13+ Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship – Advantages & Disadvantages

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Pros and cons of internet censorship is a topic of prominence today since cybercrime and its laws are developing phenomena now. Lawmakers and analysts weigh these pros and cons of internet censorship before allowing some content to come on air.

But no one has been able to find the most authentic advantages and drawbacks of internet censorship and that’s what we will explore today in this blog. 

13 Authentic Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship

1. Creates A Chance Of Common Sense Limits

Internet censorship is the ability to restrict specific websites and online content from being viewed. Therefore, the first benefit of internet censorship is that it creates an opportunity to set the limits of what should people see.

There is content floating online which is not healthy for the public to see. Therefore, internet censorship here provides the chance to restrict all obscene and unhealthy content. Because of the general audience views it, they will have a negative impact on their minds and personalities

Restriction of content sets a common-sense limit on it and that stands as a beneficial advantage among the pros and cons of internet censorship. 

Censorship Allows Healthy Information To Come On The Surface

2. Curbs The Access To Harmful Activities 

You know that the internet is an open space for pornography and other harmful activities like theft and drug dealing. Therefore, internet censorship in this regard comes in handy. How? As it restricts access to illegal p*rn and other harmful content which affects the people destructively. 

I am writing “destructively” because children have instant access to tablets and other technical gadgets these days, thanks to this digital age. And they are the ones who are most affected by these harmful content. Therefore, internet censorship works as a child lock here and it displays the content of their age and ability. 

So this point also stands as a prominent pro among the pros and cons of internet censorship. 

pros and cons of internet censorship
Censorship Limits The Access To Obscene And Harmful Activities

3. Reduces The Chances Of Identity Theft

We see millions of fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram today. The good thing is that the social platforms come with the option of reporting these fake accounts or any other offensive activity which occurs with you while you operate your social media

Internet censorship here helps a lot. How? Facebook and Instagram come with advanced security measures today which don’t allow you to make multiple profiles on the same information. Also, they give the option to report any fake profile and block them permanently. Cyber laws state the penalties for making fake profiles and other social media platforms adhere to these rules and develop their security measures accordingly.

Therefore, internet censorship reduces the chance of identity theft and this point stands as its shining pro among the pros and cons of internet censorship.

pros and cons of internet censorship
Censorship Stops Identity Theft

4. Might Improve National Security

Okay so hacking will not come to a complete halt with internet censorship but it will put a stop to its frequency. How? Here’s how.

Internet censorship laws will define the penalties for any violation and in this way, hackers and other violators will think twice before doing anything which is considered a breach to national security. Therefore, another massive pro of internet censorship is that it will put a positive impact on national security. Also, it will reduce the number of hacking incidents like what occurred during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. 

5. Stops Fake News

Long before fake profiles, there was and is- Fake news. Fake news can circulate anywhere if you have the right means and methods to produce and make it viral online. People are in the business of fake news production because they generate huge sums of money by “per clicks”. The viewers or the audience click on the website because they think the news is real!

Internet censorship in this regard proves to be the vanguard of real news and authentic sources. It provides another level of discernment that could stop the production of fake news. 

pros and cons of internet censorship
Internet Censorship Does Not Allow The Fake News To Circulate

After looking at the pros, let’s explore the cons of internet censorship. 

8 Disadvantages & Demerits Of Internet Censorship

1. No Rightful Owner Of The Internet Censorship Board

The biggest con of internet censorship is that there is seldom a rightful owner of the internet censorship board. We all know that internet censorship is directly supervised and ethically maintained but there is a person who watches all these supervisions too. This very person needs to be “rightful” for this job. He/she must understand the dynamics of information flooding and discernment. 

Therefore, it is seldom that the internet censorship board comes under the supervision of a capable person and that alone poses a massive threat to society because what if the person is not able enough. A person’s lack of insight and understanding can put many institutions and the society in serious trouble so that’s the first drawback of internet censorship. 

2. It Stops Information

Although it stops the censorship stops the fake news to circulate, it also stops the real and actual news to come on the surface. According to the World Economic Forum, 27% of internet users where they are arrested for their usual sharing and publishing of the content. Therefore, the laws of internet censorship are no rightly or entirely defined by the board itself which creates barriers in understanding and implications. 

