How To Not Catch Feelings While Dating? 15 Effective Guidelines To Adopt

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How to not catch feelings while dating? This would be an epic thing because who doesn’t love the freedom in dating? If I got a chance, I would want a break from my monotonous relationship routine. But, feelings come in uninformed and without warning. And that is the most bizarre thing because they develop anytime, anywhere.

So, How to not catch feelings while dating? Here are some kick-ass steps to follow, which prevent these evil feelings that bring along heartbreak. 


How To Not Catch Feelings?15 Guidelines To Avoid Them 

1. How To Not Catch Feelings? No High Expectations

If you have no lofty expectations, then you will not catch feelings for sure. You will have all the freedom of casual dating and meeting new people every other weekend. What if you develop feelings for some girl that you went on a date last week.

You will find yourself engaged in a relationship that might go on for years and might affect your perks of a single life. You will fuel the false hope that all of us harbor for our casual relationships.

There is one in a million possibility that the person you go out with on the ends of the week for some easygoing hangs and condom sex could be the one. However, you can’t think that way if you want to endure the care-free dating scene. It’s hard out there for the sentimental people, yet that false expectations that we stick to are the thing that gets us eaten alive.

Therefore, no high expectations for casual going lovers!

How To Not Catch Feelings? No High Hopes


We need to get our heads straight on the concept that dating is not a BOOTY CALL. Why? Because when we date a person, it is only with them for some weeks. Or at least for one week for casual daters. But, a booty call is downright random. You can call anybody and ask if he/she is available. Have all the fun in a matter of minutes, and delete that call log forever!

So How to not catch feelings here? Just know the difference between dating and booty calls. Let me clear the difference for you here. 

Casual dating is a nice in-between space between one-night-stands and significant other. You rely on one another emotionally, albeit very minimally, and have regular, protected, sex.

Booty calls are people you would much rather have sex with than talk. You don’t have to connect on any other level aside from a sexual one with booty calls. They’re not the kind of people who you have breakfast with in the morning or get a beer with. They’re strictly for in-between-the-sheets action.

Therefore, if you want your casual dating to run smoothly and do not want to catch feelings, then know and imply the difference between dating and booty calls. Your life will be in heaven. 

3. How To Not Catch Feelings? Give Yourself Priority

Make sure that you give yourself first priority if you do not want to catch any sorts of feelings for the other person. That goes for everyone and every aspect of their lives.

The reason for the rise in casual dating is because more people are putting themselves and their careers first, so you should be doing the same. If you give less effort, you won’t expect them to give more. Thus you will not be disappointed when the casual fling inevitably fizzles out in favor of another partner or because of mutual busyness.

Focus On Yourself To Not To Catch Any Feelings

4. Avoid Seeing One Another When You Are Sick

That comes under the heading of giving yourself a priority. Another point is that you can develop some strong emotions if your significant other is there for you when you are sick. Girls especially, go gaga over boys if they bring them chocolates and other comfort food in their period. Remember the movie, “No Strings Attached?”. The same can happen with you too if you don’t take care. 

Therefore the best way to not catch feelings is to avoid each other when you are sick strictly

5. How To Not Catch Feelings? Be Honest

Being honest is the necessity for all the relationships of your life. You need to be honest and upfront with yourself and with your significant other if you want your dating cycle to run smoothly. 

Practicing radical honesty will both protect your feelings and the feelings of your partner, as you can make one another aware of your expectations and actions.

6. How To Not Catch Feelings? Set Some Rules

You need to set ground rules if you do not want to catch feelings that will eventually lead you to break your heart. Well, most of the time. 

Discuss what you want. Are you both strictly looking for something casual? Would you be okay if things got serious? What do you want and need sexually? Is pillow talk allowed, or is it entirely off the table? How often will you see one another?

By defining limits, you accomplish two or three things fundamental to a sound easygoing relationship:

  • You make it clear to your accomplice concerning where you remain on specific issues like seeing other individuals and talking on genuine subjects
  • You build up open correspondence pushing ahead.
  • Along these lines, you will feel great telling the other if your emotions toward them or on specific limits change.

