Now, if someone tells you that you are a free-spirited woman, then it’s quite different from being a free-spirited person. Although the adjective i.e., free-spirited, remains the same but the very meaning of it changes in the context of gender.

We live in a majorly patriarchal world, where the system is going to favor patriarchy in one way or another. Women are often disadvantaged when it comes to opportunities in life due to the hegemonic power structures that dominate our world. Being a free-spirit means you are not taken aback by the dominating culture and power structures. You do your own thing, regardless of what people with outdated ideas of the “right thing” might want you to do.

Quotes on becoming a free spirited woman

You are women of your mind, you are a rebel, you are bold, and you are brave.

A free-spirit knows how to stand for herself. She doesn’t let others dictate her life or make choices for her. A free-spirited woman won’t carry the baggage of societal pressure with her. She will fly and show her colors.

Sound familiar? Quite possible! At some point in life as a woman, we can all relate to it, or we know someone who is the epitome of a free-spirited woman. Let’s have a quick look at signs that reveal you are a free-spirited woman.

20 Signs That Show You Are a Free-spirited Woman

1. You Walk the Walk

Good Intentions and Free-Spirited Woman

A free-spirited woman stays in action. She works towards fulfilling her goals and dreams. A free-spirited woman is passionate, and nothing can hold her back if she has set her eyes for something; she will go after it. If you are a free-spirited woman, then the majority of your life is filled with walking the walk rather than talking the talk.

2. You Seek Adventure

A free-spirit is adventurous by nature. Experiences can be both literal and metaphorical. She does what her heart says her to do. A free-spirited woman is above anything else a risk-taker. She is a dare-devil. A free-spirited woman never shies away and locks down herself without unleashing her potential.

3. You don’t let Norms Affect Your Choices

Society tells us how to be a man or a woman. Gender appropriate roles are always imposed on us. Sometimes it is all about cutting down your wings and let the social norms define you through political correctness.

However, a free-spirited woman never tries to fit in or let anyone cut her wings or take away her power. She is a rebel spirit and, more often than not, always dissents from the norm.

4. You are Not Judgmental

Being a free-spirit not only means that societal norms don’t define you; it also means that you don’t set or judge others through the lens of norms. You are very open-minded and free of biases.

A free-spirited woman knows that actions and people come in a wide variety, and not everyone is ought to be fit into a category.

5. You don’t take Dictation

Beliefs of a Free-Spirited Woman

If you are a free-spirited woman, then you wouldn’t let anyone dictate your life; this doesn’t mean that you don’t value opinions or are stubborn. It only means that you are strong-headed and don’t let the opinions of others to dictate your life.

You know what’s right and wrong for you. A free-spirit will defines her appropriate code of conduct.

6. You are Independent

You are an independent woman, and you don’t depend upon others.

This means that you are self-sufficient when it comes to your emotions and resources. Free-spirits are emotionally, financially, and mentally stable.

7. You make Secure Relationships

Free-Spirited Woman are Emotionally Stable

Free-spirit forms mature relationships. She doesn’t need to be validated. A free-spirited woman is secure enough when she comes to her emotional stability.

8. You are Unapologetic

A free-spirit doesn’t apologize for speaking her mind or follow her passions. She will be unapologetically brutally honest with everyone.

9. You are Not Scared

A free-spirit is a risk-taker. She goes after what she wants. A free-spirited woman isn’t afraid of failure. She will pursue her goals without being scared of what the consequences would be.

If you are a free-spirited woman, you may be able to remember more than one instance where you took a bold step despite your fear.

10. You are Open

As the name free-spirited suggests, you are not just free; you are open. You don’t self-stagnate through biases, opinions, norms, or values. A free-spirited woman is open to new and challenging experiences.

11. You Break Rules

Society has pre-defined gender-appropriateness and set some particular standards accordingly. You are expected to follow specific rules for a woman, which may vary from culture to culture. But one thing which pretty much prevails in every culture is that most of the societal norms and rules are patriarchal and based on gender inequality.

Signs of Free-Spirited Woman

If you are the kind of that dare-devil woman who breaks the rules, for example, you want to pursue a career that is considered to be “only for men” then it shows that you are free-spirited and no amount of baggage of norms and rules can hold you back because you can break them. As it is often said: “Rules are meant to be broken.

12. You don’t try hard to define your femininity

Another thing which society imposes on women is femininity. Women are expected to be feminine. This notion is very stereotypical and based on a generalization. Not every woman is feminine.

Femininity and masculinity are not associated with particular genders. As we all know that gender is a social construct, so this association is. Women are expected to look pretty and act with feminine mannerisms.

Sometimes this takes a toll on women who are not feminine by nature because society wants to make them what they are not. You are a free-spirited woman if you don’t feel to carry the weight of hyper-femininity. If you are acting and behaving the way you feel more inclined towards, then it’s perfectly alright.

13. You don’t care about other people

In many cultures, women are not decision-makers. Their family makes decisions on their behalf or somehow influences their decision-making process. When a woman decides to defy what is expected out of her, society will let her down. People not only the bad mouth, shame, or gossip but also make harsh judgments and character assassination.

If you don’t let such opinions of others scare you away from your goals, then you are a free-spirited woman. Being a free-spirited woman means that you don’t care about what anyone would say. You do your own thing.

14. You are bold

A free-spirited woman is a courageous woman. She makes bold choices and is brave enough to stand on her grounds. A free-spirit is often unconventional.

15. You can’t be tamed

As said before, a free-spirited woman will defy the gender-appropriate notions. She can’t be tamed because nothing can hold her back. Her lover can only be the one who fires her flames, not trying to tame her.

16. You are claustrophobic (literally and metaphorically)

According to science, a free-spirited person is claustrophobic. Claustrophobic is the one who is afraid of small-or closed places. A free-spirited woman is claustrophobic, not only in a literal sense but also metaphorically that she is scared of small closed environments that may suffocate her and hinder her growth.

17. You value experiences

A free-spirited woman would value experiences that will feed her soul rather than material goods. She knows that in the end, experiences add up, and material possessions only way you down.

18. You outgrow your environment

You are free-spirited in a way that you want to explore everything. A free-spirited woman will relinquish any restrictive environment, spread her wings and fly.

19. You know your worth

Free-Spirited Woman Quotes

A free spirit knows her worth. She is not insecure. A free-spirited woman is assertive in expressing her needs. She is confident and has standards.

20. Roadblocks are an opportunity

A free spirit will see barriers as opportunities; she is able to find ways and courage to overcome her difficulties.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On A Free-Spirited Woman

What Is A Free Soul Person?

A free-spirit person is a person who has attained a certain level of emotional stability and maturity, which is based on trust, confidence, and independence.

What Is A Free-Spirited Woman?

A free-spirited woman is may be defined as the slow-burning blaze in the hearth, impassioned and fearless.

What Does A Free-Spirited Person Mean?

A free-spirited person means that you own your own obsession, passions, and your own world to relish. Making things because they make you pleased, but wacky they may look like to others is so crucial.

How Do You Deal with A Free-Spirited Woman?

Respect her limits, be a bit of a free-spirit yourself, don’t issue an ultimatum, acknowledge her dreams, be prepared to go beyond your comfort zone, avert petty disputes, love her for who she is, and give her space are some points to deal with a free-spirited woman.


Although the list of being a free-spirited woman goes on and on, the above list of 20 signs that you are a free-spirited woman gives you a slight hint of what being a free-spirit might mean.


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