So this point also highlights the negativity of internet censorship among its pros and cons. 

Real Information Is Stopped To Come On The Surface

3. It Is A Costly Process

Internet Censorship is a perk of first and second world countries. It is only recently that internet censorship laws were introduced in third world Asian countries. Why? Because the whole procedural setup is quite costly and most of the countries don’t have enough budget to allocate to it.

That’s why censoring content is costly and will come at the expense of taxpayers. Also, this stands another depressing con of internet censorship. 

pros and cons of internet censorship
Internet Censorship Is An Expensive Set-Up To Operate And Maintain

4. Creates A Negative Economic Impact

Yes, that’s true. Internet censorship creates barriers for the online and e-commerce businesses to operate because of their new laws. For example, if any website or e-commerce website does not meet a standard of “goodness” defined by the censorship laws then it might get a notice to stop the business. 

Therefore, these censorship laws have the ability to induce a negative impact on the local businesses which is bad for the overall growth and development of the state’s economy. This point also counts as a negative one among the pros and cons of internet censorship. 

5. Controls The Freedom Of Expression

The Internet has a notion for free space where individuals are allowed to post whatever they want and share their views and opinions. When internet censorship comes in, the freedom of expression comes to a stop. How? For instance, if a country already has existing laws in its jurisdiction regarding child p*rnography, adding more laws to the existing ones will only add another layer of bureaucracy. 

Another example can be the immediate actions upon sharing of religious thoughts or views as the laws might label the simple opinions of people as blasphemous. Therefore, another prominent con of internet censorship among its pros and cons is that it puts a halt on freedom of expression. 

6. Lack Of Truth Leads To Ignorance

Internet censorship creates an ignorant attitude of society. How? Because the censorship controls the information and has the full authority on what to disclose and what to keep a secret. As a result, people need to discover, and the search is stopped.

Therefore, people never get to know the real truth behind the story and the ruling party controls whatever they want to. 

Therefore, internet censorship leads to a huge lack of truth. 

7. Limits Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The world of internet censorship creates barriers for innovative entrepreneurs. How? As their ideas have to be approved by an oversight committee or board instead of pursuing ideas on their own. Therefore, they will not be able to work on their ideas the way they want it. This might affect their drive and work for the projects. 

Therefore, another massive con of internet censorship is that it limits the entrepreneurs to experiment with their own ideas. We can say that it creates obstacles of creativity to flounder and excel. So this point also stands as a dangerous con among the pros and cons of internet censorship.

8. Maintains Social Control

Internet censorship finds a way to maintain social control. How? By deciding what’s inappropriate for the people to view and what is appropriate gives an institution the power to control the people’s perceptions. As a result, that institution has the power to control the social order. Believe it or not but that’s true. The censorship board or any other institution align the thinking and living of the people with its specific perceptions. 

Therefore, the biggest and the most dangerous con among the pros and cons of internet censorship is that it creates a restrained and controlled social order where people are not allowed to think and act freely. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship

Does Internet Censorship Reduce Crime Rate?

It has a significant negative impact on the crime rate.

What Are the Cons of Internet Censorship?

Who watches the viewers, it halts information, it is an expensive process, it provides a negative impact on the economy, it shifts where duties lie, it precludes people from accessing liberty of expression, and a dearth of truth leads to ignorance are some cons of internet censorship.

What Are the Disadvantages of Censorship?

There are some drawbacks to Internet censorship that influence the way individuals gain access to information. It limits too much information. It is quite possible that actual information is being blocked along with false information, which opens a debate about what you should and should not limit and restrict access.

What Are the Benefits of Internet Censorship?

The censorship of the internet can protect children against undue information. It may also help the ladies. It could also protect the economic concern, life safety, societal stability, and national safety. Besides, it protects individuals to maintain the ethical safety of humans and assists people to form healthy internet using awareness.


These pros and cons of internet censorship give us a view of the world where information is a valuable asset that can only be owned by a few privileged ones.

Despite its pros, the cons outweigh all other aspects and the government and policymakers should think of more effective measures in this regard. They should make laws that curb the negative effects entirely while maintaining the freedom and democratic element in them. 

Eventually, it is for you to decide what weighs more: the pros or the cons of internet censorship. 


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