22 Ways On How To Study For Long Hours With Concentration

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All of us want to know How to Study for Long Hours with concentration?

It’s not a piece of cake to achieve your dreams and goals in today’s competitive world. You need to work hard day and night to be able to achieve what your heart desires.

To help you achieve your academic goals, we have shared effective tips on how to study for long hours without getting tired & losing your concentration.

22 Tips On How To Study For Long Hours with Concentration:

These 25 tips can be your ultimate answer for how to study for long hours with concentration:

1. Make A Study Plan Tackle The Hard Topics First:

Always make a study plan. Arrange the topics in the order of most to least difficult. Tackling the challenging issues first can be easy because you have a high energy level.

Keep comfortable and less demanding topics for later in the evening. When studying for long hours, your concentration and energy drop by the evening.

If you have any non-academic activities, try to plan them for the evening also. This will provide you time with undivided attention to studying. Also, it would be a refreshing change to socialize after long hours of study.

2. Take Time for Meditation and Exercise

Studying for long means sitting at one spot for a prolonged period. This can make you lazy and lethargic and results in a lack of alertness and concentration.

Exercise and meditation can come to your rescue in this situation.

It [exercise] optimizes your mind-set to improve alertness, attention, and motivation- John J. Ratey

Take time out of your study hour for some simple physical exercises and quick meditation. You feel how meditation and exercise will rejuvenate you and help to concentrate.

How to Study For Long Hours with concentration? Meditation can do Wonders
Power of Meditation

3. Power Nap can Help You Concentrate

The afternoon nap is much underrated. Taking a small 30-40 mins power nap will help to remember what you just learned.

Not only this, but it will also put you in a better position to handle the next study session. To make the most out of your power nap, trying sleeping daily at the same time. This will stabilize the circadian rhythm and help you improve your concentration.

4. Switch Between Topics to Keep Yourself Interested

When dealing with lengthy topics, sticking to one case can become tiresome. Try focusing on one topic for a set amount of time than shift to a new topic. This will help you study for long hours with concentration.

5. Have a Goals Check-List for Studying

Having a goal checklist can be an answer to how to study for long hours with concentration. Seeing your study goals for the day written will help you stay focused. Make a daily checklist of goals you want to accomplish on a whiteboard or calendar.

6. Have Small Breaks to Study with Focus

Various studies have revealed that it is hard to keep yourself concentrated for more than 50 mins. Pushing yourself through will result in your compromising over quality. Taking a small break of 15-20 mins after 50 mins continuous studying will help you stay focused.

Spend your breaks on things that will re-energize you. Spent time out in nature: go for a walk around, watch the birds, meditate, or eat something. Avoid reading something because the idea here is to have a break from what you were doing.

7. Don’t Use the Internet to Study at Length

The internet has become one of the integral parts of our lives. But spending your break from a study on the internet will prove to be no good.

Surfing the internet and social media apps will not give you room to relax. So avoid going online during your breaks.

8. Study During The Daytime

Daylight can do wonders on keeping you concentrated. Researches show that sunlight affects your cognitive skills substantially.

Your attention, concentration, and memory work much better during the day time. So if possible, prefer studying during the daylight. Set your study table in the room that receives sunlight.

Daylight helps You Concentrate
Daylight for Studying

9. Shift The Night-Time Study Hour to Morning

Alter your sleeping cycle. Shifting your sleep cycle an hour back to give yourself room to study in the morning. Say if you sleep at 11 in the night and wake up at 7 in the morning for school.

Try sleeping at 10 in the night and waking up at 6 in the morning. This will allow you to revise what you studied the previous day.

10. Always Keep Easy Topics for Evening

As we discussed earlier, we run low on energy by evening. So keep easy and exciting topics for the evening. This helps you keep on track and complete your assignments on time.

11. Make Visual Images to Study for Long Hours

Sometimes it becomes hard to retain information in mind. It can prove to be very frustrating. Making visual images of such challenging concepts. It will help you retain the information. It will also be easy for you to recall the topics for which you have made visual images.

