14 Surprising Causes Of Rejection

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Rejection can be one of the most distressing events in peoples lives. You put yourself out there, only to be told you aren’t wanted. It hurts.

All rejection, however, is not the same. There are different types of rejection and there are also different causes of rejection, and they all do not (or should not) have the same emotional impact. Sometimes there are even cases where a well times rejection can have a large positive impact on your life.

In this post we will feature 14 surprising causes of rejection. Well, at least some are surprising, some you might already know. Let’s get to it…

Causes of Rejection (Categories)

The causes of rejection are not always the same. How much rejection hurts can be directly related to the importance a person puts on a specific category of rejection.

For example, most people would say that rejection in love is the most painful rejection. But if someones life revolves around their job, they might find rejection at work to be the most painful of the causes of rejection.

Here are some causes of rejection (categories) someone can suffer:

  • Causes of Rejection in Life
  • Causes of Rejection in Love
  • Causes of Rejection in Job

Now let’s start looking at these causes of rejection, one category at a time.

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Causes Of Rejection In Life

These are the causes of rejection you can face in your daily life. Maybe you face rejection from someone due to your physical appearance that makes you unattractive to other people. A child face rejection from their parents due to their busy schedule. Or someone could face rejection from their children as they grow into sullen teens.

Social anxiety is often driven by fear of rejection in life. People with social anxiety isolate themselves. They may avoid connecting to other people just because of their lack of confidence and fear rejection. They are afraid of being rejected by anyone in their circle, so they are overly cautious about letting people in.

A girl in sitting on the top of the mountain thinking about the causes of rejection in life

1. Busy Schedule:

There are a lot of causes of rejection in life. Having a busy schedule may lead your wife, husband, kids or friends to feel rejected.

Sometimes you have a busy schedule of your daily routine so that is why you have not enough time to spend with your friends and family and they consider that you are ignoring them.

So, your busy routine of life can be a cause of rejection.

2. Lack Of Self-Confidence:

Sometimes a person feels inferior to others. Maybe someone is facing a lack of confidence issue, that can cause to pull away from that person from others and can lead to chronic feelings of loneliness and depression.

This lack of confidence issue causes severe trauma. For instance, a child who faces rejection constantly by their friends due to lack of confidence, some of his friends make fun of him.

So, this will lead him towards mental diseases.

3. Abusive Behavior:

If you are facing rejection, just go too deep inside you and find out your mistakes that why people ignore you or reject you. Sometimes your behavior towards other people matters a lot.

Look at yourself. If your behavior is too abusive people do not like you. A study postulate that the perpetration of abuse in an intimate relationship was associated with the experience of a higher level of parental rejection.

This can be a possible cause of rejection a person can face.

4. Perceived Slights:

Rejection doesn’t always come from things someone actually does. Sometimes you can do nothing wrong and still engender feelings of rejection.

People may view your actions as being abusive, even when they aren’t. People may think you are intentionally slighting them, when you had no intention.

5. That’s Life

The final section on causes of rejection I call that’s life. In the other sections we discussed methods of rejection that were unintentional or do to bad actions on the part of the rejector. But sometimes you have to reject people and 100% mean to do so.

We reject telemarketers. We reject people asking for our time when we are super busy. There are good reasons to reject people after all. (Though, hopefully you do it kindly). You can never please everyone and should not try to.

Causes Of Rejection In Love

Have you ever suffered the fear of rejection in a relationship with somoene you thought you loved? Or you rejected by the person you want to live your whole life with? This pain is likely the worst form of rejection. Although rejection by parents might be able to give it some competition.

It is natural to fear rejection in relationships. It happens to many people who may have been married quite a few years. It can happen in any relationship, regardless of how strong it seems at first.

It is important not let fear of rejection in relationships consume you. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You fear rejection, so you become super needy and jealous, causing your significant other to reject you. Who caused that rejection, you or your partner?

When rejection in love is the cause that someone rejects you, it feels like an ice pick has been stabbed right into your heart. This pain is killing your soul gradually.