Setting ground rules also make it much easier to keep it casual and safe both emotionally and physically – which is of the utmost importance if you’re sleeping with a handful of other people. So, How to not catch feelings? Start defining our rules from today.

how to not acquire any feelings while dating?
Set Ground Rules To Not Catch Any Feelings

7. No Special Treatments

This should be one of the rules too. You should not expect either of you to indulge in treating your partners with some extra of YOU. That is the gateway to develop cupid feelings.

Therefore, make it clear that you are not up for any special treatment, and neither is she. 

8. How To Not Catch Feelings? No Gifts Please

How to not catch feelings? Never, Ever take flowers on your next date because that will have a completely different meaning. Gifts have their language. Exchanging gifts mean you care for each other, and you are on each other’s minds no matter how cool you try to play it. Which is very bad if you want to keep it casual.

Therefore, stick to a no-gift policy and be the uncrowned king of the Casual Dating Kingdom.


how to have no feelings while dating?
No-gift policy Won’t Let You Develop Any Feeling For Each Other


9. Yes To Casual Sleepovers

If you don’t want to be a crying hag at the end, then please keep your sleepovers as s*xy and casual as possible. Give more detail to the sex element when you and your partner sleep together.

DO NOT have late-night conversations. The more of a connection you will form with this person the more trouble you will put yourself in because you are in the market for something casual, right?. Therefore, no deep conversations, please. 

10. Avoid Your Favorite Hang-outs With Casual Partner

Please avoid going to the places you love with your casual partner. Why? Because it is clear that you will develop an affinity with the person too just like you have one with the place you love to go. Therefore, if you do not want to catch any feelings, then random coffee shops or her home is your go-to place when you plan a meet up with your casual partners. 

11. Do Not Introduce Them To Your Friends

Why is it even causal if the person getting exposed to all your friends??? They are causal for a reason, right. And therefore, we strictly advise you to never introduce your causal friend to your friends’ group. 

In a serious relationship, you should want to have your serious boyfriend or girlfriend bond with your friends. However, you shouldn’t want this for a casual relationship as they’re your friends. You don’t want them becoming friends with your friends. That would be the worst-case scenario.

How to not foster any feelings?
No Introduction Of Casual Baes To The Friends&Family

12. Do Not Introduce To Your Family

It is not causal anymore if you bring your causal attendee at HOME! Family means you are getting in a serious relationship with him/her, and it is about time that you realize it too. 

13. Limit Your Conversations

DO NOT TALK AL DAY LONG. Just like you keep everything casual, keep our conversations causal too. By talking to one another 24/7, you’re going to start to get to know this person better. You’re going to begin to know everything about their life and who they are. And you will probably find yourself developing a crush.

Therefore, limited conversation if you want to act rightly on the principles of “How to not catch feelings?”.

14. Respect Each Other

You need to have mutual respect if you want your casual relationships to work! The best casual relationships are those dependent on mutual respect. Keep in mind what both of you require from this relationship. The ideal approach to shield casual relations from getting chaotic is to remember that this relationship isn’t about you.

Trust me; If you have got this clear, you will not catch any feelings whatsoever when you date next time. 

How to not develop any feelings?
Respect Is The Key To A Trouble-free Relationship

15. Do Not Ghost Around When You Have To End It

Everyone hates it when suddenly our partners disappear from the scene. That is because they have to end a relationship. That’s okay if you don’t want to give any explanation but at least have the guts to end it respectfully over the call or in person. State your reasons and bid goodbye.

Do not just ghost because it will ruin all the good memories together for God’s sake! And remember, this is not about “how to not catch feelings?”, it is about being honest and mature as hello, we are officially adults now. 

Therefore next time you have any trouble bottling up those feelings of yours, read this piece, and maybe you will get an idea to seal them up for good. 

FAQs on How To Not Catch Feelings While Dating:

Is it possible to catch no feelings while dating?

Well, yes it is possible when you casually date with someone just to check out how the things will work. In this way, you can also acknowledge the traits you want to see in a person.

How can I stop catching feelings fast?

You can prevent yourself to get involved with someone by pretending to be immune to every situation. You can also avoid actively dating as well as don’t get ahead of yourself.

Do men fall in love faster?

Yes, the study reveals that men fall in love faster than women. It is hard to believe that men express their emotions faster because they don’t question their feelings.

How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

Well, when men fall in love they will let to closer to their circle. He will introduce you to his family or close friend and think of his future with you.

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