7 Effective Ways to Deal with a Dumb Husband – Signs, Causes & More

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Have you married a guy whom you find less intelligent after marriage? But you still love him. So now you really want to know that how to deal with a dumb husband?

Sometimes, it seems really difficult when your husband makes you annoying and irritating with his stupidity, which is constantly driving you crazy.  You start feeling sick of this unhealthy relationship day by day.

Take a deep breath now, and let’s start to explore some practical solutions to cope with your dumb partner.

A Dumb Person Can Surely Make you Annoying
A Dumb Person Can Surely Make you Annoying.

  7 Effective Ways to Deal with A Dumb Husband

Of course, as a human, everyone has positive and negative traits in his personality. Still, as a wife, if you want to live with a person for the rest of your life, then you must accept your partner’s vulnerabilities with an open heart because you’re compromising for a healthier relationship.

Try to think at the border level with a slightly moderate attitude to your husband, which can help you make things tolerable. Here we are going to discuss few practical ways to deal with such an infuriating situation. 

1If Your Husband is Dumb Than You Must Be Smart:

The combination of love and emotional intelligence make great collusion together to deal with someone’s stupidness, but what should you do? If your husband always pretends to be innovative while he is not.

Let me explain it clearly if your husband is making you tired with his doltish attitude to overcome his foolishness all the time, then let him do it for a while. Try to handle him with a cool & calm attitude.

Then give him an admiring gesture first to let him realize that he is really in charge. Make him feel that you really consider him as a head and his opinion really matters to you.

Secondly, use your clever little tricks with politeness & respect to bring him to that point where you want him to agree with your argument quickly because it’s so easy to twisting situations when you are dealing with a stupid one.

This must be the more brilliant way to use your wisdom to handle your dumb partner, but only if you really love him and gladly want him to feel essential to you. 

A smart wife really know how to deal with a dumb husband.
Smartness Can Be The Best solution Over Stupidity.

2. Prefer Trust Over Intelligence:

Do you really think running from a difficult situation is the only way to go?

I think no, just a little change in your perspective and acceptance can help you understand the real solution. Being a dumb husband is not the only trait that your husband has in his personality. And besides this attribute, he is still that person whom you are in love with.

So, it would help if you considered him affectionally.

The following basic need to stay motivated to reconnect your strings with your partner is trust. Suppose your partner is trustworthy and responsive to you. In that case, Dumbness can no longer exist in this relation, and he will surely respond to your trust.

Trust your partner is more worthy than see the negative side all time.
Prefer Trust Over Someone’s Inabilities.

3. Recognize the Real Worth of Your Partner & Have Fewer Expectations:

In some situations, maybe your partner doesn’t meet your expectations and makes you frustrated. Then what will you do? Do you try to quit that situation or deal with it with another mind approach?

Yes, the second mindset is going to be helpful for you with lowering your high level of expectations. It’s just because you love your husband & you know his worth besides all his dull personality traits.

More often, unrealistic assumptions & high demands can cause many difficulties or diverse situations in your marriage, but the way you understand the actual value of your companion is the best thing to maintain your connection with your dumb husband.

4. Don’t Be Critically Judgmental:

If you constantly criticize your partner for his foolish and dumb attitude, it will make him more annoying for you. Moreover, it could provoke him to be more insensitive about his dullness. 

Even he will never admit and consider your concerns to save this relationship from breakup. Then try to keep yourself calm when anything goes wrong according to your desire.

Try to avoid whenever you find something awkward in a situation that makes you angry about your husband’s reaction because every mistake and unintentional acts don’t need to be addressed.

Moreover, support him to boost his confidence level if he doesn’t have a sense of handling situations.

Screaming Or Unnecessary arguments are not a good way to deal with a dumb husband.
Unnecessary Arguments & Over Criticism Can Destroy Your Relationship.

5. Talk to Him & Never Argue Unnecessarily:

Handling the constant mindless attitude of your partner can indeed make you annoying. You will surely start screaming & behaving in the same way that the other one wants you to do.

But the wise act to do is to stay calm and talk to your husband in a very respectful manner. Tell him how do you feel about his uncooperative and insensible behavior.

Make him realize your pain in a tiny smart way. Ask him to switch your positions for a while and then try to understand your perspective.

More precisely, never take an unnecessary argument too long and make it worst. Because sometimes meaningless statements & discussion can lead a relation to the end directly.

6. Love & Acceptance Can Make a Difference:

Being in love with your partner can be beneficial to make you stronger & patient in dealing with your dumb husband. It also makes you more tolerant in any complex situation by helping you to know the absolute priority.

