How to Not Care What People Think! – 23 Effective Ways to Adapt in 2020

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Before learning how not to care what people think, let’s see why do we care so much about the opinion of others.

We all want to be attracted by our many talents, our ferocious wisdom, our kind nature, our shining personality. But when we start to rely on what other people think of us, and their views are critical to our success, we are in trouble.

When was the last time you cared for yourself and stopped thinking about others

We begin to tailor our lives to meet the expectations of others. This is a vicious circle. When we give power to others and make their impressions the way we perceive, we lose our true face. The only reality we can see is how we believe others see us.

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But one most important thing is while God was making us, He made us an individual, His whole interest was making us in a unique creation, He has made our mind, body, and soul separate from other people.

  1. So why there is a need for relying on others’ judgment firmly?
  2. Why we are in a race of pleasing others?
  3. Why we can’t honor our thoughts?
  4. Why we always damage our personalities by turning them according to others?

We nowadays are always thinking that what people have spoken behind our backs. Will these clothes be liked by others? What will others think if I will do this job? What will be my image if I will buy stuff that is not branded? What will they say if I don’t do this, I don’t do that, etc, etc, etc?

The question is “how to not care what other people think”? So, the answer is, there are many ways you can do that. But before that just take a while and think,

  1. When was the last time you took the decisions of your life, yourself?
  2. Do you remember the last time you cared for yourself?
  3. When was it when you have breathed in the air of freedom of mind?

Have a little analysis about yourself and if the answers are no or if they are uncertain then there are many solutions to this dilemma.

23 Effective Ways on How Not to Care What People Will Think in 2020

1. Be yourself:

Be yourself, improve yourself as much as possible, and accept aspects that you cannot change. Don’t try to change yourself just to please others.

This is a tough reality, but no matter what you do, you can never let everyone like you. But on the positive side: no one else can do this as well. So, when you realize that you are not connected to someone, accept the inevitable twins and turn to a goal that will make you a person you want to be – your self!


Always understand that your peace of mind is the most important thing. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. You must convince yourself that you will do the best in a particular task. If you don’t then at least keep the desire that you will learn that and will do that to the maximum. When you lay down your armors, it means you are handing over the ladder of your personality to someone who else, will surely climb up the step to modify it and opening you to several speculations.

Believe in yourself so that what others say don't make any difference to you

The problem is when we fabricate the opinions of others because we don’t believe in ourselves, and their words decide our worth and peace of mind. So when not to care what other people think, self-doubts and negative thoughts should vanish from your mind at first and you should start believing in yourself.


Stop thinking about what other people have. They have what they thrived for, you have what you are capable of. Freedom of mind and personality is what God has created and blessed you with. Don’t compare yourself with other personalities, you are born individually, how can you be like others. If you are unemployed, have some physical issues, have some fatal disease, some psychological problems, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of them, rather accept them.

Work on them and don’t allow anybody to pass comment on that. Even if they comment on that just listen but don’t pay heed to it.  Create a defense around yourself that says I don’t care about the bad perspectives of people, in this way you can have the answer to how to not care what people think.

your insecurities and comparison may lead to shattering of your believes, confidence and power

4. Assess Your Thinking – How Not to Care What People Think:

Humans tend to be cognitively distorted, and negative thinking patterns can hurt our emotions or behavior. For example, we might assume the worst case, or in some cases filter out the goods, and only focus on bad things. Or we may judge or jump to conclusions. Pay attention to your thoughts and question them, instead of letting the impression take the hold of you.


5. Communicate New People:

Communicating with new people will allow you to look at yourself from a different and fresh perspective. They say that people are like a mirror for each other, while we don’t have to accept all the perspectives, communicating with new people from diverse backgrounds will help us to learn how to not care what other people think of us.