Also, some topics are attractive as compared to others; they need less effort. To keep your concentration for challenging issues, try sketching out the concept if you are good at drawing.

Forming Mental Images help to Retain Information - How to study for Long Hours with Concentration
Mental Images for Help

12. Keep Away from Distractions to Study for Long Hours

Several distractions have become an obstacle. On such distraction or obstacle in your way of studying is the phone.

Turn off your Wi-Fi and keep your Phone in the drawer during study hours. If you need to use a laptop or phone for some tasks, download an app that will block all the distracting websites and apps.

13. Fix a Designated Nook for Studying

Fix a distraction-free spot for studying. A designated nook is necessary to keep you concentrated. Looking in the same spot regularly will train your mind to learn when you go to that location.

Don’t choose your bed for studying; the comfort will not let you concentrate. Keep your study area neat and organized. Learning in the area with nature is also essential.

14. Keep a Healthy and Light Diet

Growling the stomach sounds can be a huge distraction as exhausting mental activity drains you out of energy fast. To sustain your energy and to stay focused, you should have some healthy snacks.

Avoid junk foods and sweets. Switch to healthy alternatives like nuts, fruits, and whole grains. They will give you enough fuel to stay focused.

Healthy Snacks come in Handy - How to study for Long Hours with Concentration
Benefits of Healthy Diet

15. Play Music to Cut-out The Background Noise

For the majority of the student’s background, noise can be a huge distraction. So how to study for long hours with concentration when you have such noisy distractions?.

Try playing music that will help you concentrate. It will cut out the background noise bothering you.

You can listen to instrumental music, classical songs, or sounds of nature. Make an hour-long playlist of your preferred tracks; it will help you keep track of time.

16. Have a Disciplined Routine to Study for Long Hours

When planning to study for long hours, every minute counts. So plan a routine, and follow it with discipline.

Set your eating and sleeping schedule and all other chores of the day. Because if you don’t have a disciplined routine, it will be hard for you to dedicate long hours to studying.

17. Give Yourself Small Rewards on Task Completion

How to study for long hours with concentration? This one of the most pressing questions for students. As we all consider learning to be the most boring thing of all.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Set out goals, and reward for achieving it on time. Knowing that a reward is waiting for you will help you concentrate and stick to your study task.

Write down your goal with a reward:

– Task: ‘Write 1000 for Essay Assignment in 2 hours.’

– Reward: ‘Watching T.V. or playing a video game for 30 mins.’

18. Form a Study Group to Study for Long Hours

Studying with friends who take studies exceptionally can be a great help—trying to explain the complicated topics to friends. It will help you have a deeper understanding and memorization.

Others can also help you if you have anything missing in your notes. But don’t let it be a distraction for you. Use this opportunity to quiz each other and test what you have learned.

Study can Solve a lot of Your Problems -How to study for Long Hours with Concentration
Importance of Study Group

19. Plan Your Time Effectively

Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things. Set your study area beforehand. Plan your task to study smart. Bothering about things others reduces our time set for studies. Plan your study session for effective learning.

20. Don’t Cram Your Study Sessions

Plan your study session before the time for a test, exam, or essay writing. This will give you room to study a little at a time.

It always a good idea to space out your session rather than cramming them. For example, have three, 2-3 hour study sessions. This will keep you concentrated, and you will be able to do more work.

21. Avoid Rote Learning

Rote learning is quite dull. Having to repeat the same piece of information over and over again can never be attractive. So avoid using this technique every other time, trying to explain the concept and reasons to yourself. It will help you to retain information for a more extended period.

22. Identify What Works Best for You

Everything can’t work for everyone. Try to identify what helps you stay concentrated and works best. If you are a night owl, you will defiantly have trouble waking up early in the morning. So work out the routine that will best suit you.

Final Thought:

The idea of studying for long hours can be very intimate. But it is not impossible, with practice and disciple you can study for long hours.

Try implementing the tips mentioned above in your study cycle. Adjusting and adopt these tips according to individual needs and preferences.

You will surely never ask yourself again how to study for long hours with concentration.

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