Standing behind your partner & dealing with him with love can genuinely make a difference for him. He will surely realize your efforts to take your relationship to the next level.

7. Find the Real Happiness Than Perfection & Encourage Him:

Instead of criticizing & pointing your husband for his lack of intelligence, you must share your wisdom and knowledge with him by encouraging his interests and other abilities to enhance this self-esteem.

Happiness is more worthy than perfection, and once you understand that what matters to you, you can deal with any negative & emotional situation efficiently. 

2 Subtle Signs of a Dumb Husband

Do your Husband Consider Himself the Best? If yes, then this is the real sign of being dumb because a man always considers & prioritizes himself with a selfish & self-centered attitude in this state. He never gives importance to his partner’s opinion and even forces him to be agreed with his argument.

1. He Always Wants to be a Winner of An Argument

Try to win any argument, and being defensive is not the healthy way of having conversations with your partner. But suppose your husband never takes criticism and always tries to prove his superiority over you.

In that case, he is trying to make you mad. He will never accept his mistake too and always try to make you responsible for any of his actions & reactions.

At that moment, stop him from bringing your pulse high and keeping yourself silent because this type of situation can make him more rational.

It can be enforcing him to do physical abuse because, at this point, he can do anything to prove himself right. 

A dumb one always want to be winner of the argument.
A Dumb person Always Tries to Win an Argument.

2. He is Insensitive in Difficult situations

Insensitivity builds a stonewall between two partners that cause a worthless relationship. Suppose your husband withdraws from any activity or interactions with you.

In that case, it’s clear that he is nothing to do with this matter. He is not more attracted or interested in discussing & solving such issues with you.

4 Major Causes Why Your Husband is Dumb

Here are some major causes that could be the reasons for your husband’s dumb attitude. These reasons will surely help to find out the easiest ways to handle your partner’s stupidness.

1. Natural Deficiency & Psychological Issues:

A person who is suffering from dumbness syndrome may naturally have physiological issues in his childhood or past life. Find it late after your marriage. It would be best if you explored his past bad life to find the solution.

Maybe his stupidity is just due to some natural deficiency that needs to be cured by a professional.

2. Insecurities and Complex Personality Traits:

Sometimes, personality disorders, harsh experiences, and harmful incidents of a man’s life can influence his marital relation. He became insecure and didn’t know how to handle himself.

As a result, most of the time, he does such brainless things that he never considers an impropriate act.

3. Overstressed & Over-Thinking:

Suppose your husband is showing distant & insensitive behavior towards you and not realizing that he is hurting you with this careless attitude. In that case, it might be he is coping with depression and overthinking. These two mental distractions can indeed cause a man’s inattentiveness. 

4. Less Emotionally Connected with You:

Emotional connection is the essential thing in a relationship that connects both partners with a strong bond. But what if there are fewer emotions and attachments in your married life? Your husband is giving you less attention without realizing that you are getting hurt from his negligence.

There could be two causes if your husband is behaving dumb in your relationship. One is bored and tired of your unresponsive or too demanding, or possessive attitude.

The second one is that he is cheating on you. It would help if you were worried or take some serious steps to evaluate some preventive measures to save your marriage.

Cheating is a sign that your husband is no more emotionally connected with you.
Cheating Is A Sign Of Less Emotional Attachment Of A Partner.

FAQ – What to Do to Deal with A Dumb Husband

My Husband Lack Common Sense What to Do?

If there is still a lack of common sense in your husband and your constantly struggling method is not working to fix things, then here is, you might have a problem to be worried about. It would be best if you considered your worth and prefer to choose a pleasant life to live.

Then the choice is yours to decide to live in a compromising relation or break up the knots of this worthless relationship.

Can a marriage survive if your husband is dumb?

If there is love & trust, then yes, a marriage can survive. But, still, if there is no love & and attraction, then it gets hard to maintain stability in any relationship.

Should I get rid of a dumb husband or try to save my marriage?

Marriage is a connection that builds a strong bond between two partners, but if one is becoming boring and dumb. There is no change except all of your efforts to save your marriage. Then there is no choice to cut off with this relation.


Sometimes taking an assertive mind approach can make a difference and might be helpful for both partners in a marital relationship.

Acceptance of fact, concise and constant mindset and some love with a patient attitude can move things negative to the positive side of life.

Suppose your husband is mentally compatible according to your desire, and he understands your concerns. In that case, he will surely help you to fight his negative traits.

But, apart from that, if he is still no admit his faults and maybe unintentional acts of stupidity, then you have the right to choose well for yourself, which makes you happy and satisfied for the whole life.

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