Try to stay in the company of the people who care about you, who you believe will tell you about the pros and cons of your personality without shattering your believes and conviction. Many people around you accept you the way you are, try to hang out with them who appreciate you.

try to spend time with those people who actually care for you

7. Make yourself Vulnerable:

We don’t grow because we always stay safe; we grow by letting ourselves have a chance to fail. We understand that taking risks and facing rejection or disapproval can be quite challenging. But making yourself vulnerable is an important step on the journey of not caring what other people think of you.

By making yourself vulnerable, you allow yourself to fully experience life without any guards. Therefore, it helps you discover different, hidden, parts of your personality as well.

8. Excessive Thinking – Stop it for How Not to Care What People Think:

Stop Worrying about What people Will Think

Excessive Thinking or over-thinking will destroy every moment of your life. You will fall in the famous state of analysis paralysis, incapable of taking any decision of your life.

While everyone over-thinks things once in a while, some people just can’t ever seem to quiet the constant barrage of thoughts. Learn to recognize over-thinking and replace it with positive thoughts.

9. Keep Things in Perspective:

We are all humans. While you may be nervous about meeting someone, you’ll not be the only nervous person in the meeting. Going out with your date, who seems perfect to you, will surely make you nervous. But if you keep things in perspective by recognizing that your date is also a human with her weaknesses, you both will feel at home with each other.

Everyone has their insecurities. If you are worried about how you meet someone you just met, remember that they might do the same.


Everybody you meet comes from a different background and a different mind frame. They can have a certain opinion about yourself constructed from where he comes from. When you have a firm belief in your strengths, you will be able to respect their opinion without shattering your confidence and personality.

As the world is round, people from different believes and cultures will surely have different thoughts, at a certain point they will have a conflict with your opinions, so one thing must be kept in mind that you cannot please everybody. If you are obese, people will taunt that, if you are skinny, people will taunt that as well. So try to stay positive, behave properly but don’t damage your personality in pleasing everybody.

pleasing everybody is a step towards failure as people with different state of mind don't accept that

11. People Don’t Pay Attention:

It is quite humorous when one actually how little people care about us. In the great scheme of things, people do not notice everything in us. They are not thinking about us all the time, heck, they have their issues to tackle.

It is sometimes we who over-think about what people might think. Therefore, know that people don’t pay much attention, so it is okay to be yourself. Nobody is going to shoot you, relax.

12. Life’s is Too Short:

The most important thing is that we have this life and life is short. Do you want to spend a little time worrying about other people’s ideas? Have someone told you about the life you want? Or you should decide for yourself who you are, what you want, and how do you plan to go out and get it?

Live this life according to your principles, not according to the ever-changing opinions of the masses.

13. Know Your Triggers:

Are you too sensitive? When people say what you know is not even true, will you be triggered? The sensitive nature makes it easy to make things disproportionate, but try to build a thick skin and let you get rid of it.

Therefore, know what things, people & remarks trigger your nervousness and make you sweat about what other people will think. Then, reduce your sensitivity to these triggers by visualizing in your mind about how you would like to deal with these situations.

14. Focus on the Moment:

How to Not Care What People Think

When you are worried about other people’s speech or thinking, you often miss some very important moments. Conversely, when you focus on the moment, you often don’t worry about what will happen in the future – including judgment. Accept yourself, no matter who you are and where you are, now you are there.


Try to be your friend to answer the question of “how to not care what other people think”. Stand in front of the mirror, just say I can do it, no matter what people say. Express your self, boost your confidence, write, dance, read, do as many activities with yourself to improve, and get rid of taking opinions about yourself.

Stop asking people what they think about you especially when that person is always praising himself. Their negative feedback will shatter your confidence, nobody is living your life, you are your teacher, you can find your mistakes and failures. Keep a firm perspective and try to work on that. Attend some therapeutic sessions, talk to yourself, express your self, and work on your bad and good things.

16. You’re Different:

Never think like if one thing works for a person it is necessary to work for you as well. We are all different living pretty unique lives. It might seem common and ‘all the same’ on the surface, but you have your own set of strengths and weaknesses to deal with. Therefore, in learning how to not care what other people will think, recognize that you are different and everyone is different.