Due to rejection in love sometimes people take to alcohol and drugs. Which only makes matters worse.

A Broken heart image draw on a tissue by blood showing the cause of rejection

6. Fear Of Being Rejected:

In a relationship, you have a fear of being rejected by your partner so that fear can cause to end your relationship. A person with a lack of abilities always thinks that their partner will leave them in the future. Sometimes causing this rejection.

To have a strong relationship you need to trust your partner to stay with you. If they don’t, they don’t. But if you try ways to force them to stay, you only push the relationship toward its inevitable end.

7. The Feeling Of Jealousy:

You can be rejected due to negative thoughts and jealousy. If you are in a relationship and you are continuously jealous of those people who are in the circle of your partner, he/she will reject you.

To some extent, have a feeling of jealousy is fine, but if you become suspicious and accuse your partner about each action without any proof, then you may suffer from this feeling of rejection.

8. Pushing Your Partner Away:

Have you ever found closeness to your partner? This can be the worst cause of being rejected by some person.

When you are busy seeking out some problems and your partner is waiting for you and your time this situation can create a fight. You may even start an argument for no reason because you are unable to give proper time to your relationship.

In this situation, your partner feels loneliness thinking that you don’t care for them. This can lead them to preemptively reject you.

Causes Of Rejection In Job

Rejection in a job happens a lot. Specifically when you are searching for a job. If you are reaching for a better job, greater responsibility or significantly more money you may get rejected quite a bit before you find what you are looking for. Job hunting can take some thick skin.

You may be laid off or even fired. These hurt a bit more, specifically if you didn’t expect these things to happen.

Success in written on the beach with the help of sand giving the concept of victory

9. Lack Of Experience:

This is the very common reason for being rejected by somewhere for anyone once in life. Multiple people face rejection from a vacant post just because they don’t have experience for that vacancy.

Most of the employer and particularly some multinational companies require some certain people who have an ample experience when they hire new staff for themselves.

They provide all the basic information in their given ad so that the candidate judges their abilities accordingly. If one person is fulfilling all the given requirements, they will get the job. On the other hand, they may face rejection due to lack of experience.

10. Fewer Career Skills:

Sometimes, you may be qualified in many things. But don’t have the on-the-job experience. This can be a frequent issue for new college grads. Great training, little practical experience. You must think a lot about the time of submitting your job application.

Almost all the companies want some of the chosen people with their best skills so that their business can enhance on the behalf of those people. If you do not have skills, you do not have at least most of them you will not be considered.

11. Lack Of Education:

Lack of education is the major cause of rejection in finding a job.

Sometimes, employers list educational requirements and the candidate must follow and meet those requirements to get that job or to be chosen for an interview.

12. Poor Communication Skills:

Even in a dead-end job, strong communication skills are a huge benefit. The better the job, the more important these communication skills become.

Sales need the skills to convince the customer to buy their services. Service industry needs good communication to interact with their customers. Healthcare need these skills to sooth their patients. Even non-customer interface jobs, like a coder need to communicate with their teams, supervisors and subordinates.

You might be a well qualified. You may be a hard worker. You may be loyal to the company. But poor communication is a cause of rejection, so if you can’t communicate you may still be rejected.

13. Company Is Not Suitable:

This happened to many of the candidates, they did not choose their profession according to their education and skills. Some people just apply on the various posts and did not judge their abilities.

Luckily when they get that job, they cannot pursue it as their profession because they do not have experience. Or sometimes, the company is not a suitable match.

At that time, you suffer from rejection just because the company is not suitable according to your educational qualification.

A Final Word on Causes of Rejection:

Whatsoever the reason for the rejection in life, in love, and the job is a person suffer a lot of pain, lack of confidence, and it breaks your inner personality. But try to explore your hidden qualities and get rid of rejection.

Don’t lose interest in relationships, jobs or life simply because your fear rejection.

Take your feeling of rejection as your strength sooner or later you will become a successful person in life. Use rejection to grow. Use rejection to become better and achieve greater things. Use rejection as motivation.

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