How to Live For Yourself: Start Living Happy Life For Yourself

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“To live for yourself” This statement always fascinates me.

I got only one chance to live in this world. So why not live it the way I want? All of us live only once, right? Then why you are so much worried and thinking about the coming days. We all know that we have no control over our birth and death, but we have control over our lives; why not make it worth living self?

Don’t bother what others are talking about you; just do whatever you wanted to do, what makes you happy.

How to Live For Yourself

From today, start training your mind that you are here to live for your here are some tips which reflect my opinion about how to live for yourself. These tips will help you out in making up your mind free of useless thoughts and leading towards a happy life:

1- Know Yourself & What You Want:

First of all, start exploring yourself. Spend some time with yourself and listen to what your heart is beating on.

Listen to the random thoughts that are coming into your mind. Look for what are the things you want to do in life, what will make you happy.

live for yourself
Explore yourself

There must be many things you ever wished to get and enjoy. So, this is the time when you need to start doing what gives you real happiness. Make a list and just get started.

2- Be True To Yourself To Live Happily:

Acknowledge yourself and be proud of yourself. Accept yourself as you are. Everybody is created with unique traits and qualities, and so everybody is different in their behaviors. You don’t need to pretend and show artificial gestures of agreement. Don’t be hesitant to acknowledge your feelings. Be true to yourself.

3- Learn To Be Your Authentic Self:

Just be confident in what you are. You are a complete person in yourself and don’t need to follow others. Appreciate yourself the way you are.

Be proud of yourself and stay confident in it.
Be your authentic self

In the modern age, when people are admiring the ones with a materialistic approach i.e., they follow actors, models, and others that they think are better. But these things cannot give them real happiness.

Similarly, an apparently happy face is not reflecting a happy soul. So, be your authentic self and be confident about it.

4- Live Aligned To Your Own Standards & Desires:

Nature has created everyone unique. Just think once that you are the only one of your kind, doesn’t this fascinate you?

Surely it does, then why follow others and not your own? Tell yourself that you are a respectable person and will follow your own dreams. Set your standards and will. Chase those desires and wishes, which makes you happy. 

5- Find A Hobby That You Love:

A hobby is something that reflects you. What you do in your leisure time is the thing that gives you satisfaction. So, apart from routine work, start doing something you really want to do. It may be reading, writing, cooking, planting, anything that you love. Figure out your interest and start doing it. 

Hobby will help you to live for yourself.
Adopt a hobby that reflects you.

Normally, having hobbies in your life is the best sign of a happy life. Because many expert said, “Hobbies can be beneficial for your mental health. Because when you will concentrate on a single track and single domain then you will definitely overcome the useless thoughts. 

So keep habit of hobbies in your life. Also it’s a good sign of professional personality.

Articles to Help You Find A Good Hobby

6- Don’t Aim To Please Others & Live For Yourself:

Be a self-pleaser, not a people pleaser. When you accept yourself as a unique individual, ultimately, you will start loving yourself.

You will aim to follow your thoughts and achieve the goals that make you happy. Don’t become a puppet who pleases others and earns no respect.

7- Don’t Worry About Others Views About You:

Remember that you are a responsible person and will do things ethically. Adopt a way that does not hurt others, and then don’t worry about what others say about you.

You cannot please everybody, so do what is right and don’t care about what people think about you. This practice will lead you towards a contented life. 

8- Stop Being Negative About Yourself:

Accept yourself the way you are. Don’t hate yourself for the things you couldn’t achieve. Don’t regret matters you couldn’t handle. Try to convince yourself that you made all the possible efforts, and it’s not your fault.

Try to convince yourself that it is not your fault. It is important to live for yourself
Don’t pinch yourself

Stop thinking negatively about yourself and start working on yourself for improvement because this would be the least you can do.

9- Forgive Yourself:

Forgiving yourself is magic therapy. Think that you have two options: to feel guilty/shame over the failure, and the second is to forgive yourself and figure out the reasons for failure. Obviously, the second one seems better and more productive.

So, try this habit of forgiving yourself and focusing on the brighter side of life.

10- Learn From Your Mistakes:

Instead of regretting and feeling shameful, it is better to learn from your mistakes. Being a human, everybody makes mistakes, but the thing is who picks what out of his experiences. One are those who become hopeless and do nothing.

Learn How to live for yourself
Mistakes are important

While others are those who learn from their experience and look for ways to do it better for next time. So, be among those who focus on their improvements and developments.

11- Get Out Of The When Vehicle To Live For Yourself:

Believe me, when you start focusing on yourself, you got a lot of time for yourself. And at that stage, you must fulfill all the wishes you ever did. Stop swirling in the when vehicle and start doing it right now. Want to buy a better mobile? Buy it right now, don’t think about the budget; it will get set with time.

Want to repaint your house? Choose vibrant colors, and just do it. Want to go on a trip?

Choose a place and start packing up, don’t get worried about the job and other responsibilities. Because you are not a robot, you too, need a happy and satisfying life.

12- You’ve Got To Take Care Of Yourself First:

Everything is secondary; you are the most important and prime priority for yourself. Always remember this basic need that you need yourself the most.

You need yourself more

So, take care of yourself and believe in the fact that everything gets done and settle with time. Respect your feelings and pay attention to your needs.

13- We All Will Die One Day:

We all will die one day, and there will be no one who actually cares about you. So, why you care about people this much? Well, I am not saying to stop caring about someone but start caring about your own self.

Love yourself and treat yourself with the small packages of care. Treat yourself from time to time by doing the stuff you love. Live life for yourself before dying. 


Prioritize yourself as you are the most important possession you have. Don’t ever depend on your happiness on others; be your own pleaser.

Accept yourself the way you are and be proud of yourself. Don’t get depressed if you made some mistakes.

You are human, and humans make mistakes. Live life for yourself as it is a one-time opportunity; enjoy it to the fullest.

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