Recognizing this difference will allow you to understand that people form opinions of each other, we don’t need to take these opinions much seriously.

17. Don’t be sensitive:

Highly Sensitive Person on What people will think

How to not care about what other people think is quite difficult for people with a sensitive nature. They are too sensitive to handle the harsh and rude comments from the people. This is why they need to learn how not to care what other people think as quickly as possible.

For starters, try to be less sensitive around the things which matter least to you. Then try to reduce your sensitivity with the things which matter a bit more to you and then further take it forward. In this way, you will be able to handle harsh comments and negative opinions of people as well.

18. Take only constructive feedback:

Always listen to only those people who know how to give constructive and specific feedback. Don’t take suggestions from those who have a pessimistic approach in life. They are not happy with their selves, how can they be happy or realistic about yourself?

19. Opinions will be changed:

Remember that the opinion of other people will not be the same as it’s now. It will change with the passage of time and with your achievements in life. So don’t worry if the opinion is not so good at this time. It will be changed.

You don’t need to base your life decisions on ever-changing opinions of the people. Know your values of life and principles to follow, people’s opinion will keep changing.

20. Eliminate Negative Sources Immediately:

Clear out negative, toxic people and resources from your life. If your colleagues have the knack of starting a drama, please avoid them. If your circle of friends is easy to disappoint, then separate yourself and look elsewhere. If you have public life on the Internet or have trouble with cyberbullying, and can’t (still) laugh at the terrible comments people say about you, stop reading reviews or free yourself from the situation!

You can’t stop people from becoming haters, but you can choose to ignore them and use your time to do something meaningful.

You must consciously let go of what other people think of. This is a skill that needs to be practiced, such as meditation. But once you understand how to let go, you will see that the world is completely different.

21. It’s Not About You:

People will love you, people will hate you, and no one has anything to do with you. Make choices and lives based on these decisions and take full responsibility for your work and work style. When you do this, you will gain the power you need for self-esteem and what you want, without blaming anyone for your mistakes.

22. You need a guide:

A guide is one who can help in overcoming your lack of confidence and help you craft your best future. Always look to someone whose self-respect you admire because it will help point you towards your own. Take criticism from them, they are the only ones whose opinions matter for your well-being and success in life.

23. Death is Waiting for Us:

Edward Young Quotes on What People Think

Death is what we all believe in, it is irreversible and inevitable. This is the fact we all have to acknowledge later or sooner that we will die and it will not spare it. So the question is why want to waste it. We must live it to the fullest, why we wanted it to barren, to be not remembered?

These things will, of course, happen when we will try to look best and perfect in others’ eyes, but others will never try to appreciate you. So what we need to do is just remember that there is only one life, we must follow our dreams, we must live it fearlessly, we must live it with dignity without thinking of what others have a perception about us.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How to Not Care What People Think

What Is It Called When You Don’t Care What Others Think Of You?

Unconcerned, Nonchalant, indifferent to what anyone else thinks.

Why You Should Stop Caring What Others Think?

One explanation of why you should stop caring what other people feel about you is since no one else is your judge. Whether you are the entrepreneur or a company owner, you characterize your own values and ethics.

How Do You Let Go Of What Others Think?

The first step toward letting go of what other people think about you is to reinforce your fundamental foundation so that you are feeling powerful enough to go with what feels good for you. By feeling powerful and strong within yourself about your own self-choice and decision, you will be no longer think the necessary to look to others for their endorsement.

Why Do I Care So Much What Others Think Of Me?

Fretting a lot about what other people think about you may become a self-fulfilling prediction because the manner in which we think begins to become the way in which we behave.


Believe in yourself and rise like a sun every morning even if someone has degraded you. Be like a tree which stands still like a rock even if all the leaves are gone. It has hope that one day will come when there will be leaves again.

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Be like organisms who stuck in rocks, with the hope that one day they will come out. So, live your life with optimism and self-esteem. Confront the dark parts of yourself and always try to deport them without getting negative feedback from others. Learn to care for yourself and how not to care what other people think.

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